Man Found Dead Beside Alderpoint Road Identified as 71-Year-Old Resident but Name Not Released

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

HCSOOn 01/21/16, at approximately 1016 hours, Humboldt County Sheriff Garberville substation was notified by a passerby of a deceased person roadside in the area of Alderpoint Rd., Garberville. Subsequently, Sheriff Patrol Deputies confirmed a deceased unidentified male.

Sheriff CID and Coroner Units responded and processed the scene. Sheriff Coroner took possession of unidentified male and conducted a forensic autopsy. This death is an active, on-going investigation.

The decedent has been positively identified by the Coroner’s Office as a 71 year old Alderpoint resident. His name will be released after next of kin has been notified.

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  • Today, March 31st, I received a letter from Izzy Konopa, the step-son of Hugh Wray Duggins, the man found dead on the side of the road near Alderpoint. I wanted to know more about the passing of my friend of 32 years, so I sleuthed until I found Kym Kemps news site. Thank you very much, Kym. In 1984, I traveled up to Alderpoint to work the land, so to speak, with two friends of Hugh’s (Richard Rychel and Andrew Matthewson.). Hugh and Ruthie welcomed us into their home for over a month. By the time we left, Hugh and I had cemented a friendship that lasted, mostly through letters, where I learned more about him through his words and doodles, his jobs and the friends he made along the way. I came to know Mark and Jennifer as if I did; witnessed Izzy grow into a man; learned of Lelands death; his girlfriends, Iris and Kim, only to name a few; the consistent and hard work provided by Old Man Andy and then, Billy; of the things he made and repaired; and the kindnesses and generosities he shared with others (Mattie and baby Jade.) For 32 years our letters crossed each other’s in the mail; I posted my latest one out to him in late February, and was watching the mail for his, as they were always just days apart from arriving for each other. I am so saddened to know that there will be no more letters, love and friendship coming my way from Hugh.
    I express my condolences to Izzy for having lost such a solid and caring man, who took his role as step-dad to heart. For his neighbors, you have lost a man that you could count on, and to his sisters, Lynn and Ann, my deepest sympathies to having lost your last brother.
    To those who knit picked the location of his death missed the point; a man, a friend, a human being, someone you may have loved lost his life. The only important thing that mattered was to offer a moment of silence for this loss.

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