[UPDATE 11 P.M.] Two Children Taken in Stolen Vehicle Recovered in Eureka

Scanner BlurAccording to scanner traffic, two children who were reported taken along with a 2014 Nissan Altima have been located near Winco in Eureka. The vehicle and the children were taken from the 1600 block of Broadway around 8 p.m.

The vehicle and the children were located about 9:25 this evening.

UPDATE 10:02 p.m.: Here is an interview with Captain Steve Watson of the Eureka Police Department:

Here is the gist of the interview: Sometime around 8:20 p.m. the father left the vehicle running with two small children in front of an auto parts store, said Captain Watson. An unknown person took the vehicle and the children.

“We don’t know if the motivation was a simple auto theft or if this was some sort of intentional kidnapping,” said Watson.


The stolen vehicle was located near the Dollar Store on the Eureka. [Photo by Oliver Cory.]
UPDATE 11 p.m.: Captain Steve Watson updated the story with a statement. Anyone with any information is asked to call the Eureka Police Department at 707 441 4060



  • Okay! Are we ready to say that the amount of crime around here has become unacceptable? Are we ready to actually do something besides talk and study and hope? Or are we still too concerned about the rights of druggies and their feelings?

    • Are you kidding me. maybe Im wrong but it sounds like kidnapping to me.

    • I am with you but somehow think many are still too concerned with the “druggies” feelings like they are concerned with ours or our safety for that matter. This area is going batshit crazy lately.

      • Actually I would look towards the bulgarians in the hills, they’ve been busted for car chop shops in rural areas here before, &theyre mean!
        Most tweekers I see couldnt put their thoughts together enough to actually take a running car.
        It could have been teens looking for a joyride, in case you havent noticed we have some rascals around, which is pretty normal. Or mexican gangs. I dont get why everyone always points to druggies, they seem more out if it than anyone.

        The crime is bad for HERE but still not so bad compared with the majority of counties in CA. The kids were found safe within a few hours&that doesnt always happen.
        And we have had lots of craxy crime in the past that was never reported so who knows how much worse it was, or that we hear about every little thing online now. I remember when the serial killer (last nane ford) was here and women’s bodies were found in the bay, same time Karen Mitchell and another girl went missing & a young black man was stabbed by a white old skool dude on the arcata plaza. Since that time in the 90’s many other horrendous crimes have been uncovered like woman being held chained to tree and boys being dug up in blue lake who went missing around that same time to name a few.
        I feel safer now, this petty crime feels like nothing in comparison.

        Our lovely bubble has popped and there are way more city type crimes as there are more city folk here now. The economy is collapsing and people are desperate. Think about it, even if you make $10/hr you’re pulling in $1500/month if you’re lucky.

        I lived in the city as a teen&although it sux there are measures to take that I was taught….. dont ever ever leave your car running outside anywhere even your house, dont leave kids alone parked outside anywhere, dont leave your purse/backpack on your front seat as its easy for someone to grab it when ur stopped at a red light (put it on ground between your front seats or put seat belt thru the strap if on seat), lock your car everytime, check the backseat for anyone hiding, dont be so obvious with your cash

    • Rights are one thing feelings are another. Are you proposing anything specific?

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    Grateful to learn the children were unharmed.

    Crazy days we are in for sure.

  • A lot of times Cars are stolen with kids in it. A running vehicle in public with no driver is very tempting to a thief, often they dont realize there are kids in the back seat until they are already pulling out. Then they useully get scared and ditch the car. Happens a lot in big cities. Pretty stupid to leave your car running with your kids in it.. Even when I leave my 12 yr old in the car to run in the store, I take the keys and have him lock the doors.

    • That is what I did too, or bring the child with you. Never leave your children in a running car. I’m glad the kids are ok.

  • Eel707 is right on several counts. The father was an idiot. I fervently hope the kids were unharmed in that 1 to 1.5 hour interval. May the bastard who took the car and kids get nailed.

  • Thank God the kids are alright. For a crook, he/she did the right thing by parking it somewhere safe. Next time, though, find a pay phone & leave a tip of kids alone in a parked car. Now stop your thieving so we can all just get along.

  • Humboldt is getting bad. the word is out. You can murder someone in our county and get away with it like Jason Arreaga. Our DA was slammed by a public defender.

  • Im glad he got his kids back but Who leaves their kids in the car with it running? Let this be a lesson to all parents who practice this awful habit! Are you paying attention?

  • “Dad” doesn’t deserve the name, and should be prosecuted for gross neglect, child endangerment, and out-and-out abuse. An IQ test could be revealing, too. (I believe some folks really are too stupid to procreate.) af

  • wonderful parenting skills!! who leaves their kids in the car with the car running!! Maybe the kids took it for a joy ride!!

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