[UPDATE 12:54 p.m.] Four Injured, Trapped as Vehicle Overturns Near Myers Flat

A vehicle has overturned in traffic on Hwy 101 south of Myers Flat in the southbound lane. Four patients are reportedly injured. At least some are reported to be trapped, according to scanner traffic

Phillipsville Fire, Salmon Creek Fire, Weott Fire, Myers Flat Fire, and Miranda Fire have all been requested. Please avoid the area if possible.

UPDATE 12:14 p.m.: Dispatch is now saying that the vehicle is off the road and Southern Humboldt Technical Rescue is being called.

UPDATE 12:17 p.m.: The responding emergency vehicles are unable to locate. The dispatch is asking the crews to turn on their sirens so that the reporting party who is an occupant of the vehicle is able to hear the sound. Dispatch will use the information from the reporting party to guide the crews in. “The occupants] are unable to get to the road. They are pinned between the trees.”

At this point, it is possible the accident occurred north of Myers Flat and crews are looking on the area now.

UPDATE 12:26 p.m.: The tracks of the vehicle have been located near the weigh station south of Myers Flat.

UPDATE 12:54 p.m.: Four patients have been extricated. One will be transported by ambulance.



  • Great job Kym, thanks

  • Praying for all involved.

  • jinglejangle@yahoo.com

    Learn to drive already,..amateurs!

  • Wow, there is a lot of crashing on 101 lately!

  • Sorry to say I have seen so many near accidents from people texting, can see them glancing down at their phone while swerving &/or slowing down to unsafe speeds.
    101 has some serious curves that are tighter than they seem, if you havta text at least wait for a straightaway.
    Kym/Oliver, any stats on increase in auto accidents here in last 8-10 years?

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      No, you do not text and drive, straightaway or not. You are part of the problem.

      • People have always taken driving for granted. They shouldn’t grant licenses to everyone but they do. You have to be very, very dumb to text and drive. There would be many less acccidents if people would just take driving seriously without having to learn the very hard way and even die.

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    Seems like an accident a week on 101. This rig really launched off the road if it could not be found, was jammed between trees, etc. DUI, texting, or general grabassing seem to be the main problems.

    • Driving is as much a skill as anything. But even the most skilled drivers cannot take their focus off the road without risking an accident. The faster you go, the less reaction time you have, and many accidents are a direct result of people driving faster than their abilities. I drive defensively at all times, never aggressively. If I wanted to be a fast, aggressive driver I’d move down to the Bay Area or Smell-A (not gonna happen).

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