Jubal Sherman: Help Keep His Mother by His Side as He Undergoes Extensive Rehab


Jubal Sherman

Early on the morning of February 21, a local business man and Southern Humboldt native, Jubal Sherman, was in an accident. (See earlier story here.) He received major injuries and was flown to the Santa Rosa area for medical treatment. “He is making progress,” said family friend Esther Welliver. “[His] mom is at his bedside and needs all the support she can get.”

Shawn Casamo, his mom, thanked the community who she says has already been extremely helpful. “We’re a tribe,” she said. “I couldn’t be here without the support of a whole lot of people.”

A GoFundMe page for Sherman, created by a friend, has, in a short amount of time, raised almost $16,000 but a great deal more is necessary. The page reports, “[Jubal] soon will be transferred to a rehabilitation facility in order to start aggressive neurological rehabilitation, physical therapy and speech therapy.” These are all expensive.

“Money is needed…,” Welliver explained, “and, it’s really important to keep Shawn by his side.”

According to the GoFundMe page, “If you live locally, deposits can also be made at the Southern Humboldt Community Credit Union under account number 6274.” In addition to monetary donations, the family is also requesting “white light and prayers” for Jubal.

Besides the fundraising page, there will be a non-alcoholic benefit at the end of March. This will be a time for sharing stories and laughing, Welliver said. “Laughter is important,” she pointed out.

In addition, both Welliver and Casamo want to put a message out to the community. If someone is about to drive impaired, they say, please stop them. “It is time to start pulling car keys so we don’t have to experience this any more,” said Welliver.



  • He should sell his bar or one of his properties .WTF. He has more than enough money on his own

    • I agree. Super sad and all are hoping he recovers quickly and well and that his mother finds peace by his side… But, [edit], big Expensive trucks, properties (for what), local businesses, now you want more money from your community? And maybe we can help all the other [edit] realize that money really doesn’t give you power, it makes you make bad decisions and so does booze. So we got a lot of boozed up cash rich almost kids driving oversized [edit] farm trucks, locally bred and conditioned into this lifestyle. Can’t wait for reggae on the river, it’s so full of light .

      • Why do you edit out the word “[edit]?” Kinda bias. I see people smash other people on here and you let fly, I’m just callin it like I see it.

        • I do not allow people to accuse other people of illegal behavior on here unless law enforcement has already made the accusation. That keeps the comments slightly more civil.

          • OK. It just seems like you allow some crueler words than calling someone [edit]. Is that illegal ?? You have weed stuff up all the time

          • Being a [edit] is not accusing someone of breaking the law. Definitely censoring comments… Like I said, I seen some really nastier things on here than that.

          • Certainly the area industry is a given at this point. However, Jubal’s mother is not Jubal, and may not have the assets that her son may or may not process. The bottom line here, for this not-so- young man, that by all accounts has remained sober for the better part of a decade — are the long-term repercussions of driver under the influence of alcohol after falling off “off the wagon.” You don’t want to kick in $ — don’t! But let’s not fog the issue at hand with “hater” B.S.. This dude’s never going to be 100%. Hey! this could happen to a member of your family, friend or spouse.

            • Lake Tahoe local

              It’s sad that you have this dismissive attitude towards people you don’t know and to say that it can happen to a member of someone’s family is nothing short ignorance, life is about choices we make (he obviously doesn’t make the right choices even 20yrs apart) . This man (boy) only does his so called community service to make himself feel better about what he did years ago (DUI mansluaghter ) and to live in California $$$ daddy RIP $$$ otherwise he would still be in Nevada where he committed his dredful crime ,the MORAL compass of people in southern humbolt county is non existence .. Sad thing is the person who made this gofundmeaccount uses 420k? ( why 420k ) lol is sad and a mockery to the people who have know clue who they donating to/for . You people call yourselves family friends , he bought a bar being an achoholic drunk that killed someone years ago is just another piece of the puzzle of Jubals character he’s never made an “honest”dollar in his life or payed taxes . I can only hope his businesses are audited and his true source of money is found out …. The family that he owes restitution To will find out and so will uncle SAM 🇺🇸 TRUMP 2016 🇺🇸 Please challenge me on the truth you cowards!!!

          • Your website is extremely biased in favor of your so hum grow buddies. I’m amazed you have have the balls to call it news. Shameful.

            • Realblackbelt, I’m sorry you feel that way. I’m a little unclear on why you read it then. But if you could point out some place where I’m being unfair, I will change it if you convince me.

          • Kim remove these nasty posts off of this page. What a disgrace to have these comments on here. No matter what the situation No one needs this reaction and drama during a traumatic time in some ones life. Show enough respect to him, his family and friends so they do not have to see the poison from other peoples opinions and comments. He is human. And needs prayers.

            • Layla, I personally find anonymous comments trashing another person difficult to stomach. However, to avoid as much censorship as possible, the rules of my page allow people to criticize others as long as they don’t accuse them of illegal activity or insult fellow commenters.

