[UPDATED] Possible Gang Activity Linked to Today’s Pipe Bomb Suspects, Says EPD


The robot bomb extrication device awaits use in the parking lot near the Econo Lodge in Eureka after discovery of possible pipe bombs in the motel. [Photo and video by Bobby Kroeker.]

Gang activity may be linked to today’s ongoing situation where a hotel has been evacuated and a bomb bot is searching for and deactivating suspected pipe bombs, said Captain Steve Watson of the Eureka Police Department in an interview today. (See earlier story here.)

Watson said that though initially five suspects were detained, two were released and one was detained for unrelated warrants. However, two male adults were arrested on charges related to what was found in the hotel room and taken to jail.

One explosive has been located and “disrupted,” according to Watson. More devices or materials are believed to be still in the Econo Lodge Hotel on 4th Street, said Watson but he would not confirm how many.

Hotel occupants are not yet being allowed to return to their rooms.

You can listen to the interview with Captain Watson below.

The Eureka Police Department has also been serving four unrelated warrants today. At approximately 4 p.m., Chief Andrew Mills of the Eureka Police Department said that “almost every EPD officer on duty right now.”

We will be updating with more about the pipe bomb situation and the four warrants which were served when we know more.

UPDATE 7:45 p.m.: Capt. Steve Watson of the Eureka Police Department sent out the following statement,

All 3 arrests are connected. Suspected gang involvement is being investigated. 3 suspected devices found so far. Preliminary evidence is at least one was a working explosive device/pipe bomb. It has been disabled.

Two arrested and booked so far for possession of an explosive device. Bail is set at 500,000. Third arrest was an adult for a juvenile probation warrant and violation.

We are still securing the scene. A search warrant has been obtained for their room.

UPDATE: At 9:35 p.m. Captain Watson tweeted, “The evacuation at the Econolodge motel has been lifted. Officers are still on scene working. 3 confirmed explosive devices were neutralized.”



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  • The chiefs first three emoji’s crack me up, gun- cop car -bag of cash.
    so appropriate, & even an answer to the rant above.
    Meth heads rarely have cash or items worth much at a police auction. A lot of pot growers do.
    I heard a few cops say as much on some of those weed raid shows. Same with cocaine big wigs. Usually a lot more nice things than a crack house tho crack has been as detrimental as meth in our society as a whole. Meth just cheaper now.

  • Let’s face it. Marijuana is at the heart of this. A lot of meth and heroin users are growers, or buyers trade meth for weed. Meth and heroin addicts target weed growers for money and weed. Yes, growers use, and the closet users are the worse, because they directly feed the beasts, then pretend they did nothing wrong when they or their friends get robbed.

  • but chief mills said crime was going down and there is no gang problem in eutweeka… and gangs dont execute people without arrest in the city of Eureka…
    oh wait Casey J.Campbell executed in Nov 2014 in the street and the cheif still has not corrected himself as to if the execution was “justified or not.”still has not arrested anyone n connection to the murder or even named 1 suspect…apparently those gang members are smarter than the chief and his minnions because EPD CANNOT solve the crime…

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