Do You Recognize This Person?

From the Fortuna Police Department:

fortuna policeThe department need your help!

We are trying to identify this suspect who was involved in a theft from a local business.

If you have information please contact the department at 707–725–7550 or our anonymous crime tip line at 1-800–78-CRIME.




  • Business owners might wanna do an upgrade to full HD surveillance systems… trying to identify a theif with a fuzzy/inexpensive surveillance systems isn’t easy… I’ve tryed. The tech is out there, and relatively inexpensive compared to what’s lost by shoplifting or theft… upgrade your hardware people!

  • It also doesn’t help that they are not technologically inclined people and take a picture of the screen with their phone, most surveillance systems (even higher def ones) have the shittiest capture quality too. The entire security surveillance industry is a racket. The prices they charge for equipment and installation is outrageous for something you can’t usually ID a perp with…

  • Yeah, costco sells a good surveillance system that has a sharp image,’s 2016 folks what you doing with that camera from 93?? We refuse to look at these fuzzy images here, get with it.
    Someone that knows this douche would probably recognize this thieving prick,..

  • Looks like the guy the locals caught by cooks valley after he broke into a house and stole a gun and money .

  • This is a perfectly fine image to view clearly. How bout everyone saying this person needs a better system realize that these systems are not cheap and are an unfortunate expense that business owners have to make in an already hard economy. The sad thing is even if caught nothing will happen to this man. Trust me I know I’ve reported so many thefts with image and all and never heard word back on any of them. Sorry to this business for having to deal with this and anyone whining about the image will be no help anyway they just wanna bitch about something.

  • concerned neighbor

    Really, why bother. Book and release prop 45 business owners.

    • Right!? This dirt bag will be released only hours after being caught. That is if he even gets caught. Our system is so flawed it’s sickening.

    • The wise people of CA voted for prop 47. The police hate it, not only do the see the criminals right back out on the street, the jails are housing violent criminals that belong in prison.

  • That is a good picture, if I see him I will call police.

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