The Owner of the Vehicle Submerged by Benbow Has Contacted Authorities

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Southern Humboldt Technical Rescue crews search the partially submerged vehicle. [Photo from a reader.]

The owner of the vehicle found submerged in the Eel River near Benbow earlier this morning has contacted authorities in person. She was out of town for ten days and was not aware her vehicle was missing, according to Diana Totten, spokesperson for Southern Humboldt Technical Rescue.

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Diana Totten  and other emergency personnel work at the scene of the incident. [Photo by a reader]

“How the vehicle got [in the Eel River] is still under investigation, said Totten.

Just because the owner was not in the vehicle, doesn’t mean crews can quit looking. “There could still be someone in the river,” Totten said.

From various signs, she said, including the lack of tire tracks and the silt inside, the vehicle is believed to have gone into the river approximately a week ago. But it isn’t known at this point how or why.

Totten said that over 16 people searched the river today for a victim of the incident or worked at removing the vehicle from the water including crews from Southern Humboldt Technical Rescue, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, the California Highway Patrol, the Fire Department, California State Parks, as well as a tow truck driver.

If anyone has any information, please contact the Humbodlt County Sheriff’s Office or the California Highway Patrol.


A CHP helicopter came from Redding to assist in the search. [Photo provided by Prairie Bernard.]


One of the two boats called in to search the water for a victim or debris that might indicate a victim. [Photo by a reader.]


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