‘This Was Clearly Arson,’ Says Fire Expert as Another Car Burns in the Hills of Humboldt

12527936_10207450247109059_1555781422_nAnother car was set on fire today in southeastern Humboldt. Mark Swizee, a resident of the area said that he got a call about 8:45 a.m. telling him a pickup was on fire near the intersection of Bell Springs Road and Island Mountain Road. Swizee said because he provides special fire effects for events, he has “all kinds of shit to put things out.”

He rushed to the blaze. “A Good Samaritan had already used up a fire extinguisher,” Swizee said. Swizee’s fire extinguisher helped finish the job.

“It looked to me like someone smashed the back of the window and threw some sort of burning liquid fluid,” Swizee explained. “This was clearly arson…If you light someone’s property on fire, you are putting people in danger.  It could have severely injured me or the person before me to put it out….In the back seat, there was a half case of oil…In the [camper shell] there was a five gallon can of gas partially full….that was bulging—full of vapor.”

Swizee said there have been four vehicles burned this last year. “We have a fire bug out here,” he said. Then he added, “Stop burning people’s cars! This is a crime…..Someone could get hurt.”




  • There’s another burned out hulk at the entrance to the Rancho Sequoia, too. Been there for some time.

  • I know the whole theory of were not supposed to call the cops.
    But when is enough enough.
    Some knumskull killed a bunch of mama and baby deer last year and threw them off the road like garbage.
    We had to look at flocks of vultures for weeks
    You can’t break down without someone burning a car

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Someone needed to call DFW. That was a crime against nature. With full legalization looming (if people get off their asses to vote), we need to clean out the riffraff. Bust ’em out! The industry will never make it until the sociopathic cretins are moved out. DUIs, rip-offs, poisoners, poachers, get ’em out. Can’t afford them anymore. Never could.

  • Very nice rig to burn up. Someone could have those vehicles to use to make a couple of bucks. UHhhmmmmm……………………

  • was this a stolen truck? why was it out there all on it’s lonesome?
    (tomorrow is the 1st day of spring!)


  • It used to be when a vehicle broke down on the road it could be expected the battery would be stolen and maybe a few body parts. If left for days it would be found vandalized. Someone travels that road that thinks that wasn’t good enough. Never ever think your broken down rig on a country road is safe. Not even overnight.

  • They sure wanted it to blow up.Damn people.dont ya know you can’t get rid of evidence that way

  • So Hum use to back to the land peeps

    I’m so glad we are talking about this. How sad is it to live in a county surrounded by wealthy bored people that have absolutely no empathy for a less fortunate person who’s car broke down. Within the first 24 hours the vehicle is robbed for parts, then within 72 hours they are vandalized and then burnt. Its more then one person and it now happens on the other side of the highway. It sickens me to see the wealthy constantly doing whatever they want around here, flippin the bird to the less fortunate! They’ve already made property to expensive for me to ever own because they need multiple properties to grow 1000s of pounds and now you can’t even break down on the side of the road. Quit messing with people just cause their not as rich as you!!

  • I surprised the heavy equipment in the background hasn’t been stolen.

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