[UPDATE 3 p.m.] Woman’s Body Found After Fire in South Leggett


All photos by Penelope Andrews

Volunteer fire crews are fighting flames at a cabin in a south Leggett as of 10:45 a.m. today. We don’t have much information at this time but we will update when we get more facts.

UPDATE 3 p.m.: A woman’s body has been found in the remains of a residential fire in south Leggett today. The fire began this morning in a single family residence. The home was full involved before Leggett Volunteer Fire arrived on the scene.  According to Ely Reighter, Chief of Leggett Fire, the contents of the building were a complete loss. “A person was found–a Jane Doe at this point,” he explained. “The Sheriff’s Office is investigating”

Our attempts to reach the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office or the Coroner’s Office were unsuccessful. We’ve requested more information and will update as soon as possible.
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  • Another chemical extraction or meth lab goes boom?

  • Horrible thing to throw out there when you know nothing about it Yost.

  • And yet the GP loves to accuse the dysfunctional… Check your kids, before they make you look like a hypocrite.
    Sorry for this tragedy and all its’ losses.

  • Since when do we judge a death? Chimney fire, or whatever, RIP Sister! af

  • What a terrible thing to have happen. God bless the deceased and family and friends.

  • Very sad. Can someone please say who this poor woman was?

  • I hope that the community response to the comments such as Yost made, will at some point, create a Comment section that no longer contains such flippant, irresponsible, mean, ignorant, idiotic reactions to tragedies experienced by out neighbors, families, and friends.

  • I had just talked to her last night. She was a nice lady. RIP GOD Bless!

  • This was my very good friend who died this morning and she didn’t use drugs. It was a terrible accident and a great loss to all who knew her. Everyone is still overwhelmed with grief, but please keep the off-the-wall speculations to yourself. This is tragic loss of a woman who was loving and kind and a productive member of our community. She is already dearly missed. I have a candle burning for you and your kitties, my dear forever friend.

  • I am her sister and we just found out about the fire tonight. Our family is devastated. We all live out of town and will be up tomorrow or Thursday to make a positive identification. This just seems unreal. To the owner of the cabin, is there anything we need to do there? Are there personal items we can pick up? We are so sorry about it all. I know she really enjoyed living there.

    • I am a friend a hers and the gentleman here your mother has spoken with. I am available to help in any way big or small. My most sincerest prayers and thoughts are with you and your family… She was well loved by so many.

    • Dear Susan Peterson, I am so sorry for your (our) loss. I shared all of what I know with your brother John this evening, and I gave John the phone numbers of people to contact for more information. Hopefully, I got someone at KMUD or the Sheriff to notify her employer at home rather than to come in and not find her at work. Please tell your Mom Mary that I send my thoughts and prayers. What a shock. Your brother John has my number and my real name, if there is anything I can do to assist. Sadly, everything was lost in the fire. We don’t even have her phone book to call all of her friends. We only have Facebook and these outlets to contact her friends. We do have her love and memories etched on our minds forever, and I am grateful for that.

    • Please ask J for my telephone number. Or Misty Forest. Sadly, I am concerned about pubically posting it here

    • I am so sorry Susan, my mom Pam, just told me this morning. I am still in shock as are you and the family. My heart goes out to all of you. PLEASE let me know if there is anything I can do, in anyway! She will be very missed. She had a GREAT heart and her love for her animals and the outdoors was unbelievable. May she RIP ! Love to all!

  • What a sad thing. My heart breaks for her family and the community. So sorry.

  • Yes she was a dear and beautiful woman I considered her to be a spirit sister and it hurts that her smile i will never see in life again. She was a brilliant person who longed for the magical loving kind world that she created and fostered and shared with others close to her and strangers alike. My heart is broken that I will never see her again, and I will only have the memory of her, we were the same age born only a month apart…She had the best years ahead of her…this is a real tragedy

  • Dear Ms Peterson, I am so terribly sorry for your loss. Sydney was my friend, fellow KMUDder and I am shocked and saddened by this. Please do let us all know how we may help. KMUD will be a very good place to ask for help or spread information.

  • I’m so very sorry to you all.My heart is breaking for all of you.God Bless

  • So heartbroken. Sydney and I were friends in high school and she had reached out to me over the last few years and offered her kind support. I just spoke with her a few weeks ago and she was so supportive of me, happy and peaceful. May she enjoy eternal peace and comfort now.

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    It is so good to come here and see that the trolls are shut down.

    For the family of the lady who passed away and her dear friends and community may you find comfort with one another as you grieve the loss of your daughter, sister and friend.

    Such a sad thing to read of and I am so thankful that there is a volunteer fire department for your community.

    May all the first responders be given the support they need post-incident. It is a very hard job that they do.

  • So sorry for the family’s loss. Sydney and I were friends throughout grade school and high school.
    She was a gentle soul and will be sorely missed!

  • For 23 years, Sydney has been my rock. My heart breaks for Jeff, her mother Mary, brother John, and all of her nieces and nephews whom she loved and cared about so deeply.

    Misty Forest, littlefeet, and anyone else who was her friend out in SoHum, please write me and let me know if you learn anything else about this tragedy (j9013@yahoo).

  • I am so very sorry! Such a sweet soul, gone way too soon! I will miss her!!!

  • The press democrat had a lot to say about this

      • I found the story on that Facebook news page “mendocinosportsplus”. I clipped and pasted it in its entirety. It does say there was a domestic disturbance and a possible investigation of arson. ‘STRUCTURE FIRE REPORTED ON ‘DRIVE THRU TREE ROAD’ FIRST RESPONDERS SUSPECT ARSON
        The scanner announced CalFire and the Leggett Fire Department were responding to the report of a “residential structure fire” at 65450 Drive Thru Tree Road in Leggett @ 10:15 am.
        At 10:50 am, first responders reported the fire extinguished. They also said there was a “domestic disturbance” at the residence last night and this may be an arson case. They requested a Sheriff unit respond. They also requested PG&E cut the power to the residence. They added they were unsure if the residence was occupied.

  • Also mendocinosportsplus on Facebook had more to say about it being possible arson and domestic disturbance

  • Thank you Traci bear for sharing

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