Man Arrested For Animal Cruelty After Allegedly Dragging, Dropping Dog

This is a press release from the Arcata Police department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and the individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

12524042_10153370876058526_7796376690780443164_nOn January 14th 2016 at about 12:59 PM, Arcata Police Department received a report of a subject possibly performing CPR on a dog in the area of 10th St and H St.

When Officers arrived, the dog and the subject had left the area.

Officers conducted an investigation including reviewing surveillance at a local business and saw a subject with a dog on leash.  The dog had a pack strapped to his back.  As the dog was walking, it collapsed in the street.  The subject was seen dragging the dog across the street by its leash.  The subject then picked the dog up and dropped it on the ground.  The video shows the subject blowing into the dog’s face.  The subject then walked away with the dog, which was limping.

Officers checked the area and located the subject and the dog in the downtown area.  The subject, identified as Charles Wesley Cole 6/13/1959, was placed under arrest for 597(b) PC, felony animal cruelty.  The dog was taken to the Sunny Brea Animal Clinic where it was medically cared for.

Charles Cole was transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where he was booked on animal cruelty charges.

Anybody who witnessed the animal cruelty is urged to contact Arcata Police to give a statement.



  • This guy looks like a real winner, the kind that shouldn’t be allowed in a healthy society!

  • I have heard of a man that had been abusing dogs in Arcata, hopefully this is him and not another one. It sickens me way deep inside. I only hope that the new law works. I don’t know, it doesn’t seem like a lot of them do these days.

  • Saw them walking toward the Plaza a few minutes before. Noticed Dog was limping. Not using one back leg. Felt like something was wrong seeing a dog limping with a backpack to make it harder to walk.

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  • Last week I asked Arcata Police to check on that sweet dog when he was first limping. Yesterday the dog was walking 3-legged and I took a video of it. Right after that I talked with 2 APD officers who had just seen the guy and knew the dog was limping. They said they can’t do anything if he’s in a vet’s care. I said I was sure the vet would have told him the dog should rest and not carry a heavy pack. They said the guy just got his coffee and then would sit around for hours. They also said they can’t ask much because it’s a service dog (???). They should have listened to me and others who have advocating for this dog for years. I have compassion for the guy who’s clearly ill. He should NOT have right to abuse animals.

    • They should be reprimanded. Please report this to thier department. Our animal control officer is a great guy, consider calling him in the future as well.

  • This peice of TRASH DOES NOT deserve to breathe CLEAN air,OR take up space.He needs to be punished to the fullest exstent of the LAW.unfortunately THE DOG HAS PROBABLY BEEN PUT THROUGH SO MUCH trauma IT BOUND TO HAVE MENTAL and HEALTH ISSUES.i can only hope & pray that the DOG was taken to a SAFE enviroment,possibly where he/she will learn love and safenes before its life is over with.I TRULY hate humans that hurt animals and if they hurt animals they have or will hurt humans. The man shopuld never be allowed to own or be close to another animal.

  • Bonanza Jellybean

    This is at least his second black lab, I’ve seen it on the streets of Arcata with him since it was a puppy, the dogs have always ended up wearing muzzles. Wouldn’t be too much digging to find the reports from his first dog, I remember it being that it’s because he beats them & encourages them to be aggressive. Dude obviously has trauma himself?
    I observed this dog struggling under an overladen pack several weeks ago and knew bad things were coming for this animal as the individual tugged/dragged the poor dog along by the leash. Maybe this guy needs a donkey or yak instead?

  • oh how this weather being forced to walk sick on pavement…pray someone takes this dog into their home..wish we could but we arent allowed dogs..someday soon sigh

  • Witnessing this for many years and the 2 Dogs he named Nobody. The powers that be failed this dog horribly. Multiple reports to the authorities from multiple sources since the time this dog was a puppy and they with the knowledge of Wes’s history with dogs.
    This should never, NEVER, be acceptable behavior in this community again.

  • Everybody is commenting about how APD or somebody else should do something. That’s a wimpy line of reason. How about….if you see this kind of abuse going on….go over and take the dog away. That would solve that! [edit] I’m sure we are at least 1/12th on the same page about the best and most effective way to clean up the shit hole our county has become. Flush the shit out.

    • WhoAreThesePeople?

      I agree. One big problem, though: what to do with the puppy? That question is the only reason I didn’t break this guy years ago.

  • How did we get to a place where dogs are more important than humans? I feel bad for the dog. I really do. But if we took better care of our people then they could take better care of their pets. No?

    • That’s a compassionate and insightful comment. Yet i do feel more sympathy for the dog than the man. Because, no matter what harsh hand has been dealt the man by nature, nurture, accident, or his own bad choices… he STILL has power over the animal. He may possibly be a victim of such power games that he feels a need to abuse one less than himself… but instead of spending much energy feeling sorry about that, i do blame him; i see him as a human with will and choice (and an opposable thumb, and all that), carrying on the oppressive power-over displays, causing a weaker and more innocent being to suffer.
      As few as his options might be, he still has more than the dog–yet he chooses to abuse it. He rots!

    • No, Julie. “People” that do things like this wouldn’t take good care of a pet under any circumstances.

    • I agree Julie. Its interesting to see all these comments justifying killing and beating a mentally ill human being instead of putting him in a good mental health facility. They might think they are so justified and righteous in injuring a human or saying he doesn’t deserve to live but they fail to realize they are no better then this guy because they have the frightening reaction of hurting instead of helping. Help the dog and help the man seems like the only logical reaction to me.

