[UPDATE: 1/14 p.m.] Fatal Accident on Hwy 3

Press release from the California Highway Patrol:



The Trinity River CHP Office is saddened to advise of a fatal vehicle collision which occurred today, 01/13/2016 at approximately 12:15 P.M. during a heavy downpour of rain.CHP Officer’s along with Trinity County Sheriff’s Department, Hayfork Fire Department and Trinity County Life Support responded to the call which involved a solo vehicle traveling southbound on State Route 3 just north of Carr Creek. Based on the Officer’s initial investigation, it appears the vehicle entered into a wet, right hand curve in the roadway at a speed to great for the current roadway conditions. The vehicle went into a four wheel skid across the northbound lane. The vehicle continued off the roadway and left side of the vehicle impacted into a large tree with such a force, that it tore the vehicle into two pieces.

Both the driver [Mitchell Dombec, age 32, of Lewiston] and right front passenger, [Krista Chartrand, age 24 of Redding] were transported to Mercy Hospital in Redding by Trinity County Life Support ambulances for moderate to major injuries sustained. The left rear passenger succumbed at the scene due to the traumatic injuries sustained (Fatal victim information is releasable through the coroner after notification has been made).

This investigation is still ongoing and it appears alcohol or drugs did not play role in this collision. It is unclear due to the severe damage of the vehicle if seat belts were used at this time.


Update 1/14: The Trinity County Sheriff’s Department has made notification to family members of the deceased. The name of the deceased as Mary Jane Pleasant[age 33 of Hayfork].



  • I’m so very sorry to the family’s of Mary Pleasant God bless you and Rip Mary

  • prayers for marys family much too young and leaving young children so very sad

  • I send my deepest condolences. My Love and Respect always xo

  • I first want to reply to mary. I love you and will miss you. You were awsome to be around and you had apart of my childhood and I’m blessed for that. With that said I truly want to say thank you for bringing happiness into my life. Second my condolences go out to her babys, Michael, Mike, Mark (love you guys) and to anyone else that was close to her. Mary has moved on but she will always have a place in my heart. I wont forget you.

  • Rip rose Mary’s mom rip Mary I love you n always will miss you

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