[UPDATE 6 p.m.] What’s Up With the Roads? We’ve Got Answers (Also…Photos and Video)


The slide on 299 that has been swallowing the road. [Screenshot of a video on Caltrans District 1’s Facebook page.]

The roads are recovering from this weekend’s storm but we’ve still got some problems. Here’s what we know about state and county roads all in one place so you can make the best choices as you travel. (Check the Caltrans Quick Map for recent changes but we’ll try to keep this list current as much as possible. If the road isn’t listed, it should be clear. Last update 6 p.m. Wednesday)

State Highways:

(Highways are listed from largest number to smallest.)

Hwy 299- The slide by Big French Gulch 1.3 miles east of Del Loma near Big Bar in Trinity County is open with one-way controlled traffic. Caltrans tells motorists to anticipate delays of at least 30 minutes. District One’s Facebook page posted, “Traffic control will remain in place until further notice; the highway will stay open at night unless the slide destabilizes.”

Hwy 271- Closed due to slipout.

Hwy 254 (Avenue of the Giants): Clear. Check Caltrans Quick Map for the latest.

Hwy 101: Open. 


The backside of the Benbow Inn taken Sunday by Missy King.

Humboldt County Roads:

(listed in Alphabetical order.)

Alderpoint Road down to one lane at mile marker 26 due to a slide

Briceland Thorn Road: Huge pothole. Crews are expected to be there around 3 p.m. working on it. Expect delays.

East Branch at Benbow is one lane due to a slip out.

Hiller Street Overcrossing is closed from late Wednesday until sometime in the morning on Thursday due to a down tree.

McCann Ferry is running

Redwood Drive between Redway and Willow (the Dump road): Closed due to failed culvert.

Salmon Creek Road (upper part in the graveled area): Failed culvert narrowing the roadway.

Shively Road post mile 5.45 slip out one lane

Shively Road post mile 11.50 slide one lane

Shower Pass Road open to one lane at post mile 6.5

Stagecoach Rd closed at post mile 2.39

Wilder Ridge Road is now open.

Shanon Teliferno shared this video of a log jam near Redway breaking up!



  • Thank you Kym for keeping us updated 🙂

  • Thanks again Kim … Perhaps it would help logistically if there was a “Date & Time Stamp” on the up dates for each road event listed so we can see how things are improving.

    • You mean post the date and time each event goes up? Maybe for future events but doing the research for the ones already up would take a long time that I don’t have. Sorry.

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