Whoops! Bag of Home Invasion Items and Suspected Meth Left Behind at Southern Humboldt Hotel

A bag of items that could be used for home invasions was left behind at a local hotel, confirmed Selena Zorilla-Mendoza of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department. Deputies discovered that the bag also contained over a quarter pound of suspected meth.

Zorilla-Mendoza said that shortly after midnight on the 15th, deputies responded to the Humboldt House Inn for the report of a disturbance. When the deputies arrived on scene, the patrons had left. “Later, we were called back,” Zorilla-Mendoza said. The hotel staff gave deputies a bag which was found in the room of the patrons who had left precipitously. The bag, she said contained objects that were “consistent with items that are used in home invasions.”

According to Deputy Joshua McCall, the bag contained zipties, latex gloves, and a pair of plastic handcuffs (broken.) He also said that the suspected meth weighed over five ounces.Untitled

“We’re investigating the incident at this time,,” said Zorilla-Mendoza. “We don’t have any suspects that we are ready to release but we are looking at persons of interest.”



  • Come to town & check in before you rip off someone!
    Humboldt House requires a valid credit card, not just a prepaid card, i believe. If not they should practice this. Accept Only cards connected to an actual bank account, connected to an actual address. Hopefully they will question someone soon bout the meth they left behind, if they haven’t left the state already.

    Meth been around here for awhile. Surprises me people just noticed only the past few years. Over 18yrs ago, One of my co-workers from the Humboldt House Inn was murdered over $40 bucks worth of meth her sister stole from a dealer. The dealer picked up the unaware girl and shot her with a shot gun & left her body at the grove between Redway & Dean Creek. He was arrested and is serving his sentence. Was so sad, she was just begining her adult life.

    I’m pretty sure those perps arent coming back but will be replaced with new soldiers, connected to the real Breaking Bad Heisenberg. Only suggestions i can think of is, The Sheriff substation should reopen and Humboldt House Inn needs cameras & night security too!

    • The Humboldt house inn is looking at a lawsuit, they need sufficient flood lights and cameras, someone’s going to get hurt there and hire a high profile attorney to sue them for what the place is worth, let me tell you it’s not worth a human life!

  • You can leave a 200$ deposit if you dont have a credit card there

    • Not anymore. Its credit card deposit or nothing. I’m just not sure if they accept the prepaid cards or not. The Redwoods Inn on the other end of town, only accepts major credit cards, not even a debit card connected to bank account

    • No, the 200 bucks deposit is used solely for not charging your credit card, or it supposed to be used for this purpose.
      That still leaves your personal information behind.
      I’m sure they are already done investigating this matter just by glancing at it, …

  • At least that much meth didn’t hit the streets!!!but somebody is really unhappy or alot of somebodies…

  • Only user’s lose drugs………….

  • The guy that shot her first name was Norman can’t remember the last I knew

    him personally ,and I never would have thought him to be that type of person, but he was convicted and sent to prison.you think you know someone .meth destroyed countless lives

  • Norman worked for me a couple of years, and he was last person I thought would kill someone…

    • Norman was a meth dealer… What do you expect. He babysat us once around then and smoked a meth pipe in front of us. It was not her sister’s debt, it was her’s. She was my close friend and I was trying to help her get away from the stuff but I was only 14 (she was 19) and didn’t do drugs so I was naieve. There was more people in involved than were not convicted and I know it. One told me of his involvement years later(he is still a local). She was killed in whale gulch and her body was ditched in the grove. I barely have just been able to visit that grove and it still freaks me out a little bit. I wish I knew where she was buried because I hate remembering her at that grove. I’d bring her flowers!RIP June! I’ll always miss you

  • Home invasion tools? I think you all’s mind is permanently stuck on paranoid from all the dependency on the black market. Finding some drugs, zipties, latex gloves, and a pair of plastic handcuffs (broken) in a motel room just sounds like sex games to us healthy, normal folk.

  • Norman Evers was his name I knew I’d remember. I still can’t believe he did such a thing .Norman was such a good person meth turned him into dr. Jekyll and mr. Hyde sorry to say mr. Hyde came to visit her that day,and mr. Hyde ruined his life do to meth a 40 dollar bag .Norman before meth would give you the shirt off his back , literally

  • These people should be easy to identify. I’ve never stayed in a motel that didn’t require ID, credit card, and make, model and license number of my car. I’d be surprised if HH doesn’t check IDs at check-in.

  • The same weekend that young woman was murdered, there was a wreck in Myers Flat that killed another young south county woman named Hope and three children in the car that crossed the center line & hit Hope head on. That car was driven by the mother of the children. Such a tragic weekend

  • My best friend overdosed in that hotel ,so much bad things go on in that place . Just the bad ju ju in that place,alone in and around it .You could not pay me enough to stay their. So sad to see what’s happened to that little town .

  • Ok…let’s state the obvious.
    Humboldt House Inn needs full time security guards.
    This is not the first time nasty low life’s have used this place. I quit staying there years ago!
    Imagine what is not SEEN there as approximately 10% of perps are caught.
    Close the parking lot with a card reader gate.
    Things might clean up then.
    Enough is enough!!!

  • Everyone gets on the lone pine and the Johnson motel for supplying a place for drug dealers. I had family come to town and we stayed at the Humboldt house and we couldn’t stop the tweekers from knocking on our door trying to buy drugs, crawling all over our cars. It was awful and we won’t be going back! It doesn’t matter if you have a credit card or not.

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