Hoops and Heroes: Building Community One Cop and One Kid at a Time

Come watch the Zane Basketball team battle the Eureka Police Department tomorrow. Chief Andrew Mills, Captain Brian Stephens and more will be looking to survive against a lively bunch of middle school kids.

While the event is a fundraiser for the Zane Parent Teacher Student Association, says Gene Bass from Operation Safe Streets Eureka, it is mainly “an event to build community.” The idea is to have fun and get to know one another.

Enjoy an old time family experience and help out a local school.



  • Sounds like a good way to raise money for the school,god knows they all could use the money!plus you get to give the cops a little trouble on the court in fun.keep it up EPD

  • I CAN’T WAIT! WILL WE BE ABLE TO BUY POINTS?? It’s an excellent idea for our kids to see the police as human beings and not negative people!!
    Let’s see who still has skills on the court!

  • I like your attitude!!

  • No thanks, I don’t trust cops .
    Besides they should be fighting some real crime instead of wasting time!

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