Five Houses Suspected of Being Connected With Drug Traffickers Raided

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:


From left to right: Olivares-Leon, Esparza-Aguilar and Esparza-Zermeno

On 03/08/16 at about 3:30 p.m., the Eureka Police Department’s Problem Oriented Policing Unit (POP) served a search warrant at five residences in Eureka for suspected drug trafficking. The POP team was assisted by EPD Officers, HCSO Deputies, HCSO Drug Task Force, Humboldt County Probation Officers, US Marshal, and a Humboldt County Correctional K9 team.

The residences searched were on the 800 block of Kinsey St., 3800 block of Soule St., 10 block of Del Norte St., 4200 block of Walnut St., and 1900 block of Fairfield St. During the course of the search, officers located cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin packaged for sales, over $18,000 in cash, and three firearms.

Juan Olivares-Leon (31 of Eureka) and Luis Esparza-Aguilar (23 of Eureka) were arrested for conspiracy to commit drug trafficking and possession of controlled substances for sales. Leonardo Esparza-Zermeno (29 of Eureka) was arrested for possession of controlled substances and driving on a suspended license.

Anyone with information on suspected drug activity within the city limits of Eureka is asked to call the POP unit at (707) 441-4373.



  • i hate to say this but…these guys are making Trump’s point for him. We all know the heroin and most cocaine is mexican cartel origin, mexican gangster distribution here…many undocumented and illegally here. No, I don’t like Trump but he sometimes is alarmingly correct and says what the politically correct will not.

    • So three guys, who don’t look white or have white sounding names, get busted with an unknown to us amount of drugs and you believe that makes Trump’s point? In that case please do not vote in the next presidential election.

      • Drugboldt County

        Well said! Plenty of white boys slingin’ drugs, too.


          But them little white boys aren’t affiliated with the cartel, to compare the two are like comparing a townhouse with the trumptowers,…
          Build that wall and add armed guards next to the alligator filled trench that runs along it!

  • Kick these stupid mexican/drug dealers out of Humboldt. …go back to where you come from.

    • Lol wow. Because they have Spanish names and have brown skin, they are automatically non-humboldtians? They are Mexican, ONLY because you say they are? And they MUST be from Mexico just because they are brown? What if they were born in humboldt county???? Every brown person with a Spanish name is NOT from Mexico. There are many countries their families could originate from….not just Mexico. And they are not all illegal. What are we going to do with all the white drug dealers??? Where can we send them?? Back to where they came from too? Please tell me there is a special place…..

  • last time i said something about mexican criminals / druggies , my comment was deleted
    guess i cant say anything

  • Awww c’mon, they are only here to do all the jobs that other Americans don’t want.

    • Greedy farmers actully deserve a lot of blame for hiring illegal immigrants, providing inhumane working conditions and unfair compensation. But the farmers are rich from subsidies and organize into powerful political groups.


  • Well its about time I’ve been saying it and saying it the Mexican cartel ,but they didn’t say how much hard drugs they got ,but these guys are low level ,and they are probably back on the street headed to mexico . Keep it up EPD hcdtf I bet they have no green card ,and if so hold them until Ice gets them,and deport them ,but like I said m they are already headed south

    • Yeah, deport them AFTER they serve 30 years.

      • Sure. They these fools probably have already been released

      • 30 years for drugs? What if the three people were white? What if someone you love got caught with some drugs, even a tiny amount, or even if a friend of theirs unknowingly had dropped their drugs in your loved ones car and a cop finds them? Would you still want 30years? It’s your type of mentality that has American prisons full of non violent drug offenders instead of sex offenders, thieves, violent criminals, or anyone else who actually does harm to citizens. Please do not vote on anything that has to do with anything political!

        • Is it not the ones that are selling hard drugs to our community causing a lot of the problems we are having here. Most of the violent crime and stealing are stemming from drugs and drug abuse. If it weren’t for the drug dealers, we wouldn’t have all the drug addicts. If it weren’t for all the drug addicts, we wouldn’t have SO MANY crimes. I don’t care where they’re from or what color they are. They should be locked up for a long time.

