[UPDATE:2/11] Mother of Two Last Seen in Eureka

12592182_1094012563982736_5106234988333298920_n (1)A mother of two young children, Alicia Jewell, has not been in contact with her family since the 18th of January. Although it is possible she is missing voluntarily, they are very are concerned. Her boyfriend and father of her two children, Dustin Davis, has reported her missing to the Arcata Police.  Her mother, Dixie Long, said she last received a text from her daughter on Tuesday but now Jewell’s phone is going straight to voicemail. Long explained that she is planning to fly in to Humboldt from the East Coast to look for her daughter as soon as the current snowstorm allows.

Dustin Davis asks, “Alicia, if you are missing voluntarily, please call your mom or brother.”

Jewell was last seen wearing boots, yoga pants, and a black hoodie. If anyone has any information, the flyer contains a photo and numbers to call.

UPDATE 10:39 a.m.: Dustin Davis contacted us. He said that law enforcement told him that yesterday Alicia Jewell was seen by a doctor and appeared to be okay. She is believed to be voluntarily not contacting her family. Law enforcement still considers her missing and she needs to contact them or her family.

UPDATE 2/11 p.m.: A Eureka Police Officer spoke with Alicia Jewell and she is considered to be missing voluntarily.

UPDATE 2/13 p.m.: Here is a verification that Alicia Jewell had contact with Eureka Police.Capture

UPDATE March 3: Alicia Jewell is home with her family.



  • God please be with this mother. Bring her home to her children. 👼💜👼💜

  • Alicia,
    if you’d call a person in your circle of people worried about your safety, think of all those many minds who will take a big sigh of relief.

    if you left of your own will, that is ok. we all need some kind of respite from lives at times. you’ve seen how people have revived and are making big beneficial changes – taking a break can allow one to look from the outside of your live in.
    the day-2-day rut’s we dig up till we’re stuck take the opportunity to dry and we can then smooth them out.
    plus i can tell you rutting around gives us this tunnel vision and a break might let me see the trees and the forest, too. tunnel vision sucks for all of us.

    Alicia, if you’re gone against your will we are all send you energy – use it to out-think and out-fox the ties that bind. please come home safe, and use the good fortune & love that comes your way to heal.
    peace & love, judi

  • I thank everyone for reading this and for their thoughts and prayers. If anyone has seen her or knows where she is please call me or the police or post it here. Do it annonomously, we do not care. Alicia if you are reading this, please come home. Or please just reach out. No matter what has happened, we can deal with it. You have 2 amazing children. You have a family that loves you regardless. Please, anyone….HELP PLEASE!!!
    -Dustin Davis

    • I think I saw her tonight in eureka around 7:30 near the court house. Hope she goes home to her babies safely

    • I am a long time friend of hers from back home. I immediately called her mother last night to see what I can do. I posted her flier to a group called Help Save The Next Girl. 59 have shared my post and the page itself has posted it and they have also contacted me. I am going to keep with them and looking into other organizations now. If you need anything, I mean anything, as I told her mother I will do whatever I can do. I am not hard to find around back home.

    • Do you have any recent updates or news? Everyone back home is very worried, and concerned for not only Alicia, but also her babies, and Dustin. Sending prayers for some good news.

  • Life can be so overwhelming.at times.im hoping and praying for the best,and she calls

  • We have lived in arcata since september. We are originally from maryland.

    • Sending the most positive energy your way.

    • I hope she comes as a parent I can only hope she comes home to ease everyone’s concern I’ll keep your family in my thoughts & I’ll keep my eyes open around Eureka for her

  • Why is this the only news of her? Why is this story not in all the local newspapers?

  • If you share a phone account and she has her phone with her, you might be able to learn something by logging into the provider account online and view her call and text history. Verizon updates this information almost immediately including both the phone numbers of the other parties and the city of origin of each call or text. Good luck.

  • She’s wearing a hoodie and yoga pants in this rain? I hope some kind soul gives her some rain gear. Prayers of love for Alicia, Dustin and the two babies.

  • If law enforcement were the ones that contacted dustin, then why does he need to contact them? Makes zero sense.

  • I hope she is ok.

  • I am frustrated as to why. this is happening once again. I pray Alicia makes a verified contact soon, so her family will have knowledge of her whereabouts and wellbeing. Even as adults living our own lives we should inform someone as to where we are going if you choose to go. There is too much that could happen for someone to be a missing person NOT by choice.

    • What do you mean by “this is happening once again”? Has she done this before?

      • Could just be about when JustinF was missing with his friend in California and located in San Diego! She is the 2nd Allegany grad to go missing in the state, and he graduated 2002 and she did in 2003! Crazy that people I know so well from Cumberland go missing in my home state of California!?!

  • Alicia, please contact someone and let them know you are safe. I remember back to the old days of Star Lite skating, and being young with no cares. As we’ve grown, life becomes harder and harder, and sometimes we just need a break. I understand if that’s what you need, but it doesn’t make any sense not to contact someone. Please reach out, your babies miss you.

