Vehicle Off the Road North of Miranda

CHP California Highway Patrol BlurA vehicle has gone over the embankment just north of the Miranda exit at 6:47 a.m. on Hwy 101 by the weigh station. Be careful in the area as there is mud and debris across the road. Three California Highway Patrol are currently at the scene for a non-injury acccident.

Caltrans is on their way to clear the mud.

UPDATE 8:20 a.m.: According to a reader, the vehicle that went off the road was a law enforcement vehicle. The vehicle appeared to gone part way to Maple Hills Road. A tow truck accessed the vehicle from there. The reader snapped the below image of the vehicle on the back of the tow truck (to the left in the image.)7bae7df7-0479-4b83-b8e3-6c68c7a9ebc1



  • Hope everyone is okay. Everyone please be safe out there today. It’s gusting over 55 where I’m at.

  • Nothing 2 c here

    They sure don’t give out any info when it’s one of theirs.Was drugs a factor,was the vehicle making an unsafe maneuver ,did a Dan Dobbs run across the freeway dancing and swinging sticks and deer bones????We will never know because they investigate their own and sweep it under the carpet,been a couple lately

  • You speak of the Gingerbread Man

  • Does anybody know if it was Dan Dobbs ? Are you sure they were deer bones ? I heard he got clean at rehab and works at the Mateel Community Center.

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