Your Thursday Road Review: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Video and Photos)

Cleanup of the Big French Creek Slide on Hwy 299 posted by Caltrans District 1 yesterday.

For awhile there this weekend, it began to look as if the bad roads were going to outnumber the good ones. But, just in time for more heavy rains tonight, most of our roads are looking pretty darn good. Below is a roundup of the problem areas. The biggest disappointment is that Redwood Drive between Redway and Dean Creek may be closed for over a week. (Check the Caltrans Quick Map for recent changes but we’ll try to keep this list current as much as possible. If the road isn’t listed, it should be clear.)

State Highways:

(Highways are listed from largest number to smallest.)

Hwy 299- The slide by Big French Gulch 1.3 miles east of Del Loma near Big Bar in Trinity County is open with one-way controlled traffic. Caltrans tells motorists to anticipate delays of at least 30 minutes. District One’s Facebook page posted, “Traffic control will remain in place until further notice; the highway will stay open at night unless the slide destabilizes.”

Hwy 271- Closed due to slipout at the end of Dimmick Road to near the Piercy Community Center.

Hwy 254 (Avenue of the Giants): Clear. Check Caltrans Quick Map for the latest.

Hwy 101: Open and looking pretty good!


A recent view of Stagecoach Road [Photo by Chakeeta Marie Garabedian]

Humboldt County Roads:

(listed in Alphabetical order.)

Alderpoint Road down to one lane at mile marker 26 due to a slide

East Branch at Benbow is one lane due to a slip out.

Redwood Drive between Redway and Willow (the Dump road): Closed due to failed culvert. Expect a closure of over a week.

Salmon Creek Road (upper part in the graveled area): Failed culvert narrowing the roadway.

Shively Road post mile 5.45 slip out one lane

Shively Road post mile 11.50 slide one lane

Shower Pass Road open to one lane at post mile 6.5

Stagecoach Rd closed at post mile 2.39.

We’ll leave you with one image to remember how bad the roads got this week…


Hwy 101 by Crescent City. [Photo from Caltrans District 1’s Facebook page.]



  • And this is only the beginning of rain season yikes.Please be careful out there .

  • With almost 30″ of rain this winter our roads are holding up pretty well IMO. I think it’s a testament to the over all improvements that have been made over the past 50 years.

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