[Update 3:07 a.m.] Highway 255 Closed After Another Crash Takes Out a Power Pole


Highway 255 is closed at the moment after a two-vehicle collision that happened around 1 a.m. today.

According to CHP officers at the scene, the vehicles crashed into a pole and knocked power lines into the roadway. Officers said the power lines were laying across both lanes. The road will be closed for a couple of hours.(See Update Below)

The CHP incident page says that one of the vehicles is a Ford Explorer, and at least one of the vehicles is reported to be on its side.

Officers told us the injuries were minor.

Update 3 a.m.: The incident page says that the road will likely be closed for about eight hours.

Update 3:07 a.m.: PG & E outage page says that 26 people have lost power due to a “broken power pole in the area.”

[Note: There was a similar accident in Eureka on Saturday night that broke a power pole.]



  • Was this vehicle also “avoiding” an animal in the road?

  • Was it high speeds…impaired driving or Weather that caused another innocent power poles death?

  • there were two vehicles involved. one was pretty messed up, broken windshield and airbag deployed etc. i had to turn around at 1:40 and head back toward eureka and hit 101. i hope everyone was ok.

  • Barry Wallowberg

    The blue from the enemy occupational units of armed aggression lights comes out good with that lense.

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