Eureka’s First Hash Lab Fire of the Year


Photo by Kathy Srabian

An apartment building in the 800 block of B Street in Eureka caught fire around 3:15 p.m. today.

“It looks like we have a confirmed hash lab fire,” Battalion Chief Sean Robertson of Humboldt Bay Fire said. “There’s evidence of butane cylinders and other paraphernalia upstairs. ”

Robertson said that the majority of the damage was confined to one apartment. He said no injuries had been reported.

UPDATE 5 p.m.: Oliver Cory sends photos from the scene.

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  • When will the scourge of greed end? Need money? Get a job! Want some “grade A dabs” visit the dispensary. Hopefully the community will come together to prosecute the individual responsible for such a heinous act.

    • I dont see any cops in photos nor read anything about an arrest. Seeing as the cops claim they dont have enuf money to cover crimes here, I doubt there will be any prosecution.

  • Didn’t a guy in mendo get 4 yrs for his explosion

    • solvent free is the way to be!!!

      Yes but he was doing a lab directly below his kids room. I think he got child endangerment charges. I hope they start prosecuting hash labs in apartments to the fullest extent of the law for endangering so many close neighbors and kiddos!!

      • Something needs to change. Not today or tomorrow. Yesterday!

        • sharpen your pencil

          If it was legal it would take more money out of it. Wtf ever happened to doing this shit out in the boonies like shine. Stupid ignorant asshats! These people have got a be a chromosome away from braindead…

          • Most of the young adults doing this aren’t trying to make money. Dabs are the trendy thing right know and oil or shatter is expensive, much cheaper to make your own and easy to do. In tell we as a community realize that idealizing a drug no matter how medically beneficial it is will have adverse cconsequences especially for younger people nothing will change only get worse. Manufacturing pot oils is already a felony and that does not deter them.

          • Response to THC:
            If it were that easy, there wouldn’t be so many “labs” erupting in flames. Closed loop systems are exspensive. And like you mentioned already a felony to manufacture cannabis at any level. If the store owners who sold such large quantities of butane were held more liable, I believe that would be a step in the correct direction…

          • Urban Farmer,
            So you think store owners should be held liable for selling a product? That is ludicrous, why should we be blaming the store owner? Maybe the company who bottles the butane should be sued, because if they didn’t bottle it this would not have happened! So is Ford responsible for the drunk driver? It is comments like yours that have made it so easy for lawyers and politicians to blame everyone but who is actually responsible.
            Think about your actions and the possible reactions, is what’s going on here period.
            The blame game is so freaking stupid and lame.
            I think [John Doe is] responsible for the this fire, because this person was using [John Doe’s] trim to make oil. So now [John Doe has] to pay for all the damage. How does that sound to you? Lame right? So please refrain from blaming anyone other than who is responsible, the person who did it!!!!
            One last thing to maybe make my point clearer to you. If you had a product to sell and I wanted to buy say 200lbs of it for $xxxx a pound would you say no because I am regulated and can only sell you 1lb a year.

          • Excuse me Kym.
            Please edit his comment.

            I don’t grow or smoke marijuana. So an accusation that this was my “trim” is ludicrous. I am in no way affiliated with the grotesque humboldt county lifestyle so many embrace.
            Therefore I wouldn’t be purchasing anything from you or vice versa. So maybe you need to clarify some more.

            Store owners should be responsible. No individual needs a case of butane, let alone a few bottles. Store owners are liable for what they sell when it’s contributing to a felony. If you disagree please tell me why you believe it’s ok to pollute our atmosphere with butane. It’s pretty apparent this topic has made you frustrated, which clearly shows which side of the fence you’re on. Good luck with your future!

          • Cheers!

          • OK just to get my point across, I threw shots over the bow. Obliviously you didn’t get it, so I now have to explain at a lower level for this to make sense to you.

