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The Times Standard is reporting that Chief Mills named Nicholas Johnson as the suspect that today shot at an investigator for the District Attorney’s Office. In the return fire, the suspect was injured. (See here for more.) In late May, Johnson was named as a suspect in the beating death of David Ganfield.

Ganfield was left unconscious with a head trauma at the Mad River Hospital on April 28. He was medivacked to Redding and died on April 30. Jonas Randall Semore age 42, another suspect in the case, was arrested on May 14. investigators

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  • This dude is a poster child for the LE haters. Neck tat and buzz cut.


  • And why is this man on the street not behind bars WTF. Crisp sake one of my felonies now expunged and gone isn’t even a felony . With that being said again WTF prime example of failure of our justice system I’m just pissed I did nine months on a probation violation tested positive for opiates don’t drunk cough syrup so don’t drive when you do that get pulled over piss tested and go to jail that’s how Ii was 15 years ago now you just get out. I think the new one a sleeper that means we’ll get back to you so I hope I made myself clear on how I think our system sucks

    • Let’s see you raised the same way and turn out different he’s not a product of a failed justice system he’s a product of junkie parents and a failed society

  • If he’s been a suspect since May, has he been a fugitive since then, never charged, or was he out on bail? af

  • Didn’t one of the other guys accused of killing Ganfield make news today/yesterday about being involved in a jail fight…?

  • Love u cousin despite the choices you’ve made your still my cousin who I love dearly. Be there to visit as soon as u can have visitors:(

    • I imagine the family of David Ganfield wish they could visit and share their love with him.

    • That’s real nice for you to be able to visit your loved one,can you imagine what David’s family must feel,to bad they can’t see know that’s an excuse he had bad parents so I can be a horrible person.we all make choices in life,I chose not to be a scumbag just because my dad was!!!good luck to you.Im so sorry to Mr.Ganfields family god bless you

    • Yes you have a nice visit with your cousin,meanwhile David’s family gets to visit a Grave!!!

  • Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo nobody loves u as much as me brother. Love you pork chop.

    • I imagine the family of David Ganfield still feel love for him, even though they will never get the chance to tell him.

      • Then I doubt u know much about both men especially Ganfield … my cousin isn’t right but he’s a product of this county and it’s failure to aid children in need

        • Parents, not the County

          Sorry, but he is a product of shitty parenting. Now maybe his parents had difficulties, and his life was hard, I get that. But blaming the county is a cop out. I am sure if they qualified, his family had all the assistance they could get, not unlike my own and I also have lived in the county my whole life. I am not a (allegedly) murdering asshole who shoots up police/investigators like this guy. The county didn’t fail him, his parents did. But don’t blame them entirely, he still made his own terrible choices that even with the worst parenting, you know are wrong. Blame him.

        • That I know absolutely nothing about Ganfield does not prevent me from feeling compassion for those who are bereaved.

          What I know about Johnson is that he is alleged to have beaten a man to death and that he is alleged to have shot up a quiet neighborhood without regards to the welfare of innocent bystanders. Had he succeeded in his (presumed) attempt to commit “suicide-by-cop”, I’d be feeling compassion for you right now, as well.

          Your cousin had a choice – many choices. There is always a choice. Not all “products of this county and it’s failure to aid children in need” come to the same end. I’m sorry if your cousin didn’t have any role models to show him another choice.

        • Mr. Johnson was afforded many opportunities when he was a minor to get on the right track and get his life together. Programs, counseling ad nauseum, support from the county services. He is a sociopath. He is and always has been a violent person. Would not hesitate to kill, obviously, and not bat an eye. I hope he never has the opportunity to hurt another person again.

      • Are you talking about the Ganfield family wanting to talk to the Johnson no we don’t why would we want to talk to anybody would someone feel special from us he’s right where he belongs

        • Nope. What I meant was Johnson’s family will still get the chance to talk to and share love with Johnson, while Garfield’s family is denied such an opportunity.

      • David was a piece of shit

    • [edit]You beat somebody up and drop them at the hospital and leave them to die? People with no morals or no empathy for other people……… I hope Karma gets him right where it counts [edit]

  • Well, at least now they don’t need to prove he was involved in the Ganfield murder to keep him locked up. Buh bye.

  • Send that cop back to the range!

  • You guys only know half the story, none of you people have the right to judge Nick. Your guys lives must suck if you got time to judge and talk about other peoples lifes.

    • I don’t know anyone involved in this….but I live less than 100 yards away from where he shot at the cops and put my wife, and my toddler at risk. So if it sounds judgmental on my part when I say this, I don’t really care…but I hope he never see’s the light of day again. Nothing can excuse shooting up a neighborhood just because he didn’t want to go to jail. If there’s another half to the story why didn’t he simply get an attorney and try and get his half told? All in all, he’s pretty lucky to still be drawing breath, and frankly the way our justice system is now, that makes me nervous

  • He’s mad, bro!

  • Will, he had no right to take someones life, he took away someones husband,son,father,brother,friend. and the fucked up thing is dav probley thought nick and jonas and everyone else there was his friends, or he wouldent have been there.There is no reason to Kill unless it self defense. Knowing somthing like this is going to happen, make everyone involved just as guilty, to all u that were involved, u people r fuckin peices of shit, to let that happen to Dave

  • Actually he didnt just take someones family member away once, it is twice because now his family is going through loseing him, not to the same extent, but he definitely made a dent in peoples lifes, him and everyone involved i mean

  • A violent and dangerous man off our streets, thank you EPD. If only he can receive the same treatment he gave Ganfield

  • I love you, Bubba. You Big ol’
    moon-rock. ❤️

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