              • Why did you delete the statement [edit]. You’re blog is very helpful and informative to local happenings, but posting stories like this are always potential cans of worms as far as opinions go.. I agree that insults are no fun, bit you definitely let ” local”commenters tell people they are pathetic and have no life when they are expressing an opinion, subjectively, on a matter. Or letting people call meth addicts pieces of shit And stuff. They are humans too, right? So within the constraints of not calling someone horrible names or insulting other commented, it seems like you pick and choose and I think the conversation could remain healthy of you let everyone speak their mind.

                • Those particular insults connote illegal behavior. I don’t allow accusations of illegal behavior unless law enforcement has made similar accusation. In this case, commenters may make comments about drunk driving but not about other behavior that I don’t have reasonable proof is true. Otherwise, any anonymous commenter could choose someone and accuse them of all sorts of illegal behavior including murder and rape.

              • Clearly Jubal is loved by all of us in sohum, and who wouldn’t need that in tough times… But come on folks, don’t act like you didn’t know the internet has a weird way of bringing out all sides of a matter. No matter the reputation of the folks in the story. I’ve seen so many horrible things said on kyms page on stories when someone we don’t know ends up on here, and everyone likes to have their opinions, and that’s what’s great about interactive commenting on “news” love and blessings to all, really

    • shame on you! Imagine if that was your child and you needed help to be there for your child. You needed support during that.

    • River Runs Through It

      He doesn’t own the bar alone, he has partners. But you wouldn’t know that because you obviously do not know him or anything about his life.
      Good luck with that.

    • Jubals businesses are part of the glue that hold our community tribe together. You probably dont know anything about southern humboldt.

  • really u can stfu

    You know what he dosent have to sell a single thing of his. Just cuz he needs help dosent mean he’ll sell his bar that he just got. He has lots of family and friends who will do anything to help and it dosent involve selling his bar.

    • Lake Tahoe local

      A drunk that never drinks ha!!! I can’t wait to see when the district attorney see’s all this rhetoric of how great of a person he is !!! I beg you to challenge me on the truth….. TRUMp 2016

  • Dear Really-
    Considering the fact that I’m sure you are not familiar with him and/or the situation, then that simply means you have nothing better to do than to hide behind your computer and make comments regarding a matter that you seem to be uneducated on. It is a shame that a person like you resides in this community- because let me tell you something…. This community is built on love and support and if you can not provide that then you have no business here. Your negativity isn’t warranted. And I suggest you take a hard look in the mirror. Because all I see is an internet troll.

  • Good luck in rehab!keep your friends and family close.you will need them.be strong keep busy

  • definitely. And a hot dog.

  • All I see on here is a bunch of negativity from people that apparently have nothing better to do with their lives than to judge others because of their own insecurities. If you were half as kind as Jubal- then maybe you wouldn’t be such an embittered soul. But instead you hide behind your computers spewing hate and judgement because why? It makes you a better person? The speaker of truth? What does it really do for you besides validate your pathetic life, because in the end you actually don’t even have a pot to piss in. I hope that when your earth starts to crumble around you- that people will be able to look beyond your troll like ways and shed nothing but love and light on you– because unlike most of you– some people know how to take the higher road.

    • because why?
      because i have had my world crumble before me when i lost a loved one to a drunk driver. it cost me my pot to piss in & almost everything else due to that drunk driver. this is a pain i seemingly can never reconcile.
      if our anger validates our pathetic lives, your defense and anger towards us invalidates the deaths of our loved ones buy those who unnecessarily dui.

      maybe being trolls under the bridge keeps us safe from what’s happening atop that bridge? maybe we hope our trolling, as you see it, will help others avoid such peril & misery as being hurt and killed or hurting or killing on said bridge dui’ing.

      i don’t like the level of nastiness i’ve see here, neither. bad for the hurting loved ones and bad for those lashing out also, i feel.

  • Correct me if I’m wrong?!?! But is this not the same jubal Sherman that went to prison a few years back for killing one of his passangers in a DUI collision where HE (Sherman) was the driver? If so why would you promote his go fund me page?

    • My reasons in order of importance: He’s a human being. His mother is a human being. The people who love him in the community are fairly numerous and they care about what is happening. I was asked to do so.

    • He paid dearly for that. Shall we, his neighbors & community, punish him for the rest of his life? Have you lived such a perfect life that you can criticize a person you have only met in the news?

      • I grew up with him. So I’m not some news reading troll. And no I’m far from perfect. BUT… If I took a life from drinking and driving you can be sure I would not be selfish enough to put my family through it a second time.

    • Cuz he’s my friend, that simple!

    • Lake Tahoe local

      J (it the same Jubal Sherman but your facts are a little off). It wasn’t a passenger in his car he was by himself , it was a man driving to work early in the morning( that he killed) and severely injured another . Verteranlocal , Just because you do the time that society asks doesn’t ever mean you payed for it…..well maybe Monetarily you think he did if you think otherwise you should ask the family of the deceased if he did and then to drive drunk again and crash is a slap in the face to the family. Obviously he never learned his lesson!!!

