[UPDATED] Search and Rescue Looking for Missing Hiker Near Willits


The Mendocino County Sheriff posted on their Facebook page at approximately 1:30 that Search and Rescue is looking for this missing hiker. They wrote,

Have You Seen This person?

Missing hiker, last seen in the area East of 101on the Ridgewood Grade near the Willits Watershed.

Jamie Dalton, white male adult, approximately 46 years old. Transient in nature, 6′ 180 blonde and blue shoulder length hair with a beard. Last seen wearing tan shorts, black leather jacket black high top shoes.

If you have any information regarding his location please contact the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dispatch Center at 707-463-4086.

UPDATE 12:10 p.m. Monday: Press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office gives more information on the missing man and why they are searching for him.

On 03-05-2016 at approximately 1:30 PM Jamie Dalton and a friend went hiking in the rural area to the southeast of the CALFIRE Howard Forest station located in the 17000 block of Highway 101 in Willits, California.

During the hike the pair became disoriented to their surroundings and the friend instructed Dalton to shelter in place while the friend attempted to seek help by navigating the terrain alone.

On 03-06-2016 at approximately 7:30 AM the friend contacted CALFIRE personnel and advised them of the situation resulting in a missing person report to the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office.

A search for Dalton was initiated resulting in the assistance of personnel from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Search & Rescue team, CALFIRE, Little Lake Fire Department and California Department of Fish & Wildlife.

As of 03-06-2016 there were approximately 30 people involved in the search efforts with more mutual aid assistance expected on 03-07-2016.  Aerial search assistance was not available to date because of the weather conditions and will be evaluated again on 03-07-2016, as search efforts continue.

Dalton is described as being a 46 year-old white male, 6 feet tall, weighing 180-200 pounds, with blonde hair and blue eyes (see photograph below).  Dalton was last seen wearing a black leather jacket, a black shirt, tan shorts and black shoes.

Anyone with information on the possible whereabouts of Dalton or who may think they have information that could assist in the search operation is urged to contact the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office dispatch center by calling 707-463-4086.



  • Hope he’s ok

  • I seen him last week with a lady that talks to herself driving a red car with black top

  • He Really should make better decisions. I mean some day

  • He also goes by the name Dave.

  • I saw him at my neighbors house a couple days ago haven’t seen him since

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  • I have know “Dalt” since he was a little kid…his mother was as close as a sister without the blood. Something is Very Very wrong here. David would NEVER have gone into those woods of his own volition. It will be very interesting to see what autopsy and tox screen show. Why on earth would you leave anyone alone out there in those conditions??? They need to look at this very closely.

  • The friends story sounds fishy JUST SAYING. Hope he is found safe. Why would he tell him to wait somewhere??

  • Jannette.
    It’s Heather,
    David’s “”cousin….! By marriage..
    1st. Born child…!
    Please, Oh please…. tell me.
    Why… didn’t anyone call / get a hold of me ?
    I, just found out. Not even, a week ago…
    Via: Internet !
    And, I can’t stop crying…!
    We were so close. And he, was so precious to me…
    And too, so, soooo…. many ! On:
    The, ( Russian River…! )
    “”Guerneville… To be precise !
    I will forever feel this terrible loss.
    We spoke, all the time !!!
    I’m in shock ! To be “”truthfully…
    We grew up in the same house together, for many years… !
    They referred to him, as being a transient… Etc !
    It kills my heart. To hear, how they referred to him… And the “”Mug Shot… Too !!
    When, “”Dalt… Rented a room / had a home.
    Well, roof over his head.. ! He just never hung out at home…
    He was always, out and about…! Hanging around town…
    And was a: “”Happy, go Lucky…. Type of guy… He’d never hurt anyone.
    And, would never think. Anyone… Would want to hurt him !
    I want answers, so badly…!!!
    WHO::: would Just leave him or anyone up there…! Or, convince him, to stay there ? And “”die of: Hypothermia…!!!
    While… ONLY ( THEY ! ) “”looked. For help ?
    When, the 101 freeway… Wasn’t even a half mile away…!
    He would of “”NEVER… Just of sat down, waiting for help. In thou’s weather conditions. After hiking, the hill. For that many hours ! Infact, as soon as he would of, just: started to get cold. He would of turned around. And went back down the hill.
    But, only the people that really knew him. Would of known that..
    Something, is Very, very
    “”VILE… Here !!!
    “”Foul – Play… Must of been involved..! In fact: most defiantly!
    There’s… No, doubt in my mind..!
    He was always, so kind hearted. And for that matter… Trusting !!
    Loved, everyone around him…!
    He started, tending “”Church… On Sundays…
    After, he got in trouble with the law. And was released…. The last time… Which, happened to had been. A long while, ago !
    He would stand around the center of town. And make peanut butter & jelly sandwich’s. And hand them out to the homeless. Or, anyone… For that matter…!
    My heart, has hit the floor !
    “”My, ( COUSIN ! )
    ~~~~~~~~~~~THE: DALT……!
    Was a big, big man…. In height and, in weight…!!!
    If, he was able to make it up the hill.
    He would of, definitely… Been able, too, make it down… With “”NO… Problems !!! It’s not like he would of needed. To be: “”Smacked… Across the head. To know better or what ever. This persons “”story… Was… / is…??? And, it’s not as if, he broke his leg. And literally, wasn’t capable of walking down the road. With this, so called friend !
    Infact, he would of been jogging down… The road. Huff’n it !!!
    As fast as this:
    “” mysterious friend ! If not “”faster…!!!
    That, doesn’t want to be known of….!!! After all, know name / names have been released too: “”The “”General – Public…????????
    He would of been, way too “”Afraid… To have stayed, up there, all alone…!!! Not to mention: again….
    “”TOO COLD…!!!
    Yes, Dalt partied a lot ! But, in moderation, “”People… !
    And also got into his fair – share of trouble. Here and there. With the law…!
    People, would often look. At his kindness. As a weakness…!!! But, he was a lot smarter, then he’d ever, let on about… Ever !!!
    He would just laugh off, the folk. That frowned down upon him… But only cause, he was so….
    Where ever you are, Now !
    you will:
    “”FOREVER…. Remain:
    ~~~~~~~GOLDEN…..!!! As in:
    ~~~~~SOLID – GOLD…..!!! As my “”Cousin… Would always say…
    Up, uuup… “”Dude…!!!
    And as for, this supposed friend….
    Who ever you are…?
    I want you to know… You were “”No… Friend at all !!! And,
    That if the justice system, doesn’t
    ~~~~~ PREVAIL …!!! All over your “”Ass – Whole…!
    The “”LORD… Above us, “”WILL…!!! ( SOME DAY !!! )
    Janette, please thank Ali for me. For: retrieving: “”THE DALT’S… belongings…!!!
    And give her a big hug for me…!
    And to her husband & children…
    Her new, ~~~~Family….!!!
    I will be contacting, the Mendocino Athorities soon… To see where my cousins body is… And, To make arrangements. Pertaining too:
    My “”Cousins… Remains….
    There has been “”NO… Update !!!
    Concerning / pertaining too:
    “”My Cousin’s, “”Vile – Death…
    Via: Internet !
    Well, at least… “”Not – Yet…!

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