[UPDATE 7:49 a.m.] Redway Bluffs Blocked by Slide

Redway Bluffs are blocked by a mud and rock slide covering both lanes, according to the California Highway Patrol Incident page. We are attempting to get more information but please use Hwy 101 at this time to go around.

UPDATE 7:36 a.m.: Redway Bluffs are closed between Evergreen and Bear Canyon (by the Renner Station) due to an “active rock slide,” according Dispatch.

UPDATE 7:49 a.m.: The roadway will be shut down for a couple of hours as crews respond to a slide that has pushed the “K-rails” into the road (those are the movable cement barriers.)



  • Reminds me of my first year up here. Just after arriving, my room mate at the CCC camp (now High Rock), Said to me. “Welcome to Humboldt, Hope you like water!”

  • Does anyone have photos? Probably too early to tell but does anyone have an idea if its a day clean up or months?

  • I thought they did all the work to stop this from happening,but mother nature bats last!

    • Lol… this will never stop on the bluffs. That hill will come all the way eventually. They need to close it from evergreen to renner and put I’m an off ramp to evergreen. It makes no sense to have it open. Except for maybe job security. It is a safety risk.

    • What work to stop this from happening? you mean the fence thing on the one small part??? LOL…Anyone that thinks that the fence will stop a couple hundred thousand pounds of dirt and rock is in for a surprise. I always go around this time of year, especially after and during it has rained this much…The bluffs are super sketchy right now. @ Dawn – I agree with everything you said, and they have talked about putting an off ramp to evergreen for years, I’m pretty sure all the businesses up there would have zero objections to it. I’m guessing it’s just a money issue.

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