            Store owners cannot be held responsible for someone’s actions, plain and simple. Now a bartender can be held responsible if they continue to serve someone who is inebriated, and can be held liable for that persons actions.
            I am not a grower nor do I smoke weed. So yeah this subject does not effect me one bit. But your remarks saying that the seller of the product is responsible, that really torques me. I 100% agree nobody needs a case of butane, however it is not regulated. FYI store owners are not responsible for selling items that are used to commit a felony [example, you own a gas station and sell someone a gallon of gas. They use that gas to torch a building that causes lots of damage. The cops come to your gas station and arrest you for selling the gas] Now think about what you are trying to say. Just because a store sells something that can be used to commit a crime does not mean they are liable. In Humboldt we have several outlets that sell potting soil, indoor grow equipment and so on. Are these stores liable since 75% of those products sold are going to used to commit a felony? Case and point, go read a bottle of butane or propane label, and let the whole world know what it says about non-legal use of the product.
            I would love for you to explain why you think someone should field the blame for somebody else’s actions? If you did it accept the consequences, if you poop your pants because your veggies didn’t agree with you who do you blame?
            I bet you still wont get it, but you have your opinion.
            The dog ate my homework, god told me to do it, it was peer pressure, I didn’t think that would happen, a deer ran out in front of me, they sold it to me, there are a million excuses. EXCEPT your ACTIONS and QUIT BLAMMING OTHERS for your stupid mistakes.

            Sorry Kym, I am just plain tired of others always trying to say its someone else’s fault.

        • I get what you’re trying to imply. Happy? But selling large quantities of butane is still illegal. Because once you reach a certain limit, the person hauling it should need a hazmat drivers license. I’m not sure what the limit is, maybe someone else can chime in.

          • You don’t “Grow or smoke marijuana” yet your alias is “Urban Farmer” —–hmmmmmm I suppose it is possible your just a poser then lol.

          • OMG, learn the law and just don’t assume. It is not nor has been illegal to sell large amounts of butane.The amount of butane to require a HAZMAT placard or license to transport is far more than a few cases of bottles.
            I give up this battle of wits [edit] You will never get it. You still continue to grab at anything to blame someone else…..
            Good luck you need it

          • I wasn’t aware we were “battling”, I thought it was called discussing. Perhaps even debating. Good luck to you as well!

        • You’re right! I’m posing next to some strawberries right now. 😉

          • solvent free is the way to be!!!

            Lol. Looks like humboldtians forget you can grow more then weed! I haven’t, three cheers for anyone growing something you can’t smoke! I sure like me some veggies and fruit! Also I agree they should regulate butane sales to help with this issue. It won’t solve it completely but it surely won’t make it worse.

          • Cheers!
            I have some delicious Swiss chard that’s coming along nicely too!!

  • Who ever owns those apt.s should sue the shit out of these people,a clause in the rental agreement for this.sorry to the owners you don’t deserve this.glad no one was hurt lucky thing

    • sharpen your pencil

      Not saying the owner does or doesn’t deserve it. The one thing I’d be willing to bet on is a rate hike by the landlord for the upcoming remodel, to all people in the building.

  • I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Throw the book at them. Make this a Federal charge. What are the charges for making bombs? I don’t see this as anything different. The charge should be manufacturing a bomb AND concentrating a Schd 1 drug. Boom, there you go. Pun intended. Something needs to be in place to deter these morons from blowing up residences and endangering innocent bystanders. How many children are going to get burned before we stop this? How many property owners are going to suffer losses before something happens? I’m all for cannabis. Dab till your frackin head melts! Please leave the manufacturing of concentrates to the pros. I hate to say it but most BHO is poison.

    • 3rd, It is already a felony.
      Urban farmer, very easy grind up shake or bud, put in PVC pipe with holes in an end cap, spray butane though pipe to saturate weed, let it drip into glass pie plate and then let it evaporat off not rocket surgery;-). I’m surprised someone who has no affiliations with the grotesque humboldt county lifestyle so many embrace would know anything about a ” closed loop system” let alone how much they cost.

      • I’m not sure Kym will approve of using her site to post directions on how to commit a felony…

        As for the closed loop system. That’s the thing about the Internet. Whether you’re affiliated or not….the information is still available…

      • Felony and Federal charges are not the same. You can be a felon, charged by the state.

        • That’s very true. I agree with you. They should be federal charges but that would require the state to pass the info on to the Federal prosecutors. Then they’d have to build a case unless enough information was already available. But it would still be a felony? Am I right?

          • I’m not a criminal with enough experience to know for sure, but, yes, it would still be a felony. Difference being over 90% of federal cases are won by the feds and whatever sentence they choose, usually a very big one, sticks.

  • Scourge will end when college students graduate or flunk out.

  • I wonder if bubble hash will ever make a come back…The really pure, good quality bubble hash I’m sure is soluble enough to smoke with a dab rig, It’s gotta be better for you to smoke too, since there is no butane needed to make it AND zero risk of fire or explosion.

  • I think if they the state or federal government decide to regulate l
    The sale of butane they should do let they regulate cold n medicine for the afedra main ingredients in methanfetamine , that’s what I think is one way to regulate the sale of butane just saying

  • A whole week!!

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