[UPDATE 3:35 p.m.] Fatal Traffic Collision Impacts Hwy 101 at Leggett

A fatal collision between a semi and a small car has narrowed Hwy 101 to one-way controlled traffic at the Hwy 1 exit near Leggett. The incident occurred about 11:30 a.m.

Students arriving on the school bus from Leggett may arrive behind time because of the impact of the accident on traffic. Please be patient.

Avoid the area if possible. We will update with more information as soon as possible.

UPDATE 3:35 p.m.: The highway has just opened in both directions.
UPDATE 5:22 p.m.: More information available by clicking here.



  • Oh no,god bless

  • I was the first one there along with a lady ….I just want to thank her she was a lot of help……..But for the asshole across the street taking pictures if i every come across you in your time of need just so you know I will still help…..I will not be like you…..

    • I truly hope you don’t mean me, i have been on several voluntary response crews throughout my years and i took my pics while siting behind a man in an orange safety vest holding a stop sign. By the time i was there 6 or more CHP and numerous others were on seen. My involvement wouldn’t have been allowed.

  • Right on Richard!!!

  • No one can understand the pain that truck driver feels or the response team that does this everyday. Or even some that get there and the people that directs traffic on a daily basis. I feel for them all including the people that was in the car. You never know what the sircomstances are the people in that car God rest there souls. I been on a fatal reck the truck that couldn’t stop and the comments the driver said really messed up this mans life forever. The last sentence is not about this wreck it happened years ago. The investigation is just getting started. They will find out and hopeful some can heal.

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