  • Is subtance abuse involved it is none of my biz just wondering if so go to the area s of know drug use I’d look there first drug houses 2nd Street maybe Arcata reo dell all these places have there places,and much good luck in finding her safe and sound . This was my experience when I used 15 yrs ago

  • https://www.gofundme.com/7tkjkqzg
    Please follow the link to donate to help Alicia ‘s mother find her.

  • Andrea Kelly Wilson

    Alicia if you can read this just PLEASE let someone know you are ok. So many people are worried sick. I love you beautiful girl and I just want to laugh with you again so bad!!!

  • Alicia please if you see this contact someone, anyone, you know we live in Cumberland and we all have trust issues because of this, just call go106 if you don’t want to make a personal call! You are very much loved, Andrea and I have family all over the state and I know any of them would love to help if that is what you need so far from Home, and the only info any would pass on is she is ok unless otherwise asked! My aunt lives near Chico and either her or one of my cousins I know would not even think about it and would be there locally in CA terms for you! Just reached out, we are here and waiting for you!

  • Who cares if this happened before?? and why would such ignorance be expressed here, taking away from the seriousness of the matter which is, to her next of kin, SHE’S MISSING!! That’s the only fact of the matter!! :!

  • This is a public forum, and I think we can all express our feelings as we want. It’s been stated by local police that Alicia is no longer considered missing, as she is gone willingly. Now, my question was, has she done this before? Any piece of sh*t, that would willingly leave their children and family, doesn’t deserve to have valuable resources wasted on her. That’s MY OPINION which I am entitled. Now, let it be said that as a mother I can understand the struggles of parenting, and life. I know I can use a break every now and again… HOWEVER, to run away and not contact anyone, and have your family and children WORRY, is selfish, and disgusting.

    • Good friend of family

      It says she is still considered missing… You can insult but can you read??????? And no she has never ever done this before!!! Her mother and brother went to California yesterday because they know and we all know this is not like her… She adores her children! And how come that information was from her boyfriend and not her mother?? And way would a man just drop off his bleeding girlfriend at the hospital??? You know nothing about this story!!

    • You can tell her that WHEN SHE’S FOUND!! THAT, dear, is what this public forum is for!! The missing, not judgements!! but thanks for all your help!!

    • I havent seen anything confirming that the police said they no longer consider her missing…. I have seen that her boyfriend is contacting people to say that the police said they had a doctor tell them that they talked to her….. thats a lot of he said she said to rely on to stop looking for a mother who is missing from her children

    • NO SHE HASN’T DONE THAT BEFORE. So OPINIONATED, my OPINION is you should stop jumping to conclusions and hiding behind a name. A sad name too, your opinion sucks. HOWEVER grow a set, show your name and accuse people.. How DISGUSTING you are to give such bold OPINIONS hiding behind a name.

  • Speaking from the heart

    Hope your ok girl!we all have had a ruff past few years for so many reasons heart breaks ,loses , jobs, life , and No matter the pass , no one here wants anything bad to happen to you ever! An I know it’s not like you to not call your mom and check in, you would never worrie her like that, and anyone who thinks you would do that to your mom obviously dont know you at all, and those people have some serious personal issues to take care of, and are selfish jerks and can’t show concern but jealousy? And in A very sick way , and those people should be ashamed and Karma is a bitch don’t worry about them, anyways, Rather this was your choice in the beginning I know it’s not your choice now something has happend , you wouldn’t let this go so far if u was just out “finding yourself” there would have been contact by now, everyone is worried about you, I know you love your childrend and you wanted to be a mom for years and you finally got them, you would contact them no matter the situation,I know. So I’m sending you strong positive vibes to fight and be strong and get back home to your family and true friends, keeping you in our thoughts non stop

  • This doesn’t make sense. If law enforcement contacted Dustin because they know she’s ok and voluntarily not going home why would they need her to contact them again? Can anyone verify the supposed update because it doesn’t make any sense.

    • According to Dustin, Law enforcement did NOT see her. Medical personnel said they saw her. However, the normal protocol is that law enforcement must actually see and speak with the person reported missing before they are taken off the list.

  • Not fond, but concerned for the kids

    let’s be clear here… the ONLY source of ANY information that’s been shared thus far, has been from the boyfriend… quite frankly, any spreading of said information is misinformation that could impede the potential to find her…law enforcement needs to ACTUALLY become involved, and not just because their participation had been typed onto a flier….

    Also, her daughters birthday is in a few short days… another reason why the idea of her being gone voluntarily doesn’t quite line up… amongst the list of things I’ve spent the last week and a half compiling…

  • Concerned & Outraged

    I have known Alicia for a very long time. I consider her, her mother and her brother all my family. A close personal friend of mine recently spoke with Alicia’s mother and here’s the gist… Dustin Davis has allegedly sold their furniture and boxed up all of Alicia’s personal effects and left them with their landlord in California and has since relocated back to the east coast.

