[UPDATE 6:27 p.m.] Two Lanes of H Street Blocked in Eureka


All photos by Oliver Cory

A two car accident at the intersection of 14th and H Street has closed two lanes of traffic on H Street. A A red Pontiac Vibe and a white Toyota sedan collided with each other about 6 p.m. No one appears to be injured.

In what may be an unrelated situation, a woman is being detained about a half block from the accident.

UPDATE 6:16 p.m.: Officer Abraham Jansen of the Eureka Police Department tells us that one of the cars failed to yield right of way. One of the occupants of the cars attempted to flee the scene. She was stopped and is being detained. Officers are investigating whether drugs or alcohol are involved. 12442767_1750843028468866_573482390_n
UPDATE 6:27 p.m.: H Street is now open after the vehicles have been removed from the road.



  • “…one of the cars failed to yield right of way.”

    ^ Yep, that how collisions usually happen! 😉

  • I was the one in the Vibe. I was going down 14th and she was coming from the other sirection. The woman made a left hand turn in front of me onto H St when I was over halfway through the intersection. My airbag deployed, knocked the wind out of me and I was in a daze for a moment. She got out of her car, looked me dead in the eyes… Then ran. A bystander took off after her and returned a few minutes after officer Jansen arrived, dragging her along with him, he found her several blocks away hiding in some bushes. I am blown away by this… She actually ran. I think everyone who saw it was in a bit of disbelieve at first like “Did she just run away?”

    My foot is swollen and bruised but not broken. There is some bruising on my chest from the airbag and seatbelt and I have some gnarly whiplash that has me in quite a bit of pain… And I am very upset about my car as it wasn’t just my mode of transportation, I was also living out of it… It’s gonna be a rough next few weeks.

    Thank you to those who hung around and gave witness statements and everyone who stopped to help. I really appreciate it. Special thanks to the man who chased her down and the other fellow that gave me a ride after. Thank you so much!

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