  • All I see is a bunch of internet trolls with nothing better to do in their lives than spew ignorance, hate, judgement, and incorrect facts. Maybe you should log off the internet- walk outside and say what you are saying to one of his family members faces instead of hiding behind your computers. Because apparently your life is so meaningless that you have nothing better to do than tear down a community member that has done nothing but be supportive to non profits, organizations, sports teams, friends, family members, local start ups and so forth. Didn’t your mothers ever raise you- that if you don’t have anything nice to say. Don’t say anything.

    • Lake Tahoe local

      Somebody needs a “safe space” apparently speaking the truth is hate in our now politically correct society.. The only hate seems to come from ” his friends” callings people names and making hateful statements when one tells the truth and doesn’t go along with dismissive attitudes .. Like my mother always said the truth hurts!!!

  • We will see what a judge has to say when he goes to court ,He might just have to finish his rehab in jail

  • Lake Tahoe local

    P.S there will be more coming to this so called ” good persons” criminal record , past and present and all 50 states . All’s one needs to do is a little research and there’s more to Jubal than you really know!!! Again please challenge me on the Sherman’s backgrounds my keyboard Warriors Are waiting and we do all this while being outside !!! #sayitforgetitwriteitregetit #truth #comeseeme

    • River Runs Through It

      You ar [edit] not from our community so stay out of our space. Your opinion doesn’t mean anything to us. We will handle this, [edit].

      • his opinion means something to me, seems if anyone has a right to speak up it’s someone who’s lost a loved one and still suffers the consequences of that loss.

  • Can’t be that great of a guy he killed an innocent man just going to work because he was drunk.I think this is his third felony drunk driving. were were all his friends if they really cared they should have drove him home our took his keys the old adage shoulda woulda coulda it’s just sad all around .I hope he recovers from his injuries. Maybe the next time he will drink responsibly, or not at all . I don’t know this person .just saying .all his friends and family coulda woulda shoulda been there for him

  • crazy how people can seem like they know what Jubal owns and does..they can even say he has enough without wishing him the best..just straight rude!..his shop is for you to shop.his bar is for u to unmind and relax!both services to you..he gives and never asked for shit..same breed as Chris Anderson!!they give…and we are a tribe that comes together.that fund me page isn’t for you haters..its for lovers..me I’m a lover of this tribe..but some of us have to hold down this fort from you negative people..,and we kick you right out of this loving community with all the force needed to keep our tribe safe..we support our people..only send light..your darkness doesn’t match our bright light..I love you Jubal …sunnyday mattole(tribe member)

    • Sunny, I welcome all the kind words said about Jubal. But people who feel differently have a right to express their opinion also.

    • Right on Sunny ! I agree all these haters can get the hell out of here . People don’t know what they are talking about. Much love and prayers for Jubal.

  • Sunnyday mattole


  • People should realize that Jubal is not sitting in a hospital room waiting for his dinner. He is horribly and critically injured. Injuries he probably will never fully recover from. He may never again be the same person. That person made mistakes, he is human, and there are those wounded by his mistakes who may never be whole again. But here is what I know….He is a great guy, he is a good friend, he comes from a good family, good people. and he is not proud of parts of his past just like the rest of us. I have never really heard him say anything bad about anyone. If you needed his help, he would help. He is loyal to his friends and family and would do just about anything for them all. So beat him up if you have to. But know this, he would do anything to reverse the tragedy from years back. I am not fully armed with the facts of this incident, I don’t believe anybody is. But he will have to live with the reality of his actions, and he never was one to shy away from his debts, regardless of what they are. For those who actually don’t know him, he is a sweet, charming, generous likable, HUMBLE man. I personally am so saddened by this, but time moves forward. And if he actually survives his injuries and by some miracle, is ever anything like the person we all love again..I’m sure he will face what ever penalty he has to, and he will do it like the man that he is. There is no excuse for what happened now, or 20 years ago, and for now there are no answers. But perhaps we should wait and see if he actually survives this incident, before we crucify him any further.

  • I, grew up with Jubal as well as a lot of people whom have or have seen him grow up. I was not a fan of his nor was he of mine. however growing up in so. hum their was one thing that a lot of us were taught and that was to be kind, loving and compassionate! We as humans are not perfect and for someone to say such hurtful things about another human being is pretty much as low as one could be. so for those individuals who are bashing him in this time please remember one thing, that is don’t judge because one day you may be judged, and never know what will be in your future, so I say to his family and friends. I hope he makes a full recovery.

  • Unfortunately Jubal has severe brain damage and may never be the same. The Go Fund account is to help his mother be able to stay by his side. To hold his hand and talk to him. For him to be able to hear her voice and feel some kind of comfort. Also help with the rehabilitation he will need. The cost of what has happened to him and our family has no price tag. Your hateful words do nothing but hurt, I hope it makes you feel better. The mistakes he has made are not taken lightly. He will be paying for them for the rest of his life. We as his friends and family, as a loving community don’t need your hate, finger pointing and bashing of our family. Keep your hate in your own house, our doors are closed to you a$$:)@!. Kym I edited myself. Please keep the love and support for Jubal coming. It’s going to be a very, very long hard road for him.

  • Does anybody know how he is doing .I hope he is doing better best wishes to him in his recovery

  • [edit] Get a grip and donate some money [edit]

  • He was driving intoxicated, risking the lives of the community and you want the community to help?

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