Man Found Near Alderpoint Road Showed No Evidence of Dying from a Crime, Says Coroner’s Office

hcsofeaturePress release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

The Humboldt County Coroner’s Office has positively identified the body found along Alderpoint Rd on January 21, 2016 as 71 year old Hugh Duggins of Alderpoint, CA. At autopsy, forensic pathology found no evidence of decedent dying from causes criminal in nature. The cause and manner of death are pending toxicology and histology.

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  • Hugh was a very good man, he was my friend, I will miss him.

  • I am so sad to hear my friend, Hugh has passed.
    He was a wonderful, kind and gentle hearted man .
    He was my dearest friend.
    Rest in Peace

  • I’m so sorry. Hugh was a good man. I lived in Alderpoint area for 20 years and left in 1997. Feeling sad for his family.

  • the Hu-man will be missed…
    he did everything for me: plumbing, electrical, carpentry, fence-building, staking and tying, gardening–the dude never said no…
    and sometimes we just sat around and played scrabble…
    Hugh was a storyteller, on New Years Eve we got him up there on the open mic
    and he had very relaxed stage presence…i told him i wanted to do a one man show based on his life, or he should…
    i have few friends, one less now…
    Viva Hugh!

    • Hillmuffin, it sounds like he was a good friend. I know what it means to lose a friend. My condolences.

    • Richard Duggins AKA “Buddy Brown” was Hugh’s twin they were born Oct. 27, 1945 Newark, NJ & Richard passed away Oct. 2, 2001 Blue Lake, CA. They both were talented guys! They both graduated from Charles Page High School, in the Class of 1962 in Sand Springs, Ok –

  • So sad to hear of Hugh’s death. He was truly one of the originals. Some may not know that, after he completed his community service sentence working for Heart of the Redwoods Hospice, he continued to show up and do whatever was needed around the building and yard. He built the metal gate on the front porch, when we had to keep people from using it as a toilet. He and Buster were so at home there, part of the hospice family, for years, out of the generosity of his heart. Also it was a place to come and share the gossip and shoot the shit. We’ve been friends since the seventies, and I’ll miss him.

  • Did they ever find out the real cause of death? I heard he was accused of something before he passed. You know how the streets chatter..

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