Traveling After the Storm: A Look at our Roads [Photos and Video]


Ettersburg Road looked like a creek near the elementary school yesterday. [Photo by David Ellsworth.]

Yesterday’s storm really battered the Emerald Counties. Our roads took a beating. Here’s a rundown of the major state highways first and then a list of troubled Humboldt County Roads follows.

(Highways are listed from largest number to smallest.)

Hwy 299- Closed for the night by Big French Gulch 1.3 miles east of Del Loma.

Hwy 271- Southbound lane closed due to flooding.

Hwy 254 (Avenue of the Giants): Clear. Check Caltrans Quick Map for the latest.

Hwy 175- Open

Hwy 162: One way controlled traffic.

Route 128- Open

Hwy 101: Open.  Also an area with one-way traffic control about four miles south of Crescent City. (See Caltrans post here.)

Hwy 96– Slide 15 miles southwest of Happy Camp is still passable with delays at this point. Check Caltrans Quick Map for the latest.

Hwy 36- Clear. Check Caltrans Quick Map for the latest.

Hwy 3- Closed near Callahan. Check Caltrans Quick Map for the latest.

Hwy 1-Open

old arcata road Carol Anderson

Old Arcata Road had waves yesterday evening! [Photo by Carol Andersen]

Humboldt County Roads:

Hookton Road at Eel River Drive: Open.

Old Arcata at Jacoby: Flooded.

Mad River Road: Flooded at mile post 2.8.

Dyerville Loop Road:  Closed at Mile post 2.85 . (north of state park.) Tree in power lines. Slide activity at mile post 14.75. Cleaned and reopened

East Branch Road (Garberville): Slipping out. One lane now open. Estimated to be repaired by 11:00 a.m. today.

Redwood Drive between Evergreen and Bear Canyon. (Bluff area south of Redway): Now open but…

Redwood Drive between Redway and Willow (the Dump road): Closed due to failed culvert. (See more information here.)

Hatchery Road: Closed at West End intersection, flooding.

McCann Ferry: Shut down, possible start-up on Tuesday, January 19.

Alderpoint Road: Clear.

Holmes Flat at Chad Creek: Flooded.

West Coast Road (at the end) Southern Humboldt: Flooded

Fieldbrook Road: Flooded across near Park Lane.

Hatchery Road at West End Road: Flooded entirely across.

Howard Heights Road: Closed.

Crannell Road at Dows Prairie: Open

Glendale Drive: Open

Stagecoach Road: Closed.

Berta Road: Flooded.

Ettersburg Road: Open and clear.

(New Incident) Mattole Road: The California Highway Patrol is reporting a “longterm” closure due to a slide about a mile from Ferndale. (For more info click here)

Video Moment!

Finally, we leave you with a driver navigating Elk River Road. Jason Belt said that water was coming in his doors.



  • 254 has multiple closures now.

  • So if I need to go North 101 from Redway, I first have to drive north to get to Dean Creek, take the southern 101 onramp, get off in Garb, then get back on the freeway heading north? Sounds like I better get a little more gas.

    • Why not just take the Northern 101 onramp after Dean Creek to go North on 101?

      • “But there is a slide at the northbound onramp near Dean Creek. “Extended closure,” says the California Highway Patrol Incident page”

        You must have missed that part? It’s closed according to this.^^^^

      • Thank you. I noticed that the northbound was closed and deleted my comment well within the 30 minute timeframe but the delete feature did not delete.

  • What does Mad River Beach look like? I spent 14 years at Tyee City, and dealt with several floods, that thankfully never made it into the house. Enjoying a mountaintop in North Georgia at the moment…

    • I just got back from Mad River Beach. The County had the road blocked off about a mile from the ocean, just east of the houses (Tyee City, right?) on the south side of the road, but still west of the Mad River trestle. It was sunny, warm, and beautiful. Took off my shoes, rolled up my pants, and walked to the beach through many calf-high stretches of water, especially mucky and slick near the boat ramp access. The homes in the location i just described were mostly just muddy on the driveways; but on the north side, nearer the river, a couple of the half-abandoned-looking places had water up above the foundations.
      As i was leaving, many more people in high-clearance trucks were driving to the beach parking lot–they just pushed the barrier “horses” to the side and came through.

    • Do they have any good tye dye in north Georgia? The river got really high through there but not near as bad as in the late 90’s

  • Kym, The photo credit is incomplete above. Who took the photo on Ettersburg road?

  • Drive slow and safe.dont go thru moving water!!stay safe please

  • Time to go kayaking!!!

  • I just drove from Brookings to carlotta ,and no trouble at all there were only 2 small slides reduced to one lane and fallow the pilot car other than that smooth sailing all the way home

  • I’m not familiar with the road names, are there any roads closed between Briceland and Redway and can you get to the dump?

  • Mattole road closed on wildcat 1 mile up from Ferndale.
    Take Bear river ridge and monument to Rio Dale.
    Active slide, will NOTbe opened tonight/today.

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  • A real winter in the state of Jefferson…. I’ve missed it. ☺

  • North end of Hwy 271 is completely closed between Dimmick Rd and the Community Center.

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