Video of Pirelli Tire Thief, Seen Him?

Check out this video starting at 10:14:14 until about 10:16. A masked thief slips into a garage area taking four expensive tires from a Eureka residence.

“The tires are gone,” the owner of the garage on L Street being raided by the thief in the video above explained. “It’s not about the tires.  It’s about the constant problems we have here living near the greenbelt.  Looks beautiful, but it’s not safe.”

Four tires were actually taken yesterday morning but only one is shown before the thief flips off the breaker box shutting down power to the camera.

“They were Perelli’s on expensive rims.” the garage owner said. “They came with my daughter’s car, and we put less expensive tires on it.  We were going to sell them.”
If you know something, report it to the Eureka Police. But, the owner says, she has to go down to the Eureka Police station to file a report and won’t have time until Friday. She doesn’t hold out much hope of getting back the tires, she just wants people to be warned about what is happening.


  • Is there any indication of where the tires were rolled? Damn thieves. Too bad that public safety tax increase can’t be used to complete the propoaed trails in Eureka and put a bike cop or two on them…keep the lurky loos away.

  • CCTV needs a UPS.

  • Congrats on a crisp video despite not being HD (at least the Youtube version).

    Was this garage area enclosed? It seems like he’s entering through an open gate, and the back area is open to a roadway. Anyhow, if it’s a secluded location, check past video to see if this was his second visit. Stealing four tires seems like it’d be a planned theft, not a random crime of opportunity… a prowler who noticed the tires before, or someone who had previously visited the home under legit circumstances.

    What we can really learn from this video is that the homeowner would still have his tires today if he had a trained Attack Cat, instead of that scaredy cat.

  • I live on M street and someone came into our backyard on Friday night and went through my shop. They stole some tools. Went to the local pawn shop to have them look out for the tools, but without serial numbers there is much you can do. I didn’t even call the cops. This is the third time in the past year someone has just come into our backyard like they own it. The green belt is a problem, they just grab and slither into the bushes. I don’t call the cops anymore cause they treat them like wild salmon, catch and release, if they can catch them at all.

  • there is a powder you can get that only show when black light is shined on it. It sound like “Space Cadet” but it works. Just sprinkle a bunch around the place, and when the chump-asshat leaves his tracks will at least give a direction, and if he is going somewhere close you might even catch ’em.
    Also, that video looks like NVR, pretty good, IMHO. Police should be able to get a good enlargement with nice detail. Detective I know says that the owner very seldom recognizes that perp, but a lot of others will know exactly who it is. I bet this guy is already having his name tossed around. Its only a matter of time.

    Now when he’s caught, if the damn courts would only KEEP him in the deepest basement, so deep that sunshine has to be pumped in, that would help!

  • i hate thieves!
    what sucks is there is a “beware of dog” sign and a camera system yet nothing stops these P.O.S thieves, i hope the owner gets their stuff back.

  • He went straight to the rims, knew they were there. Who did the owner tell they were at?

  • This guy very well might ride a bike. Look at his right pant leg. Rips like that can come from a bike chain.

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