Over 63 Calls to Dispatch About Explosions Last Night Near Fortuna

Facebook post from the Fortuna Police:

Fortuna Police Department FPD Blur 2As many of you are aware, there were several loud explosions/gun shots heard across Fortuna last night. At this time, the department believes the explosions/gun shots were occurring along the banks of the Eel River. HCSO is also aware of the incident. We would also like to thank our communications staff for their hard work last night. Our communications center was staffed with a single dispatcher and her trainee who were flooded with the calls will all handling radio communications for the four agencies we dispatch for (Fortuna PD, Ferndale PD, Rio Dell PD, & Fortuna Fire). In less than one hour, they received 18 911 calls and 45 non emergency line calls about the incident (63 calls total).



  • Dispatchers rock!

    • Weather controlling booms is what I believe this is. Mainly because of the amount of calls, and booms heard in different areas at the same time. Unless there is some type of, “boom flash mob” but I highly doubt it. Our government has been controlling weather since the the 60s, in the Vietnam war we used “cloud seeding” over the Ho Chi Minh trail to increase rainfall by over 30 percent in an attempt to stop enemy troop from making it down the trail. And with the major drought we’ve been in its not to far off that they would use HAARP in a desperate attempt to keep us from burning up. But then again who knows?!

  • If the explosions were that big, why did the dispatchers need people to call them and tell them that there was an explosion? Fortunately there were only 63 people that thought they needed to report it.

    “Hello, this is 9-1-1 what is your emergency?”
    Ummmm… I just heard an explosion.
    “Okay, what is your emergency?”
    “Is anyone injured?”
    Um… no.
    “Do we need to send someone to your house?”
    Oh God no. Not really, we are fine.
    “Why did you call”

    • God forbid people worry someone else was hurt in an explosion! What a bunch of weirdos for caring about other people and trying to help!

      • Really, thank you for calling. Who was hurt?

        Personally, I recommend calling when ever your hear tires squeal, glass break, especially call if you feel an earthquake, Loud noises are especially life threatening. Please keep up the good work.

        I think that my point was that the dispatchers probably heard it, and need to keep the lines clear for real emergencies or reports of people actually injured in an explosion. Get it ?

        I should add that I’m more than grateful for the dispatchers. They are the true life blood of the emergency services community. Don’t waste their time and soak up resources.

        • I’m 60 miles away, I didn’t call genius. But thank god I don’t believe in differed responsibility and just assume the police already know what’s going on. With all the issues we have in this county with hash labs exploding near children I’m very grateful for concerned citizens that go out of their way to make sure others are safe. Way to go citizens of Fortuna, together as a community we can watch each others backs! Police don’t always know what’s going on and I’m glad we are not like NYC, where someone can die in the street and lay there two days or be repeatedly stabbed without one call to the cops. So many awesome caring peeps here and I’m soooo grateful!

          • You couldn’t be more perceptive and accurate “Really bro,” about people needing to look out for each other and making the call if there’s any question at all. It’s better for 50 people to call 9-1-1 with duplicate information than for everyone to just assume somebody else will.

            I base that on some experience, having served as a Public Safety Dispatcher for the CHP for 31 years, mostly in the busy Golden Gate area, where at least 90% of our incidents were received from the public rather than spotted by officers on patrol. A crash on a freeway could easily generate a hundred or more calls within minutes from passers-by with their cellphones, and we would always have to QUICKLY determine if each caller was reporting the same thing, or something entirely unrelated. We couldn’t afford to ever assume that any caller was reporting “the same thing again” and not get to them as soon as we could.

            Kudos to the Fortuna PD dispatcher and her trainee for their handling the incoming calls and the related radio messages, many of them undoubtedly occurring simultaneously. Multitasking is one of most critical abilities they they must possess in that job. And enthusiastic kudos to the citizens of Fortuna for the encouraging and surprisingly high number of calls, about 70% of them, that were made to the non-emergency number (725-7550). I’m not in any way criticizing those who used 9-1-1, and I never would, because “emergencies” are in the perception of each person. Dispatchers and patrol officers are continuously triaging and prioritizing the calls. Part of the job.

  • Dispatchers are unsung heros for sure!! And the flipside is our community rallying to keep our families and homes safe. My real question is ….. what was the outcome?? And this also in light of the how many? windshields/car windows ed have been “shattered” near Palmer Blvd lately. What is going on out there ?!?! That’s what I would like to know. And again, big ups to the dispatchers, but please what is the rest of the story,

  • 63, or “over 63”?

  • It’s not a mystery you smart ones, it’s simple, you get some tannerite and shoot it, it goes boom!
    And yes there’s a low velocity tannerite as well that a quiet 22 lb can set off!
    Dam geniuses!

  • There are folks in the hills with guns, explosives and time on their hands.

    It’s crop circles 3.1 all over again.

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