Crazy Drive Through Water Captured on Video! (Don’t Do This Yourself!)

Check out this crazy run through the flooding at Hookton Road onramp! Do not…REPEAT…Do not do this yourself!



  • I like to drive thru little puddles when I know the area really well,but this is crazy, I know this area also, but not gonna be stupid and drive thru it

  • Going way too fast! If you do have to drive through water (like some of us on Berta do) you should go slow because you can’t see where the road may have washed out! Be careful!

  • now that i saw the video , its not nice to drive thru flooded area
    reminds me of driving large phone company truck on flooded road between freestone and valley ford in sonoma county in 86 flood . was following another big phone truck . water on 2 lane winding road was 4 feet deep and almost ready to come inside bottom of the door . lead truck ran off road and stuck in a ditch so they climbed into my truck and we had to back up almost a mile to get back on sorta dry road .
    we ended up staying in phone office 2 days till water went down

    • I worked those floods in guernville that year, that’s some serious flooding back in those days

      • it was fun , or should i say interesting working those areas during and after the flooding . getting in there with our big phone rigs , clearing roads of debris and having everyone offering coffee and hugs cause they can get out now .
        scary seeing what they endured but they survived and a good feeling inside knowing we helped afterwards

  • Black tail addict

    Be careful out there folks.

  • You folks ain’t seen nothing yet .how many of you out there remember the 64 flood…I lived in willow creek.while I sat in a huge national guard helicopter waiting to be evacuated I watched 3/4 of the town disappear under mud slides.this year could be another 64

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