One Lane of Buhne Street Closed Because of Large Hole


All photos by Oliver Cory

City crews are closing off one lane of Buhne Street after a hole opened in this well-trafficked Eureka road between S Street and Harrison.

UPDATE 8:17 a.m.: Please try to use an alternative route.

UPDATE 8:21 p.m.: You can see that the hole is extremely large in this video sent in by reporter Oliver Cory.

Update 8:54 a.m.: Readers are reporting that a water main broke.



  • water main broke.

  • What is it. A sink hole??

  • The City of Eureka just repaved parts of Myrtle Avenue. There’s large seams in the concrete that are already splitting and several holes already forming. One hole is a big around as a basketball (but only a few inches deep).

    The road work being done lately is super shoddy and we as taxpayers aren’t getting our money’s worth and responsible officials aren’t doing their jobs well.

    • They don’t pave em like they used to. Since a lot of old school road workers have retired I’ve also noticed shoddy patch jobs.

  • Uh oh, one of the local politicians left the door to Hell open as they returned to bring about more suffering…

  • There’s going to be another sink hole in front of CVS and ace hardware I think that’s Henderson and harris,it’s already sunk it everyday,it’s pools up there too yikes just waiting

  • Oh My..thank you for the warning…need groceries not going that way Ugh :/

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