Skylar Nemetz Sentenced to Over 13 Years for Shooting Death of Wife

10632609_319981248189847_3068435899838553246_n (1)Skylar Nemetz, the Humboldt County man accused of shooting his wife in the back of her head, was sentenced today. According to a Facebook page for the family of the victim, Justice for Danielle Rippeon-Nemetz, “Skylar received the maximum sentence of 162 months… 13.5 years… He only has 37 days for time served.”

The death of Danielle Rippeon-Nemetz received national attention in October of 2014. Danielle was a cheerleader at McKinleyville High. Skylar Nemetz attended Arcata High. Families of both still live in the area.

The two had moved to Washington state where the shooting took place because Skylar Nemetz was stationed there in the Army.

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  • Outrageous! 13.5 years is not nearly enough. I hope he gets what he deserves in prison. We will not forget this [edit]

  • Unfracking believable! Our system is screwed. Shoot someone in the head with your military assigned AR-15 and get 13.5 years? [edit]

  • Wow! An actual prison sentence out of Humboldt County! Oh, wait, it was Washington state.

  • its really sad a beautiful soul was lost and her husband her protector the one she trusted killed her and he has his life and only has to spend 13.5 years in prison, so when hes 35 he gets to start over, may she rest in peace and her family have closure. and may he eternally rot in HELL!!!!!

    • Yes this is harsh it happens it’s sad no body can reverse the shitty outcome it is what it is. ya know he will be out one day, venting and trash talking fixes nothing. By these comments it seems like they would kill him, are they better? I read these comments and I think less of people for acting like such rubbish.

  • What a joke!
    So this is where we are at, 13,5 years for taking a young life of a beauty full human!
    I can’t stand the cops anymore than our joke of a justice system!
    What a joke!

  • I’m glad it’s over!now maybe she can rest in peace and sore with the angels.he will never make it out of prison,so maybe justice served after all

  • Don’t forget- 13.5 years is the sentence but he can get out on parole a lot sooner if he takes advantage of programs inside the prison that qualify for sentence reduction. Then he can get paroled! Where will he get paroled? To a place where he has family. Oh, that would be right here, in Humboldt? Yes, it would be. Won’t that be nice for us all? Having a guy who blew up his wife’s head with his AR-15 hanging out and swapping prison stories with other such fine citizens…What could possibly go wrong?

    • He was sentenced to 13 1/2 years which includes a full 5 mandatory years for using a firearm. He can only get 1/5th of 8.5 years off for good behavior. Washington has no parole. So he’ll spend 11 years 3 months minus the 37 days he spent in jail already.[edit]

      Here’s a quote from the judge during sentencing:
      “This was not the accident Mr Nemetz testified it was.”
      The judge gave him the maximum sentence for manslaughter 1 because he knew it was murder and not manslaughter. It sucks that a single blind and stubborn juror can prevent justice from being served. Skylar deserves to suffer the rest if his life behind bars or worse. My faith in our justice system is shattered. [edit]

      • Thank you for the pertinent info correcting my post. I truly hope this guy finds redemption through his suffering and comes out humble and peaceful. I don’t wish eternal suffering with no lesson for anybody. I wish our communities to be safe from monsters. I support the death penalty in only the most extreme and clear-cut cases. I believe rehabilitation is possible for some. I hope this guy’s family takes responsibility for his actions and his eventual re-entry to public life. We have a real problem dealing with domestic violence and the hurt spreads out… I wish peace for Danielle’s family.

    • Get over it ya nut job

  • She was so beautiful ,so sad what a shame .

  • Ellen Simpson

    That was no accident. I am a veteran and soldiers know their guns and what it can and cannot do. Some are such experts that they can feel the weight of their gun and tell whether it is loaded or not. The jury fell sway to the “pretty boy, baby face” syndrome. He may not pay here but, if there is a hell below…..

  • I just saw this case Saturday evening July 8 2017 on CBS 48 hours. Very sad case for both sides I am a disabled veteran ( Navy ). It could have been an accident who knows for sure. I have had pen-pal friends who have had their cases on tv shows before the whole truth never comes out on tv

  • It was defintely a first degree murder case. She was shot rite in the middle of the back of her head. A soldier would hav that kind of aim not an accident shooting. But at least he will serve at least 11 years which is better than an acquittal by far! But still a shame not a life sentence. He didn’t even rush over to her wen he “accidently” shot her. That would be a reflex to do if accident. There was so much evidence it was murder.

    • What evidence.Both in love and happy,geez that’s motive,show me a 20 year old who can’t make a tragic mistake and I’ll show you a bunch of fools who say there is plenty of evidence .

      • Soldiers know this more than anybody, no matter what their age, that is, rule #1, never point your firearm at anything you do not intend to destroy. Rule #2, treat firearms as if they are always loaded. Had Skylar paid attention in training, he would have lived those rules. Since he was a good soldier, and likely knew those rules, he intentionally pointed it at her head, pulled the trigger. Fuck the excuses.

  • I hope any woman who happens upon this murderous narcissist when he gets out of prison will run for her life from this slick talking baby faced monster! Don’t be fooled by his “fake charm”.He is a snake in the grass waiting to strike.Be warned !!!!!!!!!

    • Let me tell you if you look at the lead up and despite At trial comments,they were in love and no one showed that was not the case,if pre meditated why no issues showing trouble and if you think that a guy buying alcohol was the reason then why if such a control freak would he leave for any length of time,I’m not positive it went down that way but why would the kid with middle wealth family a beautiful wife and future premeditated to kill his wife with no history of saying so,took the stand and did what he was told not to do by attorney in taking stand and was found by a jury to be manslaughter,accidents do happen and look at history it’s littered with mistakes,he admitted responsibility for her death but not for intentionally doing so and thank god you are not jury members because not every day a man owns up to stupidity and a lifetime of pain and will do 11 years ,I’ve seen 20 years for 2nd degree murder be out before this bloke.Murders do happen and most have a before and during and insurance later,nothing but Mum losing everything for believing her son.

    • You have probably that opinion on any man if he is on your watchlist,no reason or gain to kill her,no money insurance,his mum was as much her mum but he made a dreadful mistake and is paying price,show me 1 hint of premeditated Murder and if you think it’s the alcohol then there is none.

    • Get over yourself. You act like you know him personally.

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