[UPDATE 9:48 p.m.] Dog Unable to Walk After Car Accident That Kills Owner; Can You Help?

12776922_214672495552632_1770943051_oEarly last Thursday morning, Marley was in a car crash that killed his owner, Dillion Boots. Since then he’s been surrounded by people trying to help.

By the flashing lights of the emergency vehicles at the accident scene, Miranda volunteer firefighter, Jimi Hensley found the injured dog when he heard him whimpering. Hensley saw the dog in the grass at the roadside. “I assumed it had some type of injury because it wasn’t up running around,” he said. Worried, Hensley passed the information through a California Patrol Officer to the coroner who “put a blanket over the dog to keep it warm until animal control could arrive.”


Crash that killed Marley’s owner last week. [Photo from owner of one of the vehicles involved in the three car accident.]

“He was brought to Garberville Redway Veterinary by an animal control officer to receive medical care for his wounds after being ejected from the vehicle,” explained Jacy Snodgrass who works there.

12781953_214672542219294_376318878_nThe Veterinary’s Facebook page posted this:12721715_214672535552628_924923711_n

The family of Marley’s owner is unable to afford his medical bill and animal control is also unable to supply the funding needed for Marley. Currently he is stable, alert, eating well and very happy to be alive. However, he still needs surgery to be able to walk. Without it, he will be euthanized and his family will be even more heart broken. We need to raise about $4000 dollars to cover his current bill and the cost of surgery. Donations can be made to his…account at Garberville Redway Veterinary in person or over the phone via card. Any extra proceeds will also go to the family for follow up care that will be needed. Marley has come a long way since the accident and we’ve all invested so much love, time and effort. Losing him at this point would be devastating.
Please share and keep him in your thoughts and prayers!

Jacy says the vet’s staff have become attached to the dog. “He is so sweet and has been so good through it all,” she said. “Even though he’s been in pain, he’s been kind and hasn’t become aggressive at all. Such a sweet dog and with already so much love and time invested we can’t let him go very easily.”

Below is a photo of Marley and his owner, Dillon Boots, in happier days from a fundraiser page for the family.9503315_1456548724.3414

UPDATE 9:48 p.m.: From the Garberville Vet’s Office:

For those of you keeping up with the Marley story we are already half way there in donations and he had his surgery today and is currently in recovery! He did very well through the whole process and now we just have to wait and see if he heals correctly. Thank you to all of you who have helped with your donations, positive energy and kindness! Every bit of it is appreciated!



  • There is absolutely no way the supplies for the surgery cost $4000. If the vet cared about that dog so much he would only be fundraising for the supplies and do the surgery for free. To bad that dog wasn’t taken to the fortuna vet. They care so much about animals there. Any one that lives in so hum knows that dog is in greedy incompetent hands. I know so many people that refuse to take their precious pets to that vets office!

    • I think you’re assuming too much here. The vet has bills to pay. How many times has this vet done charity work… do you actually know? It’s like saying hospitals and surgeons should never charge for their work either… if they cared for their human patients! Unless you’ve been privy to each bill to see how things are charged out, what they cost, what insurance does or does not pay for, or how many people wind up not paying for services at all, then you’re just guessing here, right? 😉

    • You are wrong. The vets at this office are awesome and totally love animals. They take care of our best friends as if they were their own. You don’t know what you’re talking about. I would never take another animal to the vet in Cutten, but have no fears about the Garberville ones! They are excellent!

      • I have to answer this , because the Vet (Dr. Roy) has taken care of my dog for a long time…he has such a kind heart, as they all do there at this vet’s office…and we are so lucky to have him here..just hope he doesn’t get worn out with all that he has to do…and actually the Arcata vet has sent animals this way because Dr. Roy is so good at what he does…we here in this area better keep hoping that he stays here with us…thanks for your care and help, Dr. Smith..most of us here appreciate all you do…Starla and Bugsey

        • And I will go into the Vet’s tomorrow and donate what I can to help this dog..I just now heard about this…

    • This office is truly compassionate. They have helped many animals & owners in need. Anyone in so hum with Any Sense knows this. I been taking my animals here for over 20yrs. They have helped raise my pets from the time they were babies to their Old age last days. Look in the mirror & take a long look. Your hatred doesnt suit you or this article with mourners reading.

