EPD Reports They Helped Track Down Man Who Made Violent, Racist Threats Online

This week, the Eureka Police Department helped track down a man who allegedly made violent threats online. Apparently angry because a black woman called him a sex offender, the man, Bryce Lindholm formerly of Eureka, allegedly warned that he was going to “kill hundreds” of black women in a post on a personal Facebook page listed to a Jack Zara Maaka.


A screenshot taken of one of the threats allegedly posted on Facebook by Lindholm using the name Jack Zara Maaka.

Posts this weekend to the Jack Zara Maaka Facebook page contained several statements threatening black women including “[I’ll] slit your throats and hang your bloody necks by your weaves.”

Eventually, in an apparent effort to prove his name wasn’t on a sex offender list, a driver’s license with Lindholm’s name and a Eureka address was posted. His posts were widely spread and readers began contacting various law enforcement agencies including the EPD.

Brittany Powell, a spokesperson for the EPD, said that they “received numerous reports from around the world.”

Powell said she was very impressed with “our detectives and our command staff.” She added, “They took this very seriously” and devoted quite a bit of time to tracking down the alleged offender.

“The Watch Commander called in a Detective to investigate the source and credibility of the threats,” according to a Facebook post by the EPD. “It was ultimately determined that the male is currently living in Washington.”

The EPD got in touch with the Kings County Sheriff there about the threats. “Kings County located the male and arrested him on a felony warrant [out of Oregon] and will be further investigating the threats,” Powell wrote online.

“The Eureka Police Department takes all threats seriously and appreciates everyone who brought the matter to our attention,” she stated in the law enforcement agency’s Facebook post today.




  • I’m confused. If I was a white man and said I was going to kill white women and hang them by their blonde highlighted hair, would I be accused of making RACIST statements? Violent, yes; but racist?

  • What a poor mislead dumbshit. Mother? Father? I see a mis-lead child. Poor kid. He’ll live his life in the system. God give this young man grace and peace.👼

  • Good lookin’ kid. I’m so sorry that his mind has gone bad that way.


    • whokilledourdaddy

      it would be nice if someone would help EPD solve some of their many recent Unsolved murders. Get those Murderers in jail and out of our neighborhoods here in Eureka.

  • My opinion:

    No way was this racist. He was offended and angered by the same type of person he made the “threats” against.

    He didn’t say anything stereotypically negative or stereotypical at all against any race.

    Stupid by all means, but I don’t see the racism.

    This is an example of a subjective media using unneccesary, inflammatory language to pull in customers while obscuring objectivity and any truths that go with it.

    Sorry kym, I mostly love your blog, but I must point this out.

    • Racism isn’t limited to just negative stereotypes. Negative racial stereotypes are part of racism, but not the entirety. Did you know that, back when segregation was a contentious issue, pro-segregation politicians like George Wallace made the exact same argument for why segregation wasn’t racist: it wasn’t saying “anything stereotypically negative or stereotypical at all against any race” therefore it wasn’t racist. The argument didn’t stand up then and it doesn’t stand up now. For all your talk of objectivity, you have put your own subjective and incorrect limits on what constitutes racism.

      • I do not know about what you describe.

        I’m making a comment on media headlines, not arguing for segregation. I would say that segregation has tons of interweavings of/by stereotypes and that’s why the argument didn’t work then, or now.

        Black is a politically accepted term right? I mean, must I point out the language he didn’t use? Was he not speaking entirely of the descriptive points by whom he felt victimized by?

        “Black women” is sexist at best/worst in his context. Had he said “..black people…” , then I would agree with you.

        Anyhow, maybe I’m wrong. Its not worth too much argument. Either way I hope he chills out and finds some peace

        • I didn’t say that you were arguing for segregation. I said that your argument for why this guy isn’t being racist (because “he didn’t say anything stereotypically negative or stereotypical at all against any race.”s) is the same argument pro-segregation politician used to say that segregation isn’t racist. Both arguments are fallacious because racism isn’t limited to just stereotypes. What he was doing was targeting a specific racial (and gender) group. It’s both racist and misogynist.

      • Having been threatened personally by this man.. and he doesn’t know a thing about me.. everything he has said to me was racist.. and every reason he stated for wanted to kill me and other black women HAS BEEN RACIST! Please get over the respectability politics.. He is a self hating racist individual… This man has been at this for A YEAR or longer! Long before he was accused of sexual assault! He has ALWAYS had something hateful and life threatening to say about black women SPECIFICALLY. Get out of here with that nonsense.. You know nothing of the situation!