  • Just want the end of the story

    All self identify as being from Eureka. Does anyone check up on where they originate (think Tulare, where the pipe bomb guys are from….)

    • I bet you’re right. Tulare is bringing lots of problems…the bulb farm has to have something to do with it.

  • Always blaming hoopa

    Eureka’s finest!!

  • Build the wall…..10 ft. Higher!!

  • Three white guys charged with the same crimes wouldn’t get these comments, do you all really think only Mexicans deal hard drugs?
    Ha you’re soooooo wrong, go to the HSU dorms and see the array of drugs.
    I have had more white folk offer me hard drugs here than anyone else, heroin, coke, ecstasy, ketamine & that doesnt include the pills. It gets old to be around&watch folks destroy themselves.

    There have been mexican gangs in eureka for twenty years at least, ask anyone who has taught at eureka high.

    Whos to say theres not a rich white dude running this show?
    I dont see the gang unit listed here nor the immigration folks. Sounds like they may be American citizens who are criminals that happen to be mexican in descent. Gasp! He had a suspended drivers license which means he had a valid one!
    Not to say that the mexican cartels suck- They suck for mexican people too!

    Hey all you who want to build a wall please by all means gather together & purchase some swath of land to live on & build a wall around yourselves & stay in there. Keep out whomever you want. It would be great for all involved parties.

    • Thank you! I only saw this after I was done with my own rant on the crazy racist comments!!!

    • Get to be source.
      Mexicans BRING the drugs in.
      Stop the problem at the border.

      • Drugboldt County

        Plenty of white people bring drugs down from Canada, too. White people smuggle drugs all the time. Grow up and do some actual research before you make stupid comments.

  • What I find so funny about all these remarks about these guys being Hispanic, is that none of you talk this crap when it is a white person getting busted with the same if not MORE dope than this every other day is posted on these sites. In no way am I condoning this behavior, but at the same time your ignorant comments need to stop. Every person with a Spanish name with brown skin is illegal?…really?… do in fact know we live in California right??? A ton of people with darker than white skin are in fact born in the US(gasp!!!) I know it’s hard to think so hard about that little bit of information…..also, did you know that unless you are Native American, or goodness of Hispanic origin(because I know hard to believe parts of the US were once Mexico too)your family too is some type of immigrant!!! Omg I know how hard to digest!!! Also, about that wall, you let me know how well that wall in China, and Berlin did, and while your at it, Lmk how great Hitler, oops I mean trump is….

    • I agree with every word both of you are saying, but one thing you didn’t point out to all these ignorant racist commenters is that it’s mostly white American citizens who are buying the drugs and if they think deporting these three guys or anyone else is gonna prevent those Americans from finding drugs to do then I won’t be surprised considering how they’ve already shown us their ignorance in their previous comments. As an aware white person it is amazing to me that so many white Americans either don’t realize or refuse to realize that every one of us is a descendant of an immigrant. We all have immigrant blood flowing through us. And we don’t come from immigrants who just relocated to find a better job, we come from immigrants who came here, killed, destroyed, and took what wasn’t theirs.

      • Yes exactly! On every point you made! I am so disgusted every time I read these feeds when it is a non-white person. The ignorance is so real.

      • ” we come from immigrants who came here, killed, destroyed, and took what wasn’t theirs.”

        I was under the impression that we bought California from Mexico fair and square. The Mexicans extracted a hefty price for something that wasn’t really even theirs. As far as what we owe Mexico, their interest in California was bought and paid for.

        “the United States acquired a large amount of territory from Mexico as one of the terms of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, it is often forgotten that the U.S. paid Mexico $15 million for this land, that the land held less than 1% of Mexico’s population, that Mexico exercised very little actual control over it, and that some of its citizens were actually in favor of either British or American rule. “


          Well said ernie, but you need to take a trip down South and see what happened to our fair and square purchase,.. it turned back into mexico! And these people believe firmly that they are being owed something. That purchase was the start of the demise! I can not say that these people enriched us culturally in any which way. The damage they are doing to our economy simply outweigh anything they will ever bring to any table! It’s America’s worst nightmare. We ought to keep enough of them here to get the strawberries picked and that’s about it. And let’s not even think about letting these people reproduce. ..we should start thinking about having Mexico pay the US back for every Mexican that doesn’t graduate highschool after all that time and money we invest to let them go to our schools.
          Let’s really talk about this epidemic,.. there’s so much of this Latino cap that goes unspoken and nobody really wants to talk about.
          Good one ernie, I’m glad you remember the treaty! Everyone else is already brainwashed into thinking we stole this land,..

