Eureka Resident Shocked When Bullets Hit His House During Shootout

Bullets shattered glass and punctured the wall of a home near today’s shootout between law enforcement and a suspect.

A Eureka resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, says he was in his bedroom when he thought he heard firecrackers go off. He walked into his living room and saw this…12642988_10205345633660829_7219558465318878069_n

Details on the fight are still being revealed but appears that a member of the District Attorney’s staff was involved in a shootout with a suspect around noon on Pine Street in Eureka. The suspect was injured but law enforcement was not.


“It was pretty frightening because I didn’t know what was going on. I just saw a flood of police cars on the street,” the resident explained. Later, an ambulance and fire showed up also.

Luckily, the resident wasn’t injured. He said that the home where the shooting occurred was close to his. More information on the shooting should come out later today.12592690_10205345633460824_4491969831294804072_n

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  • we used to be called THE WILD WEST
    maybe used to be is the wrong term now

  • Thank you SO much, for the only update with new info. I was thinking, how the hell have none of the neighbors commented on this tragic event?

    • It might say something about the street and who lives there. That can be taken anyway we want it to be . It could be fear . Neighbors Could be keeping the attention off themselves . They could be at work . They could be part of the shooting by knowing the parties involved . I Personally decided 12 years ago not to rent there on that section of street .

  • Thanks for clarifying it was the DA’s office involved. Keeps all the EPD haters on stand down.

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  • What has happened to our city? is it possible to make it like it was before? Thank you again Kym for keeping us up to date

  • I read some of the comments on Lost Cause in post and it is harsh,and people talk very bad to each other it’ helps nothing the name calling Is atrocious I’ve lived here my whole life kym has too she has scene our home turn scary when we kym and I were kids everybody new every body every one had a job there wasn’t coke crank heroin making people violent ,and steel what do the police do but clean up messes giving traffic tickets we havem have more cops than we ever had we need a new sheriff maybe he or she will do a war on hard drugs

    • There were still drugs back in the day especially coke, the difference back then is our grandparents didn’t put up with this shit and took care of their own problems instead of sitting on their asses in front of the bubtub expecting the “authorities” to take care of their problems. Turn off the TV,smartphone, video games and the computer open your door and take back your streets Eureka.
      Down here in so hum it took all of two weeks of daily walks through town by a group of local women (great job ladies) to significant Chang the attitude and conduct of the free loaders in garberville. That’s a great example of what a community can do when they stop waiting for someone else to do their job.

    • Too bad the war on drugs is dwindling. After prop 47 possession is now a misdemeanor and that’s why they get sited and released. I say our next step should be more drug education in schools and more state provided rehab. Rehab should be free for anyone who wants it! That would at least help those who want help!

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