CR Students Urged to Be Cautious Following Second Mountain Lion Sighting in a Week

800px-CougarFor the second time in less than a week, a mountain lion was seen on the campus of College of the Redwoods. An alert went out this morning saying that the big cat was reported on “on the back road behind the AT building.”

Students are being asked to be cautious.

See previous warning here.


By Malcolm (originally posted to Flickr as Cougar) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons




  • It probably just has a deer carcass stashed somewhere on campus then he/she will move on! What a special animal to spot, just don’t jog through campus and fall down or walk alone if your injured or elderly and you’ll be fine.

  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    As a one time Volunteer Security Officer and than a paid Officer on the Campus for about 10 years, this was something that you had to be aware of (as the Campus was built in “THEIR” territory and they are just trying to get to one place or the other. There is too much of their own food available for them to eat. You “DO” have to be cautious though and not come upon them suddenly out of the blue and frighten them. I’ve seen a couple over the time that I worked there. That whole area was nothing but Timberland for many, many years and now Humans are moving into their Territory. Be cautious, but safe, but also enjoy the beauty of the Nature of that area.

  • There’s been a lion here, one generation after another, for as long as I’ve been here. Our F&W person says they need one deer a week to maintain year around. No hunting is allowed anywhere in the surrounding area, so she gets what she needs. Youngsters go out with their soccer whistles on point. All stock is securely confined at night.
    She “stashes” her groceries to age at the base of a mudslide I know, and I have a photo of my hand print inside of her paw print. Mine doesn’t come close to filling hers.
    Don’t underestimate the danger,but understand it and enjoy the sightings.
    We are indeed the new comers here. af

  • Time would be better spent warning those kids to not drink and drive. And certainly to take extra precautions while attempting to cross the street in Eureka. Statistically that is the much more dangerous threat for them.

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