Remember When This Slide at Confusion Hill Could Have Closed Hwy 101 for Days?

2016012895153334 (1)These photos show the Confusion Hill slide that used to take out Hwy 101 every few years until Caltrans rerouted it. They were taken late this afternoon, by Redway Fire Chief Brian Anderson.

He sent them about 4:15 and said that there is “[s]ome significant slide activity on the Confusion Hill Slide…This is turning the river orange rapidly.  As of 20 minutes ago, the river was still flowing.  If any of your readers report a change in the river, this is the cause.”

We have not had any further information from that area but, if you have, please let us know.
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  • Hat tip to the folks in orange. If they hadn’t bypassed that stretch of 101, that slide would be costing me thousands in extra freight costs. Tax dollars well spent!!

  • I do not remember any slides in this area prior to the 90s, and then there was a slide every few years or so. I wonder if the 92 earthquake loosened things up.

    • I lived in Laytonville area ’81-’90 and it did slide out during those years a few times. I remember because we would laugh at the city people coming through who had just had to drive that crazy Bell Springs Rd from Garberville… their shiny nice city cars covered in mud and the freaked-out looks on their faces. Ha Ha Ha! Good Times!

  • Did not have the shiny new car but drove the road. Bad!

  • Wasn’t it the winter of 2004, or was it 2005, the hill closed the road?

  • Kinda miss those old cliffhanger days. Watched 101 change over the last 35 yrs or so. The old two lane was fun and beautiful to drive, scary at times. Nothin like real visible danger to make you alive, and on your toes! Boring is safe,boring is good…….SIGH!

  • Saw occasional rocks come down. That is the one section I used to speed thru, sorry CHP!

  • Got rock dings on top my jeep from that slide area.i romped on the gas pedal it scared the crap out of us.we laughed later till I looked at my top ha.

  • Thanks for the memories , not

  • remember the several slides from the 1970s and till repairs. pain in the ass for all that was involved from caltrans to chp and local folks.

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