    • your comment is rude and not true, Dr. Smith and helpers are great. He performed major surgery on my little 14 yr old yorkie , who is special needs. Roy is a very caring and talented vet. I am forever grateful, i would recommend him highly. We are very lucky to have such a good local vet. Everyone who works there is loving and caring, why do you think they are trying to find help for this poor hurt dog….

    • There is always someone who has to make negative comments about a situation or person. There is nothing for free that’s life. That vet has bills to pay plus employees to pay. Would you work for free. Most certainly not. That vet and that beautiful dog deserve compassion. [edit]

    • We HAVE been to the Fortuna vet. That’s why we go to Garberville. At Garberville, our dogs and cats come home alive and well on the road to recovery. At Fortuna, they don’t.

    • Report what needs reporting

      Be careful.. I went to the vet when my dog had a growth. They told me to watch it. The next week, growth twice as big, the best tell me it will be about 3000 to be removed and also gave her her annual shots, then while deciding how to come up with that money we find out it is very detrimental to give dog you think may have a tumor shots. Confirmed by many other vets. We found healing spirit welness in arcata. They did the masectomy and removed a bad tooths, provided homeopathic and conventional medicine for post surgery (the tumor was malignent) and it only cost 1300!! And I didn’t have to stand there waiting 15 min for that woman to get off the phone she answered while talking to me… Guess we had a bad experience, but now we only go to gville if there is an emergency. Oh, and trifexis sent to 120 but it is still 85 in arcata. Come on.


  • The poor dog doesn’t understand that his owner has died only that he is not there I so hope that he gets the care he needs ,and a loving new master .and kudo to the man who rescued him I would take him but have 2 rescue dogs already ,but my hart goes out the the poor fellow

  • Let’s focus on the solution, the four-legged one who needs us, and Positive, Kind, and Loving Energy. This family also lost their family member. Be good humans and send what you have, be it energy, money, or both. That is what would hope for my pup. P.S I’m in.

    • I’m in too. I’ll be dropping off a donation when I’m in town this week. This isn’t a forum for reviewing the Garberville Veterinary Clinic; the family of the deceased man want to keep this beautiful pup alive, and they’re grieving the loss of someone they love, they’re asking us for help. It’s either “yes” or “no”. Put yourself in their shoes for a moment.

  • If the dog was in the car can’t his insurance cover some my insurance covers pets.

  • Thank you for alerting us to the opportunity to help this poor dog.

  • Can someone post an address to send money to for the surgery. The family page seems to be to help with other expenses. Is the family willing to take the dog after the surgery or will he be adopted? This is horrible and I hope he gets all the help he needs to walk again.

    • Mercy Me, Mabel!

      Per the Facebook excerpt in the article above:
      “Donations can be made to his…account at Garberville Redway Veterinary in person or over the phone via card.”

      The phone number is (707) 923-2023.

  • The costs of recovery time are included too, I’m sure. I hope he receives the care he needs. Poor fella.

  • Wishing Marley a full recovery, thanks Dr Roy. You have a heart of gold…..

  • Thank you kym for always n posting animals in need there are good people out there willing to help

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    Is this the Feb. 25th accident as reported by the Black Belt? A reference or link would have been helpful, if so. Very sad. Glad the dog has a chance.

  • Love ya Dillon, and Marley too. Wish I could have seen you both again somewhere along the way. I’m grateful for what times we did have, though, it was a good run for sure…rest easy, brother.

  • I just bought both my babies(dogs) seatbelts from Amazon for $7.00 a piece. I think we all need to be secured in a moving vehicle. I am so sorry for the lose of this young man, and I pray his baby will live a long beautiful life.

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