    Now I’m not trying to seem paranoid, but I find the fact that Alicia still hasn’t been found, and Dustin decides to go to the other side of the country, just a bit disturbing. If I were Dustin, I would be searching high and low until I found her, or I knew what happened to her…

    • I contacted Arcata Police Department today. A spokesperson said that a Eureka Police Officer had spoken with Alicia and she is not considered missing any more.

  • Anyone who has concern for alicia should contact her mother directly. We (me AND her mother) have verified, THROUGH LAW ENFORCEMENT, exactly what happened in this entire situation. Alicia left voluntarily and has stayed gone voluntarily. Had I not been concerned regarding this behavior and the complete lack of contact by Alicia (which continues uninterrupted to this day) I would not have filed a missing person report. I will not sit on here and share further information but I will defend any accusations regarding myself or my conduct. Again, if you have any questions regarding this information you should contact her mother or the Arcata Police Department as they are both well aware of what has happened and the voluntary choices that Alicia has and continues to make. I did look “high and low” and found out exactly what happened. Exactly what happened is for me and our family to know. If someone else wants to share it publicly, that is their choice but I choose not to for the benefit of Alicia and my children.

  • Ms. Kemp as a concerned family member could you please not post false information. Alicia’s mother reached out to both police departments after reading your post with some hope that her baby girl had been found. Both departments denied contact with Alicia. So please only post accurate information regarding this case. This is devesting for her close family and children.

    • Shelley, You are welcome to check for yourself–the Arcata Police Department’s number is (707) 822-2428 during business hours. Or you could try (707) 822-2424.

      I called them. I spoke to them. I posted what they told me. I’m a reporter and I check my facts.

    • I don’t believe that Ms. Kemp said that she had been found. She said that the police had contact with her and that she wasn’t considered missing anymore. What would Ms. Kemp gain by posting false info? At least she’s providing updates.

  • I normally do not get on these sights because they just end up being a gossip site of bashing and blame as this one has. I appreciate all the wonderful friends a d caring strangers passing my daughters picture around in hopes of finding her. I also appreciate all the help given to me to allow me to get to california to find my child. BUT, it is very important to me and my file that some of the rude comments stop. This is not a circus. My heart is broken..I am broken that I not only cannot find my daughter but that some people are so heartless that they would post such negative statents and keep this site as a gossip column. Ms. Kemp..I appreciate u sharing alicias picture and all of your assistance but if you yourself are so sure that Alicia is no longer missing then this site should be closed out of respect for our family which will stop other peopled ignorance. I have not been able to find my daughter so therefore she is still missing to us. Our goal is to find her and pray that she is safe and bring her home. My friends and family understand how important this is. It is a struggle to function each day not knowing if she is safe.
    As for Dustin and my grandchildren..I don’t believe any of them need subjected to this gossip or speculation either. I truly think that any details of this should be private out of respect for me, my son..dustin..Elan and Eilia)
    I believe that my grandchildren are being taken care of and we are all wking together to locate Alicia. Dustin posted the original missing flyers and I followed up with new ones posting my number. Please continue to help with the search as far as sending out the flyer or calling if there is any new information but please stop this site. It has just become a bashing site. I’m begging you as a mother. Our family does not need this. We are heart broken enough.

    • Dixie, I’m so sorry for your pain. My first impulse is to just say, of course. But hiding stories doesn’t make them go away; it just makes them subject to gossip and twisting. It also makes it seem as if there is some conspiracy. That’s not fair to my readers nor to the people involved. I can close the comments and will do that if you want.

      I understand that your daughter is still missing to you. I would keep searching if I were you. But, my job is to provide my readers the truth and, at this time, APD considers her to be voluntarily missing. Individual readers can choose whether that means they will still keep looking or not based on their feelings.

      • Thank you for replying back kym and yes I would like the comments gone. If you want to report the news as news that is fine but open comments abt my family is pretty tacky. I first talked to you and answered yr questions and said it was ok to put it in the news paper under the asumption that you were concerned abt helping our family. I knew nothing abt a site developing where people could take ugly shots at families character. As for the statement of hiding anything..I find that to be very heartless and untrue. No one needs to hide anything. NO ONE knows where Alicia is. The only thing that the police told Dustin and they did tell him this, is That a girl matching Alicias description and gave her name as Alicia was see on the 3rd of Feb. Details were discussed with family members. We were not there and therefore none of us really know if it was her. Could it be her yes…could it not be yes. Until the people that know her see her then and only then, will we all know. This site has become no more than a gossip magazine and I am sick that I had to take time to even respond to any of this. Im sure there is other people out there that others can talk abt. This is my daughter (my child). Please people have some compassion for what everyone is going through. I am going back to continue to search for my daughter and no matter what the circumstances end up being the search is worth every minute of it. I just pray to God that we find her safe. THAT IS THE GOAL ISNT IT? To my friends that have helped us so much and truly understand what we are going through..please contact me personally and not on this site Too much unnecessary hurtfulness. Most of these people don’t know us nor do they really care. I will pray to God that we all find love and concern in our hearts..not anger.