Woman Stabbed by Intruder With Knives

This is information from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Nicolas MerrellDo you have any information on Nicolas Adam Merrell? Please call our tip line at (707) 234-2100. He is a suspect in an attempted murder case. Please read the press release below and SHARE THIS POST. We are looking for any information on his recent whereabouts or activities.
On January 16th, at 1:04 AM, Deputies assigned to the Sheriff’s Fort Bragg Office were dispatched to a residence in the 22000 block of North Highway 1, in Fort Bragg, for a reported burglary and assault that had just occurred.

Upon arrival, Deputies quickly learned that a white male suspect, with long dark hair, wearing a red t-shirt, and armed with several knives, had entered a residence and assaulted the 33 year old female resident.

Deputies located the victim lying on the floor of a neighbor’s house, where she had fled to after being assaulted. The victim was suffering from multiple puncture wounds to her upper torso. The victim advised the deputies that she was asleep in the upstairs portion of her residence, when she heard someone enter the house and walk into her residence. The suspect climbed stairs to the victim’s bedroom, where she turned on a light and observed the suspect who was armed with a large kitchen style knife in each hand.

The 33 year old female victim, although attacked, stabbed multiple times, and physically assaulted, was able fight off the attacker, and flee the house to a neighbors. The suspect gave chase until the neighbor opened his door and confronted the suspect, shielding the victim from further assault. The suspect then fled west through the brush. The victim was given first aid and she was transported to a medical facility where she remains in stable condition.

Deputies, assisted by officers from the Fort Bragg Police Department remained vigilant and continued to search the area for the suspect. Approximately 45 minutes after the initial call for service, the suspect was located by Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputies hiding in the brush north of the residence where the assault took place. The suspect was arrested without incident and weapons and other evidence of the assault were discovered.

Detectives from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Unit responded to continue the investigation. The investigation is still ongoing and the suspect has been booked in the Mendocino County jail for charges of attempted murder, burglary, and for a Fugitive from Justice warrant from the state of Montana.

Anyone with information regarding the suspects activities or about this incident is asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office tip line at 234-2100.



  • Now that’s one bad ass woman for escaping! So glad she’s is in stable condition and that the suspect is in jail!!

    • Yes, she must be a strong determined woman. Her ordeal is not yet over, though. May she mend. May she heal…
      As for him, incarceration is the only option. Hopefully for a lifetime.

  • any recent Dennis Boardman case progress?…this nutjob sounds like a potential for that , the truck and dog theft may have been an accomplice

  • best defense is good offense. Own a gun and end the threat. She is lucky to be alive. If she had owned a gun and used it would not have had to somehow escape

    • Not necessarily true. Remember that any weapon you have can be taken and used against you.

      I’m all for arming the American people, but this belief that arming everyone is a cure all for crime is stupid. It’s a tool that can help, but having it, even with proper training, doesn’t mean that nothing can pose a threat to you.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Yes, we don’t know for sure the outcome of being attacked in your home. As reported, in this instance, the victim was awakened by the break-in and had plenty of time to access a weapon if only she had one. Plenty of time to pump a few slugs onto Mr. Honcho as he entered with knives a-blazing. The victim would never have to worry about a revenge scenario for the rest of her life and no other citizen would ever be assaulted by this POS.

        Guns are not for anyone unwilling to be trained in safe use and storage. But this is a classic home defense scenario for a trained gun owner.

        • There is always familial revenge. Just to pick knits.

        • Yep. Mine is in a place I can access and enable in 3 seconds flat…I’ve timed myself. And my tool is registered, and my CCP is current. Excellent (re) training via Mendo Sherrif’s Dept. Good to Go.
          No, not a tool for the faint of heart or silly. There’s middle ground, and isolated and/or vulnerable folks should take heed. af

      • When a mental defective is trying to stab you, and you have just seconds to live , Dont worry the police are only 20 minutes away. Liberal logic go figure.

      • sharpen your pencil

        Chris is right.. because if you hear someone enter your home and have enough time to turn on a light you definitely couldn’t have gotten a firearm loaded and racked up and steadied…. sarcasm obviously implied. Hope this lady has a speedy recovery and get a well trained dog! Love my dogs, and they love to protect what they love.

  • Psycho killer!

  • Omg how scary is this? Thank goodness we live in a secure building on the second floor…prayers for a speedy recovery for the assault victim…she is a super woman oxox

  • I couldn’t imagine living without dogs. The best alarm system and protection there is. Well almost, but we have that too.

