[UPDATE 1 a.m.] Series of Small Quakes Across California Followed by One Bigger One

Did you feel that? A 4.3 quake proceeded by a smaller one near Hyampom. There have been a series of small quakes across California in the last half hour.

UPDATE 10:06 p.m.: New quake!

UPDATE 10:30 p.m.: Starting at 8 p.m. we’ve had four earthquakes of magnitude 2.2 and higher. Three have been centered near Petrolia.

  1. The first occurred at 8 p.m., was 3.3 and centered near Petrolia.
  2. The next occurred at 9:39 p.m. was 2.2 and centered near Hyampom.
  3. Then at 9:49 p.m. was a 4.2 centered again near Petrolia.
  4. And, finally (we hope,) at 9:57 p.m. a 2.4 earthquake occurred near Petrolia.

UPDATE 1 a.m.: Another quake in roughly the same area near Petrolia.




  • Never even feel them anymore

  • I felt it ,felt like a 3.2 seely ck 10 sec mild shakeing

  • These shakers make me nervous, have your emergency supplies ready

  • Good shaking here in whitethorn, There are some things one never gets used to…l

  • I felt a jolt. It felt more like a 5.0 to me. Post and pier house.

  • Felt bigger than 4.3 in Campton Heights Fortuna. Was a good jolt.

  • House trembled in Westport

  • My dogs were slow on that one. I jumped at the first jolt.

    • dogs have been freaking out for hours.. soon as the bigger one hit, theyve quieted ,calmed.

      • Same here, dog was doing weird stuff in the early evening, I told my wife”we’re going to have an earthquake, she says” too many Dabs honey you’re high” bam! Never been so happy to feel an earthquake while being so “high”. Woohoo!!

  • TV wobbled but nothing broke in Eureka westside.

  • Nary a jitter felt in Macktown.

  • I felt it here by the zoo. Was a wobbling and then faded to nothing. I read it was felt as far south as Daly City AND east in Reno, NV according to the shake map so far.

  • made wilder wiggle good

  • I am in Campton Heights area in Fortuna on School Street. I did not feel the first one but the second one yes. The second one felt like I was sitting in a rocking chair. One jolt.

  • Nothing here in Benbow

  • http://earthquaketrack.com/p/united-states/california/recent

    116 quakes in CA with a 1.5m or greater in last 7 days.
    Def get those emergency kits together for each family member (including furry ones). Keep a fairly full tank of gas and carry a few gallons of water, granola bars, med kit, rain gear and some blankets in your car. Rain+big quake takes it up a whole nother level!

  • I feel left out on Oakland

  • Sorry it was me….. I farted

  • We felt them in Down town old town eureka…it rolled and rocked…it woke me out of a sound nap…was a boom then it rocked and rolled…@ 9:50 p.m..our Kat always knows before us…should listen to her huh 🙂

  • well, once i saw the reports i remembered my pooches have been acting odd for 2 days. yesterday my girly pooch had funny temper tantrums, all day. i’ve not seen that before.

    i have no idea how i missed the 4.3. i mean…?

    remember, too, that if we do have a really bad event, there is a real possibility that traveling by car/truck may be impossible.
    have some great hiking boots in your kits.

    and oklahoma rode out a 4.8 an hr or 2 before we had the 4.3.
    they have been having more frequent and stronger quakes than we.

    perhaps when we do break off and float away, we’ll be accompanied by the western 1/2 of the continental u.s.a….
    can they cook?

    • The quakes in Oklahoma are from fracking, unfortunately.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      The ‘quakes in Oklahoma are apparently from fracking. Many have forgotten the recent East Coast quakes that damaged the Washington monument. The New Madrid ‘quake(s) of 1812 in Missouri was one of the biggest shakers ever recorded in N. america. If that one repeats, the devastation will be enormous.

  • the misadventures of bunjee

    Oh, I don’t know. I’d have to look back in the history, but sure seems that whenever there’s a some fault creeping going on like this there’s a 5-pointer lurking in the series.

  • The quakes in Oklahoma are from fracking, unfortunately.

  • live 10 miles so. of Bridgeville on AP road and felt it around 9:45 pm so must have been radiating from Hyampom. Not too bad just enough to let you know the ground was moving.

  • We felt the 4.3 3 miles east of Garberville on Alderpoint Rd. Felt 2 rolling bumps and that was it.

  • I live in Benbow. My dog was weird last evening, but she’s weird all the time. I didn’t feel, or suspect, a thing.

    As a lifelong resident of The South Fork we are ready for anything, however, prefer the quite periods where no major catastrophes happen.

  • Here’s my take on earthquakes. Pressure build on fault lines. When it is dry they stay in place. But when it rains the water seeps into the ground. As it reaches the an area where the pressure sits between two dry areas the water acts like a lubricant and the sides slip. But what about the water in the ocean, you query? That water sits on bedrock and water does not seep downward. If it did the salt water would sink and we would never have earthquakes. Not being an expert in earthquakes I have read that the slip fault plates are most often the place where earthquakes occur although in our area earthquake centers are frequently recorded off the coast of Ferndale, but does not reflect the pressure points on dry land. Because we have not had a lot of rain the end to the pressure point area is hung up at the dry land area. When water filters down to the area that is stopped it releases and we have a shaker. This happens in a large area. The faults are all related in that it is like a large local puzzle with pieces affecting other pieces. If the rainy weather persists in a large area I would predict March and April will be months to be prepared for a larger and possible property damaging earthquake. I have my rain gear, medium sized tent, 20 gallons of safe drinking water, water proof sleeping bag, solar lights with hand crank generator that can charge my cell phone, 40 pounds of charcoal, barbecue with cover, butane lighters, newspaper and dry kindling, extra dry warm clothes and enough food in dry six gallon covered containers to last three weeks, cast iron cook pots, LED flashlights with extra batteries, tool to shut off PG&E gas if needed, medical kit, Ibrophen, that included more than just band-aids. I have found Kotex maxi-pads work extremely well for large lacerations(used them when I crashed on my bicycle). And a neighborhood plan if the big one hits. Being prepared is critical. People who are not prepared cause a huge problem for rescue workers. If your neighbor is not prepared his family could end up being your responsibility. I printed off my list and put a copy in the mail boxes of every house in my neighborhood in a three block radius. It didn’t take a lot of time or expense. You change the oil in your car, you prepare your children for school, you hopefully get medical exams and vaccinations and you prepare when you go camping. Why wouldn’t you prepare for a natural disaster?

  • Bed and couch we’re shaking Myers flat ca

  • The 9:49 shake was unusual. One very hard sideways jolt. 1 second or less but STRONG here in Eureka. After 59 years of riding quakes in California this one seemed unusually short and sharp to me.

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    Agree with Mushroom. The 9:49 ‘quake, near Eureka, was a sharp, snappy jolt followed by decreasing rumbles. After decades of ‘quakes, it was a quick-release, no warning type of temblor. Remember, your perception depends on how far away and how deep.

    Not so sure about the high rainfall theory or other weather theories about plate tectonics. I believe the massive Gorda, North American, and Pacific Plates are lubricated more by magma very, very deep and not much by shallow trickling rainwater. That’s why Yellowstone is so unique.

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