          • So, I’m curious…They don’t enrich us but they can stay here to pick our strawberries? Isn’t that enriching us?

            And beyond that… What about the cultural enrichment from people like Louis CK, Edward Olmos, Anthony Quinn, Carlos Santana, Morena Baccarin, Leo Manzano? Do you want them to go home? What about my son’s friend, the owners of a small cafe in Miranda, my cousin and my neighbor. They all are the descendants of people from Mexico or came from there themselves. My life would be much poorer without them.

            I don’t want to be grouped with the Timothy McVeigh’s in the world just because we are both white. I don’t think the people I mentioned above should be grouped in with murderers, druggies and rapists just because of their race.


              You go ahead and make your self believe that all you want! You also live sheltered from the Barrios and all the ghetto gangsters and their crime, the names you mention are worthless and outweighed by the millions of criminals that they let in ,.. go and move to tijuana kym, Well see how long your love for Mexico lasts. And dam straight well let hem pick strawberries all day long!
              Does your brother get the meth from the cartel or does he cook his own?
              Please explain!

              • Wow! Low blow! You can make your point without attacking Kym personally. Don’t be a jerk.

                • Well, after the man attacked an entire race including women and children, I suppose asking for common civility is probably not realistic.

              • According to this study,,

                “For more than a century, innumerable studies have confirmed two simple yet powerful truths about the relationship between immigration and crime: immigrants are less likely to commit serious crimes or be behind bars than the native-born, and high rates of immigration are associated with lower rates of violent crime and property crime. This holds true for both legal immigrants and the unauthorized, regardless of their country of origin or level of education. In other words, the overwhelming majority of immigrants are not “criminals” by any commonly accepted definition of the term.”


              Send them back!

  • Race aside, to say that there’s no violence associated with drug sales is one of the dumbest comments one could make. What people go through to get money for purchasing drugs, the robberies, the burglaries which often involve criminals stealing guns and other weapons they sell to other criminals. The truth of the matter is, drugs will not be tolerated here in this city, no matter what race you are. Breaking a law is breaking a law. And if through investigations, they are in fact illegally here, the appropriate measures should be taken to ensure they don’t return to our country if that’s the kind of respect they are going to show us. Selling drugs in our communities to our loved ones. Shameful.

    • Drugboldt County

      Drugs won’t be tolerated in Humboldt? That’s the funniest thing I’ve read today! Good on ya, mate!

  • Am I the only one that watched the movie BLOW that was the life story of one of the largest drug lords in America, who happen to be WHITE? Hmmmmmm.


    Jump the fence and get straight to business in gringo country!
    Laws don’t apply if your illegally here on business from mexico.
    This is the cartel expanding by infecting our region with their bad seeds.
    It’s not a secret that the market here is already established, we got so many tweezers here it makes major US cities look small time.
    They need to chop the snakes head off and stop poking at the snakes tail with their little sticks!

  • I don’t give a dam what color you are black,white,brown,yellow or red. If their bringing drugs across our border it needs to stop, we have plenty of our own to deal with. The only way we can stop that is by having border security, every country on earth has border security, and the one’s that don’t are starting to change their minds. If you come here to work and better your life and not to mooch off my tax money then I say welcome to America. If you come here thinking I owe you something and want to force your culture down my throat then piss off.

  • Try legalizing. Then it’s just more boring regulated commerce, no cash, no guns, no prison budget.


    Wake up people.

    This family has been slinging heroin and meth here of YEARS !

    Want to improve your city… TURN THEM IN. Eureka PD (707) 441-4373. Sheriffs 707-268-2539
    Hooked on heroin – you can help others by CALLING THE TIP LINE AND TURNING THEM IN.
    Still on meth ? get help and pick up the phone.

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