Sheriff’s Office Releases BOLO on Kidnapping Suspect

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office tweeted the above picture and message after a domestic dispute escalated into violence and kidnapping this morning. Adam Sundberg and the victim, his girlfriend began arguing in the Trinidad Cemetery, according to Selena Zorrilla-Mendoza, a Community Service Officer with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

Sundberg allegedly broke out the windows of the victim’s car. She dialed law enforcement requesting help about 11 a.m., said Zorrilla-Mendoza. The victim managed to escape and drive to Murphy’s Market where she pulled over.

The suspect located the victim, parked his vehicle and jumped into the back of her car through the back window he had broken earlier, said Zorrilla-Mendoza. “He gained control of her” and drove down Fox Farm Road with the victim’s vehicle.

He stopped the car and continued to argue with the victim. Eventually, said Zorrilla-Mendoza knowing that law enforcement was coming, “he threw her out of the car” and tried to get her to run into the woods with him. The victim refused. “He slapped her with an open palm” and fled, said Zorrilla-Mendoza.

“We had the K9 and the Coast Guard helicopter searching for him,” explained Zorrilla-Mendoza. “He is still outstanding.” The Sheriff’s Office is requesting the public contact them at 707 445 -7251 if they have any information.



  • I hate woman beaters if id seen that happening I would have beat his ass and rescued her ,so is this guy related to the prominent family the sunbergs I wonder ,and im glad the lady got away.

  • Are you trying to be funny?

  • I’m a survivor……..I PRAY for TRUE IMMEDIATE JUSTICE ,but in my HEART i hope for DEATH PENALTY .they never stop

    • My wife has been a domestic violence councillor for 20 + yrs. And the death penalty or any other punishment probably won’t happen. Not even probation

  • Are you kidding me? Really ?

  • Ryan’s Son?????

    • 36 years old? Think about it for at least a second before you post. Duh. No need to drag anyone else into his mess. He’s the suspect, not his family.

  • It always seems like people want to include family members. Think of this violent offender as a loner.When they catch him I hope they lock him away forever,because they always repeat the act. I hope the victim remains safe.

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