The Beginnings of Science Excitement!


Welcome to a world of science brought to you by a bunch of kids excited about what they built and learned. In a few photos and not many more words, the students at Beginnings Science Fair will remind you of the projects you or your kids did.

Zakunda Fansler, a third grader at Beginnings, studied what happens when a food item is dropped on the ground. He asked how many more germs are picked up by damp items like meat than dry items like a cracker? Apparently, applying the five second rule to a dry item results in a lot less germs than when a wet item is dropped…Next time you drop something, think of Zakunda’s experiment before you pick it up and bite into it.

IMG_5745 (1)Little Uma Phillips shows Dan Brewer her project on magnification.IMG_5746Colby Mullaney demonstrated on how different pulleys worked.


Gwenyth Tatton charged up the event with her battery experiment.
This year hands on projects were added to the annual Science Fair. In this photo, well-known Southern Humboldt science guy, Tom Grover, enchanted a group of students with his liquid nitrogen demonstration.IMG_5756

Of course, there must be an egg drop. How to have an egg fall from a height and still keep it intact was the question and many were the ways students invented to protect their delicate bundles.IMG_5741
Does scent enhance memory? Being part of Dante Clark’s project sounds scent-sational.

Heather Sherlock and Lucas Genolio test out a telephone made of cans..

IMG_5731We congratulate Drake Savage, 6th grader, who will be going on to the Humboldt County Fair with his project along with six other 6th graders.

Science Fair Coordinator Sean Andersen said he loves working with the students on this project. “The fair, he said, “inspires kids to think about the world in a scientific way using the scientific process.” But even beyond that, he explained, “The Fair has given us a chance to see how exciting science can be.”



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