  • Sounds like a horror movie. Too bad she didn’t waste him in the head with a 45 smith wesson. But he’ll get a fair trial.

  • Thank you to the deputies who kept searching for him come hell or high water!

  • Break into MY home and you WILL get shot. Guaranteed.

  • Aww that poor guy. He’s most probably suffering from mental problems and is a victim of the lack of quality mental care in this country. And now he has to deal with the memory of stabbing this woman! I feel so sorry for him as he is truly a victim. Perhaps there is something we can do for him since it’s obvious that our society has failed him. It truly breaks my heart to see victims such as him suffering as he does. We need to spend more of our unlimited resources on helping these victims become better, caring citizens!

  • This is why I believe in alarm systems and a good household weapon. Handgun or shotgun. May the suspect rot in jail and the victim live in peace

    • If you have young children in the house a loaded, handy gun is not safe. Smart guns could be the answer but of course the far right is against that. Comprise is usually the answer but not a part of any extremist. Good dogs as mentioned earlier are great!

  • People talk about guns. Was the front door locked?

    • Even living in the woods I lock my door. Not because I am afraid but because I’m not trustful of humans. I also bring in the ax and hatchet, no reason to leave my weapons outside the house..

    • Even if it was, not like it would take more then one or maybe two solid kicks for it to not be locked. That’s why locking your door isn’t as good as having gun. Still advised, but in reality I doubt to many intruders come to find a locked door and are like ‘shucks… it’s locked, guess I’ll just go home now.”

  • May she have great recovery and peace when she get home I’ll pray for her thats so sad and scary I have my mom; my 2 nieces and I’m going to protect all of them if I can but we got god on are side 24/7 and I’m very thankful thank you Jesus and praise the lord poor lady….

  • Best recovery wishes for a very brave lady — and — thanks to the neighbor who confronted and prevented further attacks. “It takes a village.”

    • Without doubt! But I’ve also discovered it sometimes takes a pillage to make a village! Lesson learned, and I’m hoping she recovers with as much bravery as she went down with. af

  • Wonder if they knew one another….What a traumatizing experience, like out of horror movie…Hope she can recover fully from this ordeal and has supportive friends and family…

  • People shouldn’t tell other people that they need to have a gun.
    People shouldn’t tell other people that they can’t have a gun.
    It’s a personal choice like doctors and religion.
    The 2nd Amendment is not about hunting.
    I chose to have a gun.

  • Welcome to the Third Floor it’s a one way trip then they lock the door.

  • This is why she needed to own a gun!
    If you like living and want to continue to do so, buy a gun keep it in the nightstand , be ready to defend yourself, ….

    • I suggest keeping it in a place where one need not take the extra time to open a drawer. Time is of the essence. Practice, practice, practice… af PS: get a laser and duck-tape it to the barrel. No need to turn on a light and illuminate yourself! af

  • Was there any connection between the victim and the suspect?

  • Still no updates on this, Kym?

  • To those who commend this woman and her unbelievable ability to survive and escape this man: yes!

    She didn’t know him, and it wasn’t the neighbor who stopped him. The victim fled to the neighbor’s house where she found an ax and chased him away.

    Now stop using this woman as an argument for your belief in the power or damage of guns, as you have no idea what happened and are basing your opinions on very little information.

    And: that incredibly strong survivor will most likely read your ignorant remarks and criticisms at some point; they do not help, just hurt. What right do any of you to add to the nightmare she’s in? And for what, to carry on a never-ending debate about guns?

    There are better, more constructive ways to advocate for your beliefs than this.

    • Thank you so much. I will never own a gun, but I am already designing a custom axe and crossbow. Thank you to the people who saved my life. I will heal and get strong again. I survived because I was more sober, more powerful and more determined than my attacker. I intend to become a lot stronger after my wounds heal and my family has been very supportive. Women: get strong, find people who love you and care about your life and keep them close! Being independent isn’t about being alone and being protected isn’t about having a gun.

  • To those who commend this woman and her unbelievable ability to survive and escape this man: yes!

    To the rest of you: Stop using this woman’s nightmare as an excuse I argue your political beliefs, as you have no idea what happened and are basing your opinions on very little information.

    That incredibly strong survivor will most likely read your ignorant remarks and criticisms at some point; they do not help, just hurt. What right do any of you to add to the hell she’s in? And for what, to carry on a never-ending debate about guns?

    There are better, more constructive ways to advocate for your beliefs than this.

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