Snatch and Grab Fails…


“One Short-eared Owl tries to steal a vole from another in the Mad River Slough Wildlife Area,” according to Redwood Planet Media. The photo was snapped last January but the photographer has an album full of others here.


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  • Omg!! Cutest attempted robbery ever!

  • Brings to mind an interesting bird encounter last month. I was sitting at the puter which is backed by a large window. It was after dark and suddenly a Varied Thrush was frantically thrashing against the window. I turned on the deck light and went out to see what I could do. The thrashing stopped and the bird flew off into the forest. The next night the same thing occurred only this time it was a Robin doing the thrashing and while I watched an Owl attacked the Robin. Once again I went out and this time the Robin escaped and flew over and landed next to me on the deck rail. The bird looked non the worse for the encounter and finally flew off. Its wild out there.

  • Rippers must be genetic?

  • As John Hardin would say “it’s the greedy owls and the black market driving this activity to take place. So hum used to be a lovely place till the greedy owls and their jacked up vole dozers moved in. The vole market is completely out of hand and ruined our county.”

  • Redwood Planet Media aka (Alan Petersen) is my hero for photography Thank you Alan for sharing your talent with us

  • I highly recommend H is for Hawk written by an English woman mourning the death of her father and learning life lessons from her goshawk. I’m looking at birds in a new way. Excellent! A retired librarian

  • Awesome pics. Very cool. Thanks for posting that link.

  • Makes me wish I could just strap a telephoto lens to my face and forget “civilization”.

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