    • Julie,
      Sorry, but I have been working to get this dog away from him for a VERY long time. he is not only abusive to animals, but people as well. I once observed him beating an elderly man with his heavy stick he carries simply because the man ( who was with his wife ) was trying to get Wesley to stop beating his dog. he has had several dogs taken away from him already. The last one had to have a muzzle surgically removed from his nose because Wesley NEVER took it off. I have seen him beating the dog in the head countless times, yells at it constantly and keeps it on a chain so short that the dog cannot even turn more than a few inches. he has also YELLED at me and other women that I know ” I hate all women! They should all die! They can’t tell ME NOT to beat my dog!” and similar things. I could go on and on with stories, but the point is, he deserves NO compassion period. Look up studies on the relationship between serial killers, mass shooters and animal abuse and you will see that nearly ALL of them started by torturing and killing animals. I delivered several petitions to the DA to show public support for our wish that he never be able to have an animal again. Just because a person is mentally ill ( and I don’t believe that he is ) does not mean they get to abuse animals.

    • It is sad that the majority of the town of Arcata has a gross opinion about Wesley. I went and met him after the incident and I guess I’m the only person in the entire town that has loved him through this ordeal. Arcata acts like they are eco and politically conscious. They don’t even see that God gave mankind higher consciousness. I guess they care about being better than others and patting each other on the back. A town of 12 graders that will never go to college, they trust in wealth and false knowledge! You see college students and little children know you don’t read a book by its cover and that possession are they devil’s bargaining chip.

      • What the fuck are you even Talking about. How can you love someone Who abused animals? He has prior convictions for animal cruelty . I have seen you having out with him, and you will get no respect from me.

    • Thank you. I know Wes personally. The reason God has given Wes this task of loving those that hate him is to get those that hate to learn love. Wes prays for those that harm him. The activists that portray him as evil are slipping further into duality. Everyone reaps what they sow. These foolish people don’t take death seriously and when they cast their darkness on another they don’t believe that their darkness will overtake them when they die. Everything you put out to the creation comes back to you and many times fold. There are no idol words. You will receive the darkness or the light you created. Therefore it is wise to repent and to live with forgiveness in your heart.

  • Douchebag looks like a cross between a 19th century holy roller and a modern day tweaker. Lock it up!

  • Many homeless people, still seem to love and care about their dogs. This guy is sick. I’d like to strap a 100 LB pack on him and make him walk until he collapses, then maybe drag him with a quad a little.

    • WhoAreThesePeople?

      Maybe. If selected for the jury, you can return a guilty verdict. Dogs will be safe, and he will no longer be homeless.

  • Excuse me but I believe that the Humane Society gives dogs to the homeless FREE of charge. So they can have a companion. Bleeding heart liberals can feel good about themselves, not so much for the dog.

  • If I would have scene that piece of shit doing that I would have gone to jail because I would have attacked him and beat him with in a inch of his life and I would rescue that poor sole and take care of it he deserves punishment of the fullest extent of the law and never be allowed to have a dog again

  • FBI now tracks animal abuser and it is considered a serious crime mental illness or not.

  • I am both frightened and saddened by most of these comments.

    Yes, it’s wrong that the dog is abused; but the human has a story, too. Why is it OK for there to be so many homeless? Why is it OK to cut funding on human services but spend billions on weapons systems?

    Can’t wait for my neighbors to justify executions of whomever they deem ‘sick’ or ‘deviant’ in some way with their firearms.

    There but for the grace of the ‘god’, go I.

    • Think bigger. There is a major human overpopulation problem. Because of it we are destroying our very planet’s ability to sustain us. Using this fact we can see that knocking off undesirable people is actually an act of kindness and love- love for humanity and love for our planet. Weak minds think we can keep everybody and keep jacking up the population- but that’s not possible- we will end up with mass starvations and wars over dwindling resources. So killing off undesirables is also a beautiful act of taking a stand against war and preventing starvation of children! There isn’t much time left to make the hard choices. We are at the precipice of key planetary life systems collapsing. We need to shed some humans and fast. Where would you prefer to start? I think animal abusers can go away. I am fine with that. I prefer it to the economic extermination where poor children starve and are bombed daily. Please face the reality of our present crisis!

  • So who’s going to make those decisions?


    What criteria will be used?

    Skin color? Religion? Economic status?

    Fucking little Hitlers everywhere….

    I suggest quit breeding…both dogs AND humans.

  • I agree. The comments are mean-spirited and most without knowledge of this situation. I remember the homeless man, Wesley, many years ago caring for his dog in a humane manner. His dog at the time, named “Nobody”, (perhaps the first “Nobody” and this is the second?) looked like a black lab mix and protected and guarded him while being affectionate and got affection in return. Perhaps things have changed for his obviously long-time homeless man. It sounds like the dog needed to be taken and the situation assessed. Wesley certainly looks older and more troubled now.

    • As far as I know, this is his 3rd Mr. Nobody. The first was a German Shepard, and was removed from him. The 2nd was a black dog he had to keep muzzled because it would bite Wes when he beat him. Same story with this one. This was the most adorable, happy little Black Lab puppy. Wes started muzzling him because he started defending himself from Wes’ constant onslaught of beatings.

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