Rod Deal and Ty Anderson (Do You Miss Them Like We Do?)


Rod Deal and Ty Anderson [Photo by Kim Sallaway. See more of his work here.]

Press release:

On Saturday, March 12th, the I-Deals and their many friends will pay tribute to local legends Rod Deal and Ty Anderson at the Mateel Community Center in Redway. These performances benefit the Redway School Music Program.

For Cher Spencer and Asia Anderson the idea was brewing since the previous summer. They wanted to pay tribute to Rod Deal and Ty Anderson and the greatest way they thought to honor them would be to ask the I-Deals to get back together. What could be better than to turn the event into a benefit for the Redway School Music Program? After a few meetings with music teachers, Andy Barnett and Hal Lepoff, from Redway School, the tribute and fundraiser began to take shape. “I’m sure Rod and Ty would have loved this,” said Cher Spencer, “because ultimately it is about the children.” Asia Anderson noted, “Music has always been an important part of my childhood and adulthood. The future generations of our community need music in their lives. In such a small town with not that many activities, creativity is extremely important.”

“Contributions to the Redway School Music Program support classroom instruction for every kid at Redway School. Funds will help with the purchase of song-flute style recorders, instruction books and other instruments and supplies for at-school use,” said Hal Lepoff (K-3) and Andy Barnett (4-6) with gratitude.

Featuring original I-Deals members, Doug Cox on bass, Randy Clark on drums, Jimmy Durchslag on trombone and vocals, Kathryn Lobato on keyboards and vocals and Peggy Andrews on saxophone, as well as Charles Lewis on vocals, Brody Forester on guitar and vocals, Brian Sykes on guitar and vocals and Orlando Morales on percussion. Also performing will be Irie Rockers, formerly known as, The Demolition Squad, Lisa Sanders, Asia Anderson, Artist Laci Coelho, and the children of the Redway School Music Program. Witty wordsmith Little Kidd Lost will MC the evenings events.

Rod Deal was a well-known political and environmental activist. He sang about many of the injustices facing the Northern California community, issues that are still relevant today. “Rod embodied a lot of the biography of growing up in Humboldt. His songs tell the stories of what it was really like during those years,” said Brody Forester. Rod Deal’s message has reached far and wide to other communities dealing with similar conflicts, and many people with these struggles find solace in his lyrics and music. Through conscious music Rod Deal and the I-Deals have given a voice to many.

Both Rod Deal and Ty Anderson were beloved members of the Southern Humboldt community. Ty Anderson was a well-respected and inspirational guitarist and he loved all the local musicians and all styles of music. His encouragement was contagious. He was also a great guitar teacher and was held in awe as he shredded his solos. He was a musician’s musician.

You can’t get much better than Rod Deal and Ty Anderson and the music they were a part of creating with the rest of the I-Deals. All were legends in their own right. “Special shout out to Brian, Brody, Charles and Orlando for bringing these So Hum classics to the stage again. Their talent and great vibes make this project a joy,” corresponded Randy Clark of the I-Deals. “Never thought we’d be playing these songs ever again after Ty’s memorial,” wrote Peggy “Sax” Andrews of the I-Deals, “I love these songs, local politics you can dance to. I also love the people in the band, including Brian and Brody, they show real love for the songs and the band. It is a pleasure to play for everybody again.”

This special I-Deals reunion is both exciting and very much anticipated by the community who hold the contributions that Rod and the I-Deals made to Southern Humboldt culture in their hearts.

Hailing from the coastal ridges of Humboldt County, Irie Rockers, formerly known as, The Demolition Squad is a powerhouse band of experienced musicians rooted in Reggae. Assembled in 2015 by producers/songwriters Stevie Culture and Brody Forester. The two shared a vision to create music that represents the ideals of the communities in their area, ideals to spread ideal love, peace and unity. Featuring Stevie Culture on vocals and keyboard, Brody Forester on guitar and vocals, Cyrus Weissman on bass, Brian Sykes on guitar, Jimmy Durchslag on trombone, Justin Schwartzman on saxophone, trumpet, keyboard and backing vocals and Jeremy Hoenig on drums. Listeners can expect high-energy danceable grooves.

It is a treat to have San Diego-based Lisa Sanders perform. She is a People’s Choice award winning singer/songwriter and well known in many musical circles, not just for the Americana/ Country Soul style she is renowned for, as well as, a National Women Living Legacy Association award winner. Besides numerous local performances and a growing fan base, Lisa Sanders is Ty Anderson’s sister and an honorary member of the Southern Humboldt community.

