[UPDATE 2 p.m.: Shooting Involved Staff of the District Attorney’s Office ] One Victim at Scene of Gunshots in Eureka

Eureka PoliceScanner traffic indicates there an investigation of shots fired in the 3200 block of Pine Street in Eureka. There is at least one victim being sent to the hospital as of noon. Though why the victim is going to the hospital has not been confirmed.

Currently, the Eureka Police are securing the residence where the incident happened.

“We have a lot of units on scene,” according to Brittany Powell, a spokesperson for the Eureka Police Department. “They are setting up a perimeter and searching residences around.”

This is still an active scene as of 12:10 p.m.

UPDATE 12:14 p.m.: North Coast News has graciously shared this photo from the scene.


UPDATE 12:20 p.m.: According to Cymphanie Sherman of North Coast News, neighbors heard between seven and nine shots. When they investigated, they discovered someone lying on the ground.

UPDATE 12:26 p.m.: The marker in the map below indicates the block but not the actual address of the area that law enforcement is currently searching. We can hear the Eureka Police Department and the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department on the scanner still cautiously moving through the area. (See Kymkemp.com for a scanner that is covering this.)

UPDATE 12:35 p.m.: Eureka Police Chief Andrew Mills tweets that the officers are still clearing the residence.

UPDATE 12:50 p.m.: Brittany Powell reports that this is an officer involved shooting but not the Eureka Police.

Also Pine Street is closed from Harris to 3600 block. Please stay out of the area.

UPDATE 12:58 p.m.: Here are photos from the scene.

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UPDATE 1:07 p.m.: An ear witness tells me that he heard what he thought was an exchange of gunfire–not just one person shooting.

UPDATE 2 p.m.: Maggie Fleming, Humboldt County’s District Attorney has confirmed that one of the DA’s officers was involved in the shooting. Reportedly the officer was fired at first and returned fire injuring the suspect.



  • Humboldt North Scanner

    Regarding the North Humboldt scanner, the “Broadcastify.com” server rules prohibit broadcasting of active SWAT/tactical incidents such as what’s happening on Pine Street. I will put the EPD channel back online as soon as it becomes a “safe zone.”

  • Humboldt North Scanner

    Just after 1:00 pm an officer broadcast “We are now Code 4 inside,” the emergency marker was turned off, and I put EPD back into the feed immediately. Sorry for the frustrating inconvenience

  • Thank you for being concerned about the officer’s safety and not having the radio feed active.

  • Thank you for being concerned about the officer’s safety and not having the live scanner feed.

  • I know that police have procedures, but I think it is FAIR to ask the police what they think happened, when it happens in your own back yard! This is the most terrifying thing that has happened, to date, in our neighborhood. Without revealing too many details, the police CAN and SHOULD tell us if they think it is drug/gang/prostitution/kidnapping or whatever related!
    They can tell us if they have real reasons to believe that the shooter was NOT working alone! Is the shooter going to reveal that information? Did the witness know? Really?
    They can drive down a nearby street and let citizens outside know to stay in their locked houses, until the areas are secured. People were driving around, walking dogs, working on their rooftops.
    I’m not worried about being inconvenienced; I’m more concerned with being out of the loop when there’s danger.
    This is NOT the first time this has happened. Considering that there are some well known drug houses around town, it is plausible that a shooter may be involved with one of the houses nearby. Too close for comfort.
    Police need to protect. They need to reassure us as well.

    • too bad all around



      Unfortunately the EPD is probably protecting themselves seeing as there are 3 wrongful death lawsuits to the tune of almost $20million combined if won. The last suit was lost by EPD & cost us $4million. Look around the country at how extremely difficult it is to hold anyone accountable nonetheless win a wrongful death suit.
      Yes the officer said he was shot at first, & maybe he was. With the EPD track record its challenging to believe.
      It seems that when cops start shooting people in general, criminals may think they need to shoot first or be killed.
      No local media besides KMUD reported on the study that was released showing that Eureka is in the top 3 cities in CA where you are most likely to be shot by a cop.
      The link to the study is above.

      The sad truth is that of they did their jobs and went after the real criminal elements here then these type of neighborhood shootings would not be happening. Maybe start with gang problems!!

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