[UPDATE 9:03 p.m.] A Bicycle Accident on the Samoa Bridge This Evening

According to scanner traffic, there was a “bicycle accident” on Samoa Bridge/Highway 255 this evening. The road is clear as of 7:30 p.m.
UPDATE 9:03 p.m.: The scanner archives report that an approximately 40-year-old man was unconscious on the road. Fire crews noted that no vehicles were involved in the accident. Here are some audio clips from the scanner.

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  • At one time Caltrans had meetings for adding a bike lane cantilevered on the side off the bridges.

    • sharpen your pencil

      They must have realized that funding a bicycle bum bridge was a meaningless use of taxpayer dollars. It’s not everyone else’s job to help bicyclist, you want to ride a bike, then ride a bike. But don’t piss and moan because our roadways weren’t designed to give you a lane of space.

      FYI bicyclists the white line on the road way is not there to help you ride in a straighter line. It is there to mark the lane for automobiles.

      • Well, don’t piss and moan as you find yourself driving on streets that weren’t designed for ever increasing traffic…
        Don’t piss and moan because there’s a bicyclist on the road and you might have to think just a little bit harder to navigate safely…
        Piss and moan… some people pay extra for that…

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      That’s an expensive venture. Portland has cantilevered lanes on some bridges over the river but Samoa bridge has 3 spans that are all fairly long. You’d have to build 6 of them unless you intend everyone to ride on one side. With the city/country scrambling to fend off budget shortfalls, a separate hanging lane probably isn’t even an afterthought right now.

  • It would sure be nice if bike paths were not part of the HWY. Safer for cyclist’s and one less thing for distracted, stoned, texting, drunk, cell phone talkin, tail gatin, multi taskin, road raijin, I’m late get the F#@& out of my way drivers of the modern world to think about. Whew! think I’ll stay home today. Pick up the bottle and put on my ASSHAT!

  • Thanks! My asshat got pulled down over my eyes. Everyone knows we have the best drivers in the state. Did I hit a nerve ? A wise man once told me “It only goes down hill after the name calling starts.”

    • sharpen your pencil

      If you call the truth name calling that’s on you. Your comment was 100% asshat!

      If you think we have the worst, you need to get out of humboldt. We have some bad drivers however you obviously haven’t driven through any cities.

  • You are right! Although I did graduate from the Dereck Zoolnder School for kid’s who Can’t read so good. I did breeze over that part. This must a symptom from taking the Evelyn Wood Speed Reading Coarse. You are right! I did name call. Guess I was getting a little too “THUNDER DOME”. Too much coffee. I do so enjoy the humerus comments of civilized people here on the RBB. I should not have crossed that line and stand admonished. Now! You have shined your light on the world. Don’t we all feel better. Another wise man once said “Go away kid, ya bother me!” I’m sure he’s no one you ever heard of.

  • Hope He’s OK. let us know if you get an update, thanks!

  • What I find interesting is the bike riders going up Highway 36 you don’t see it happen much , but I’ve seen it .got some cojones ,and a Lotta crazy

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