Asia Anderson will make a special acoustic appearance, accompanied by Brian Sykes, Michael Beyer and Brody Forester of The Hum Bros.

There will be a silent auction featuring a twelve-string guitar, two acoustic guitars, a glass piccolo, a gift certificate from Cypress Grove, assorted art pieces by Holly Sweet and Layne Murrish, as well as four grab bags donated by Trim Scene Solutions.

The night’s line-up is as follows; 7:00 pm the doors open, 7:30 pm The Children of Redway School perform, 8:00 pm Lisa Sanders performs, 9:00 pm The I-Deals perform, 10:30 pm Irie Rockers, formerly known as, The Demolition Squad perform. Food and drink will be available for purchase, including a full bar. Moses Danzer will serve Mexican cuisine. All proceeds go to the Redway School Music Program. $20.00 at the door. The Mateel Community Center is located at 59 Rusk Lane in Redway. For more information call Cher Spencer at 707-223-0422. Also check out facebook page Rod Deal & Ty Anderson Tribute & Redway School Music Fundraiser.



  • Here’s a pretty cool short story about Rod.
    Rod was one of the best reggae singer/songwriters of our area, and having relatable lyrics to the struggle going on back then was huge. Both of my parents knew him very well. But with the passing of his child he took it very very hard. But with the power of music and good vibes he got somewhat passed it. But it was something I’m sure he struggled with for the remaining years of his life. Even though Rod wasn’t a “true” local, (being born and breed) he sang with the heart and soul of 20 locals. He had such power and strength to his lyrics. And had revolutionary samples that they put in the track to give it that certain feel, it was genius and was way passed its time. So along comes the story of the rocking chair. My eldest brother was right around the same age as Rod’s kid, so, he had this child’s rocking chair that was just big enough for a toddler. He decided to give it to my mother, for my oldest brother, which was very nice, especially since my mom had little to nothing in those days, same with a lot of people back then. She got a couple more by the time I was born, so I could sit in that lil rocking chair and rock out to some Rod Deal. His music brings me back to the days when I had no worries. It is more than just music to me. And I’m sure he made a lot of other people feel the same way. Long Live Love the I Deals!!

  • I’m sorry that was actually false, I always thought that his kid passed away but I was mislead. I was just retold the story and never did his son pass away thats my bad memory but he did give him that rocking chair. I guess his son was somewhat taken away from him. But very sorry thought that was the way it was told to me.

  • I really miss those guys playing together. Unfortunately at the moment I only have this tiny image to share. It’s Ty from Reggae on the River 1991.

  • Is it all ages? Long live the I-deals!!

  • Ty was my friend and he is dearly missed. One of Sohums best people and an awesome guitar player.

    Rod will never be forgotten. Every once in awhile my iPod will play a Rod and the I-deals cut, yesterday it was Helicopter and I smiled and remembered him .

  • Rod was my neighbor on China Creek back in the day. A good man, shy by-musician standards yet always approachable. His song “Helicopters” pretty much sums up the not so underground battle between the Fed and agriculturalists of the day. Back in the early 80 s the Ideals would allow me to sit in from time to time on percussion — a fond memory. It was a sad day that Rod, a man that had been sober for the better part of a decade, “hot-shot” his way into the next dimension. Like so many artists and musicians, Rod battled with his demons.
    Enjoy today’s tribute. The music played by the Ideals is not only a part of Humboldt History, but the driving force behind a local music scene that gained international acknowledgement and recognition.


    Bulgaria no like this helicopter always running in patch left and right, make sandals go bad fast.

  • I had such a loving rock out time that night , March 12 . We were welcomed with a friendly roar the likes of which I have never heard . We went on to play the set that we scratched out of our memories for you all . It seemed to go on forever and then it was over too quickly . Thanks to all the love pouring out of the audience the music was smoking! So if you weren’t there we’ll be playing ROTR this year . If you were there you know what I’m talkin’ about . Absolute magic…

  • So sad how heroin has taken a toll on this beautiful place. I moved here 5 years ago, found Rod and the Ideals music within the first year and knew I was home. Their music has been a huge part of my days here in Humboldt. Is there a memorial for Rod and Ty?

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