Bell Springs Road Closed Friday

Press release from Humboldt County:

Humboldt CountyBell Springs Road in Garberville will be closed one-half mile south of Jewett Road from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday. This closure is necessary to repair a failed culvert that requires hand digging due to the presence of fiber optic cable.

There will be no passage for vehicle traffic at this crossing until the work is completed. This project will affect traffic to the Island Mountain Road and Harris Store.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact Humboldt County Public Works Department at 707-445-7421.



  • Whoah! This is pretty outrageous CalTrans! As a midwife with women due, not to mention any other neighbors inconvienced, I am disappointed the road work could not be done at night.

    • Lily, The County of Humboldt Public Works is in charge not Caltrans. There is a number for you to call to ask about your concerns.

    • lily,Just curious, don’t women give birth at night as well? never been pregnant so I don’t know but I just thought babies come when they want to and didn’t care if it was day, night, road work or no road work…..

    • What’s more outrageous, getting the work done now while there is a road left to save or wait till the road is in passable and has to be shut down for longer? A one day closure is an unconvince but not the end of the world! If people are that worried about emergency’s then they should leave before work begins.

    • Are you kidding …. Work at night. PLEASE.

    • Its country life yo! You expect babies to not be born at night and workers to hand dig in the rain during 35 degree weather at night. Your straight trippin!

      • Wow! You really believe that our local county roads crew should exponentially increase their risk of job site danger to avoid you being inconvenienced for a day? Amazingly selfish comments on here. Maybe you should all send your schedules to public works so they can work around it.

  • I think it’s just a cover story to enable a vary large shipment of dope to hit the main highway.

  • Thanks for the notice, Kym! I’m sharing and will notify the mail carriers on that route. This will affect many postal customers.

  • Let someone nick that fiber optic cable in the dark with a shovel and see how many screaming people there are. Not to mention the safety aspect of working in the dark in the first place. And NO, light plants are not the same.

  • I am shocked that you would even suggest just a thing Lily, you are being asked to be inconvienced 1 day out of the year, I’m sure you have some where in town that you could hold up for the day. Think of the men’s safety. I for one have a son on that crew, I would like to see him go home safely to his family when the job is complete!

  • Well that sucks…

  • I would think folks would be grateful for the culvert/road being fixed rather than being upset about it inconveniencing them. Maybe Lily and her pregnant clients could stay 24 hours on the accessible side of the repair.

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