Hit and Run Sends Victim to Hospital This Morning

An unknown vehicle struck a pedestrian leaving her with major injuries around three this morning. The driver fled in the vehicle from the scene of the collision on Pine Creek Road just north of Loop Road in the Hoopa area.

The pedestrian, 57-year-old Jacquline Colegrove was transported to Mad River Hospital where she is receiving medical treatment.

There are no suspects at this time according to California Highway Patrol spokesperson Cy May. If anyone has information please contact the CHP at (707)822-5981 during business hours or (707)268-2000 after business hours.



  • Jackie was airlifted to Stanford with major injures this afternoon. Sickness is in people who cause injury & drive away leaving someone to suffer on the roadside, I hope the criminal is found & justice is served.

    • Thank you for the update. I’ve been thinking about her today. I hope Stanford is able to help.

      • If you knew her, you wouldn’t. She’s a horrible person who deserves much worse!

        • Are you for reals? You don’t run over anyone and leave the scene.

        • You seem very bitter. And, without knowing the situation here and your pain, I hesitate to say this but, attacking a very injured woman anonymously doesn’t speak well to your character. She may be a devil and you a saint. I don’t know. But you would make a stronger case if you were at least brave enough to use your own name. Or, if you chose not to attack an injured woman at all.

      • If anybody can help at Stanford University they are freaking awesome, they saved my daughter when she was born she was supposed to die

  • Unfortunate comment by Disgusting. Hope the person that did this turns themselves in. Praying for a full recovery for whima:lyo’ Jackie.

  • She is doing awesome, thank God! The family would like to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers. I just wish all people could learn to forgive, bless you.

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