[UPDATE 9:20 a.m.] Eureka Police Surround Humboldt Motorsports, Use PA to Try and Get Suspect to Surrender


Law enforcement around Humboldt Motorsports this morning. [Photo provided by Kyle Conley.]

Eureka Police have Humboldt Motorsports off of Broadway surrounded as of 7:50 a.m. One person has been detained, according to police spokesperson Brittany Powell. “They are currently searching the building for a second,” she said

At 7:20 the EPD received a report of breakin at the business. Earlier an alarm had gone off and a someone associated with the store responded. They discovered a broken window, Powell said, and contacted law enforcement.

As of 7:55 a.m., according to scanner traffic, the EPD has the building surrounded and is using a public address system to try and get the second individual to come out.

UPDATE 8:25 a.m.: A K-9 unit is at the site and law enforcement is preparing to send it in.

UPDATE 8:32 a.m.: The K-9 is in, according to our reporter at the scene.

UPDATE 8:36 a.m.: Powell explained to our reporter Mark McKenna that a motorcycle partially crashed through a glass door at the building is the result of the suspect in custody attempting to flee the scene.

UPDATE 8:59 a.m.: “One employee is accessing the security footage from her cell phone so the police can review it,” reports McKenna.

UPDATE 9:19 a.m.: At this point law enforcement are beginning to believe that the suspect detained earlier was the only person involved in the break in. Security video appears to show only one individual involved, reports McKenna.

An employee of the store was the first on the scene and managed to capture a man attempting to escape and detain him until law enforcement arrived.

“One employee arrived and wrestled with the subject,” states McKenna.  “He grabbed the guy as he tried to drive the motorcycle out the door.” Then the employee, who doesn’t wish to be named, took the brick used to break a window and used it to hold the suspect until law enforcement got to the scene.

UPDATE 9:20 a.m.: The suspect is alleged to have tried to escape with a Honda XR 650 L.



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