    • sharpen your pencil

      Saying he was going to hang them by their weaves. He names a race. Also if you want to deem this not racist he would have had to say he was going to act out against women in general, not black women…. I’m guessing this isn’t the only point that you have missed.

    • I think the other readers made very good points in rebuttal. I’d like to add that the EPD considered the threats racist. https://www.facebook.com/eurekapd/posts/1213074065370912 I don’t think that they would be using “inflammatory language to pull in customers.”

      • C,mon , really. Cops dont use inflammatory language? How about inflammatory actions?

        Or is the EPD alone in being free from all police-policy issues?

        Maybe I’m wrong about my comment regarding this guy, anyhow I don’t care to argue too much. I’m cometely willing to not care- there is no objective truth for us.

      • Racist language is protected by the First Amendment. He can say whatever her wants about whatever race or gender he wants.

        • Yes it is, but threats against another human being. I’m black and I don’t care if another person is racist because as of now it doesn’t have an effect my life, but when your racism goes to the point of threading to kill of group of people base on their race that’s when it becomes a problem. When he signed FB TOS , he signed that he can get in trouble for those threats that he made. The reason he was so made is because a few months ago he made racist comments to black women in different FB books, they looked him up, found his arrest record from last year with his picture for a Sexual Offense and now he threatened to kill black women because they found out and spread the awareness.

    • Didnt you see his video about how he dates white women and not black women and lists the reasons why ? And his other media and poats about black women? He is most certainly racist and i bet if you asked him if he was racist and motivated by that he would say yes.

  • His threats are not anymore violent or offensive then the stuff commonly posted on the comments section here or on Loco. In fact so far this has been one of the kindest comment sections I’ve read in a while, no ones spoken of killing or beating this guy yet, thank goodness!

  • sharpen your pencil

    Isn’t it quite ironic that he has features that make him look like a black female. Maybe he is confused.

    • He has a black mother, he says he hates black women because he hates his mother and his female relatives, because of this he says he hates all black women, though he looks like one.

  • I’m guessing that just about anything that anyone says about another person nowadays will be considered to be “racist”, at least by a few people. Actually, I guarantee it.

    I’m thinking that anyone that goes to the trouble of pointing out that someone else is a “Racist” is being somewhat mean-spirited themselves. Somehow that makes them feel better.

    At least we are not killing each other over our racial opinions…. Yet.

  • These days you really don’t know whose nuts,so why be mean and racist behind a screen?makes no sense.Theyll find you anyway it’s unlawful.Right?curious

  • Stupid always is as stupid always does.

  • This man is talking about slitting black women’s throats and hanging them by their weaves and all you guys can talk about is whether it was racist. Talk about missing the forest for the trees. No comment about the death threats, but you’re defending this man because you feel like he isn’t a racist for explicitly detailing how he wanted to murder black women? Mind blowing.

    • Thank you, wtf man. Nice to see someone has some sense in these comments.

    • There are people who say things like this and worse–both about blacks, women and whites–on the internet all the time. They usually aren’t arrested so he shouldn’t be either. Hate speech is protected by the First Amendment.

      • I’m not going to argue with you. I’m GLAD HE WAS ARRESTED, I don’t care.

      • Are you slow? Threats of violence are NOT protected under the first amendment. You will get arrested for threatening the life of another citizen. This animal got what he deserved.

      • There are more comments that this doesn’t show but the fact that he detailed how he wanted to kill them and even talked about his gun multiple times shows that he was more serious than people idling making comments. He even said that he didn’t see police showing and that they don’t care about women then. He should have been arrested and I’m glad he is.

      • I told a woman I was going to beat her ass and the police came to my apartment and said I could be arrested for terrorist threats if I don’t stop. My words were NOT protected by the First Amendment. Smh

    • Thank you. Those people are not only mental, they lack humanity. I’m not surprised though.

  • You people know nothing about my brain damaged son. Just another person to gossip about. Tomorrow it’s someone new. Be well.

  • Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    None of you apparently know the racist statements this lunatic made throughout this ordeal then. The statement made public in this article is just an EXAMPLE of the things he stated, it is not WHY he was arrested. & I am the (mixed) woman who exposed this fool for what he is. A self hating black man with a past for ‘sexual assault’. Not once did I say he was a sex offender, he made that assumption on his own after trying to deny it & his anger got the best of him, where he in the end, pretty much showed his true colors to the world & put the handcuffs on himself.

    • Actually they did not Lola [edit]yes you did call me a sex Offender multiple times and I’m still not one. Don’t believe me? Search my full name on a national sex offender registry. [edit]

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