Tiny Bella Needs Bone Marrow and Some Help Paying the Bills; Can You Pitch in?

12674134_1780921482142150_1597434639_nOn New Year’s Eve 2014, Arabella Rumely’s parents, Brad and Stephanie, learned she had leukemia. The tiny tot fought cancer into remission for a year but this February, it grabbed her again. She needs a bone marrow transplant.

Friends of the family are raising money to help ease the financial burden. If you could pitch in, it would make life easier for Bella and her family.

According to the GoFundMe page for Bella,

Preparation for the bone marrow transplant, includes both chemo that Arabella will receive through her IV as well as into the spaces surrounding her spinal cord and brain, they will be inpatient at Stanford’s Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital for a period not short of six months. They will be monitoring Bella’s cancer response closely and may need to tailor their treatment directions accordingly. The goal is to get Arabella’s cancer into immediate remission- and pending a bone marrow donor match- a transplant.

The family must juggle Bella’s treatment plan with caring for her twin sister Annalise, her sister Savanah and brother Jaden. Plus Brad must continue to work

If you donate to the GoFundMe page or support the fundraising Gymkhana shown below, Bella’s struggle and that of her family will be eased a bit. Capture



  • How do you know If you are a match. Is it just a simple blood test? I’d like to know.

  • Thank you all for the love, positive messages and support!!

  • I have had two transplants. These are not for the weak. I am wondering why the twins twin is not a match, I am guessing not an identical twin. The advancements they are making with this form of cancer stay tuned weekly. The skeletal system is an organ tis amazing. If there is anyway they can use her own marrow would be my first choice ,cept if the twins could be used. Organ rejection turns out to be a bigger problem. They harvested mine did some magic to it gave it back and kept some. If at all possible the biggest thing is to have someone from your side always with the patient. Just to make sure she gets what she needs. It is so lonely to wake up in the middle of the night with all the tubes attached to the little dolly with no one around. After the second night a nurse named May saw how much it was effecting me and went past protocol and took them off . If things did not work she could have reconnected them . I will always be so grateful to May. In six months a lot of advancement can happen but that is way long time to be in the hospital. Definitely save her extracted marrow for future use. You just need to buy some time they are going to have a cure. Being woken up every four hours, crappy food etc. etc. it is tough. Her eyes tell me she is a fighter. Arabella you can do this.
    Much Love

  • Sending love and prayers to little Bella and her family. Bethematch.com is a great website, I joined years ago so that someday I might be able to really help out. In the mean time I’m happy to give to her gofundme and i hope you reach your goal. Best of wishes to Bella the champion!!!

  • Prayers for Arabella and her family, having lived this nightmare with my youngest brain tumor know how little things help some bringing dinners, cleaning the house watching and taking care of kids and pets while out of town for treatment since Humboldt County does not have a pediatric oncologist to treat them. This is the second child that I know who has cancer in Humboldt in the last 6 months.

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