Come Talk About the New Cannabis Laws and Licensing Progam With Your Senator and Assemblyman

Senator Mike McGuire and Assemblymember Jim Wood are hosting a community forum in Redway next Friday to talk about the new cannabis regulations. They are inviting you to join them.

Cannabis650x400Dear Neighbor,

Assemblymember Jim Wood and I are proud to have worked together to pass the recently signed Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act – the strongest medical marijuana legislation package in the nation.

Voters passed Proposition 215 nearly twenty years ago and the promised regulations from the legislature weren’t advanced until last year. There are many changes in the works and we want to be sure the state is working proactively with residents over the next two years to ensure all are prepared and in the loop.

That’s why we are hosting a community forum to provide residents with an opportunity to hear how the new statewide regulations and license program will roll out over the next 24 months and how those new statewide rules will interact with the proposed Medical Marijuana ordinance being discussed in Humboldt County.

We want you to join us! Here are the details:

What: Community Forum on Medical Marijuana

When: Friday, January 29, 2016

Time: 4 to 7 p.m.

Location: Mateel Community Center, 59 Rusk Lane, Redway

Save Room! Treats and refreshments will be available for all attendees

More Info: We will keep you posted on more information, including the list of panelists, in the upcoming week

RSVP: Contact Karlene Rebich at or (707) 576-2771

The forum will be co-hosted by Humboldt County Supervisor Estelle Fennell and an impressive list of panelists from state agencies, the County of Humboldt and industry experts who will be on hand to discuss the implementation of medical marijuana regulations.

Panelists include state representatives from the Department of Consumer Affairs, the Department of Food & Agriculture, the Department of Fish & Wildlife and the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board. From Humboldt County, panelists will represent the Planning Department, the Sheriff’s Office and the Agriculture Commissioner’s office.

This interactive forum will give residents a chance to hear directly from state agencies, county officials and members of the medical marijuana industry about how these new statewide rules and regulations will work for the North Coast.

Please join us on January 29 – and ask your neighbors to attend!



  • I like the crescent city approach. They voted on an ordinance before the deadline, which means their ability to do their own ordinance will be safeguarded. Ordinances change all the time as we know, but the state is a different ballgame.

    • Every county and city that has voted to ban has done smart. They keep their own control, can set up their own guidelines at any point and vote those in or even choose to direct their police to not enforce the local ban for now. Humboldt has raced to enact guidelines in advance of the phantom (now non-existent) deadline to embrace the huge outside commercial interests for no good reason other than being scared and freaked-out over losing those outside investors. In the process of the freak-out our supervisors have relied for “professional” advice on CCV-H investors and others like Hezekiah…who were actually pushing the legislation that resulted in the freak-out. BTW- actual legitimate medical marijuana patients are not allowed to grow their own due to this new bill. So yeah, awesome work everybody! Thanks for the sell-out!!

      • It’s total bullshit that patients can’t grow their own. This country is run by capitalist Pigs: always has and probably always will be, unless Bernie Sanders gets elected.

        • Capitalists? Not quite accurate. Cronies? Absolutely.

        • Pepsi cannot force me to buy their products. Neither can Walmart or any other private business. The government, that you want more of, can force me to buy health insurance, pay for drug addicts phone bills etc, and tell me how and when to grow my weed. This country, [edit] is not run by capitalists. It is run by bureaucratic pigs that Bernie Sanders will ensure we have many more of. Hasn’t always but now probably always will.

      • Patients can not grow their own? Doesn’t the 215 guard their platform?

        • I don’t think the new ordaninces wiped out personal valid 215s. It’s about commercial medical, isn’t it?

          • Looks like gardens under 500 square feet don’t need licenses. But you can only have one that size if you have five patients for whom you are the primary caregiver; otherwise it’s just 100 square feet for yourself, and your locality can dictate the manner of production, like by mandating that it take place in a permitted accessory structure.

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